Las Vegas Chiropractor Offers Convenience of Care With Eight Locations

Lurie. For example, Dr. Lurie says that the Green Valley North location – just off E. Sunset Rd near the intersection with S. Pecos Rd – is conveniently situated for patients who need treatment visiting stores at Sunset Ridge Plaza or commuting to work. The Neck and Back Clinics also has practices in Henderson, NV and Pahrump, NV. “Back pain, neck pain and headaches can make living an active life extremely difficult,” said Dr. Lurie. “Thanks to our flexible practice hours, we make it easy for patients to schedule appointments and receive the care that they deserve. Our goal is to help patients naturally manage pain and get healthy as quickly as possible – without the need for medication or risky surgery.” The Neck and Back Clinics provide comprehensive pain management services, including chiropractic care , that relieve chronic back pain, neck pain and headaches.
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Dr. Andrew Cohen of ProActive Chiropractic Recaps the 2013 Chiropractic Sports Sciences Symposium

Photo: PRWeb

Stress can affect performance. Dr. Cohen spoke with Jenny Simpson , a gold medalist runner at the 2011 World Championships, about how she deals with stress associated with competing for gold at the Olympics. “When you’re surrounded by competitors in the holding room it can be extremely intense looking around at your competition,” said Simpson. Her take home is to train hard and love what you’re doing; that’s what’s most important. According to Dr. Cohen, the doctors and medical staff at the USOC work with Olympic athletes day-in and day-out and described tools and tactics to improve athletic performance, especially after an injury. He can take the lessons he learned and apply it to patients in San Francisco that don’t have access to the Olympic Medical Center but still want that level of care. About the company: ProActive Chiropractic practices healthcare the old-fashioned way. Care is provided in the chiropractic office by doctors; not a machine, not an assistant, not a technician. Customers spend a minimum of 20 minutes of face-to-face time with chiropractic doctor, Andrew Cohen, perhaps toronto chiropractor the best chiropractor in the Bay Area, at every appointment.
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Frankfort Wellness Center Announces Healthy Living Seminar on June 11

Stratton is offering the free seminar in response to the current chronic disease epidemic affecting millions of Americans. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 7 out of 10 deaths each year are due to chronic disease. One out of every two adults has a chronic illness. Seventy-five percent of health care dollars spent each year go to the treatment chiropractic north york of chronic disease. “As a nation, we spend more money treating chronic diseases than we do preventing them. However, it is not too late to change this. My upcoming seminar includes lifestyle advice and healthy eating habits to help patients adopt healthier habits,” said Dr. Stratton. Dr. Stratton cites devitalized foods made from white sugar, white flour, and trans-fats as a primary cause for many of today’s chronic health problems. Preservatives, artificial ingredients and fast foods contribute to a poor diet. “Your body is what you feed it,” said Dr. Stratton.
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Ridgeview Chiropractic Introduces Gentle Chiropractic Care with the new Activator V to Olathe, KS

The patient does not even hear any “cracking or popping”. Dr. Koshlap holds an advanced proficiency rating in the Activator Methods Technique. Dr. K (as patients affectionately call him) has helped people of all ages and occupations, from infants to senior citizens, from high school athletes to those stuck behind a computer all day. “We are excited to introduce the new Activator V adjusting instrument to Kansas City. It is the most advanced and innovative chiropractic adjusting instrument available today.” stated Dr. Koshlap of Ridgeview Chiropractic. The Activator V uses solenoid technology to deliver the gentle thrust to realign the vertebra.
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