Laser Pain Management Association Conference In Orlando To Build Global Database and Pain Patient Awareness and Referrals

Peer-Reviewed Medical Journal on Interventional Pain Management Names Mass General Radiologist as New Editor-in-Chief

More than 30 attendees—from California to South Florida— will meet to craft a Global Database network that will assist in optimizing treatment protocols, create a standardized system for sharing information, organize clinical trials and ultimately grow pain patient awareness of laser treatment effectiveness and a 1-800 referral network for practitioners. “Now, though we have some 350 doctors using the MLS® pulse laser in the US and a larger number employing lasers from other manufacturers, we lack the ability to share information through any central database,” said Tom Pirelli, a retired South Florida businessman, whose personal pain treatment experience with the MLS® led him to research and then promote the health benefits of the therapy. “All of these practitioners—from many different specialties—are essentially independents.  Our goal is to centralize data and doctor-to-doctor communications, which will in the end result in better treatment protocols and more patients understanding the benefits of laser therapy.” Dr. Lucio Zaghetto, President of ASA Laser in Arcugnana, Italy, will present the science of MLS® at the conference.  Dr. Zaghetto’s 35 years experience and research led to the development in the MLS® line of lasers. Laser therapy has been used effectively for many years, but advances in technology have produced “the next generation of laser therapy” with the new MLS® M6 Robotic Therapy Laser, which uses specific wavelengths of light to treat painful and debilitating conditions.  Unlike conventional lasers, the robotized M6 therapies offer a complete saturation of the treated area, inducing strong anti-inflammatory, anti-edema and analgesic effects simultaneously and within a short period of time.  The M6 combines and synchronizes emission of continuous and pulsed laser emissions with different infrared wavelengths, a unique, patented treatment feature. Pain conditions treated include joints, neck and back, shoulder, tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis, sciatica, shingles, ligament sprains and strains, stress injuries, muscular injuries, sports injuries and post surgical pain and swelling. SOURCE Laser Pain Management Association
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Tue Jun 11, 2013 8:01am EDT Prospira PainCare Announces Acquisition of The Pain Management Center Leading Pain Management Services Provider Expands Network into Northeastern United States PR Newswire MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., June 11, 2013 MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., June 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Prospira PainCare, Inc., the nation’s premier provider of multidisciplinary pain management and restorative healthcare services, today announced the acquisition of The Pain Management Center, a state-of-art pain treatment center serving southern New Jersey and the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Prospira PainCare’s partnership with The Pain Treatment Center represents the company’s first expansion into the northeastern United States. Headquartered in Hamilton, New Jersey, The Pain Management Center was founded by practicing physician Dr. Adam Sackstein and today provides an interdisciplinary pain management approach consistent with Prospira PainCare’s innovative treatment therapies focusing on treating acute, chronic and intractable pain. Like Prospira PainCare, The Pain Management Center, emphasizes a holistic, multi-disciplinary course of care that provides pain relief and seeks to restore a patient’s well being and return to a more productive, functional lifestyle. “Prospira PainCare is pleased to welcome The Pain Management Center into our existing portfolio of world-class pain management and treatment centers,” states Barry Karlin, Chairman & CEO of Prospira massage clinic north york PainCare. “This partnership represents Prospira PainCare’s entrance in serving patients suffering from acute, chronic or intractable pain throughout the Northeastern United States.” “After 18 years in private practice, The Pain Management Center has found in Prospira PainCare a partner that shares our philosophy of providing exemplary patient care,” states Dr. Adam Sackstein, CEO of The Pain Management Center. “In an increasingly challenging healthcare environment, we believe that our partnership will allow The Pain Management Center to scale and expand our presence throughout southeast New Jersey and the Philadelphia metropolitan area.” The acquisition of The Pain Management Center follows the recent acquisition by Prospira PainCare of pain management and treatment centers in the southeast and western United States, including The National Pain Institute located throughout Florida, The Bay Area Pain & Wellness Center serving the San Francisco area and The Spine Center of Southeast Georgia. About Prospira PainCare Prospira PainCare is the nation’s premier provider of comprehensive, multidisciplinary pain management services. Through our partnerships with leading pain centers, physicians and rehabilitation specialists, Prospira PainCare delivers world-class treatment to restore the health and quality of life for those suffering from acute, chronic or intractable pain. To learn more about Prospira PainCare’s comprehensive, multidisciplinary pain management services, please visit Contact:
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Prospira PainCare Announces Acquisition of The Pain Management Center

While selection of a radiologist is unusual for this post, Dr. Hirsch has long championed the concept of multidisciplinary care. He is also a pioneer of minimally invasive spine surgery, which is offered in the  Department of Radiology  at Massachusetts General Hospital. “I am both honored and humbled to have been chosen to serve as the next editor-in-chief of Pain Physician,” said Dr. Hirsch. “The progress of this journal has been exceptional and the future offers the opportunity of even greater growth and achievement.” The journal achieved a 2011 impact factor of 10.77, reflecting the citation density of its articles. Impact factors are considered a measure of quality, and those over 10 are recognized as extremely high. Dr. Hirsch has been a member of the Mass General Department of Radiology for over a decade where he serves as Vice Chief of Interventional Care and Director of the Neuroendovascular Program. He is a founding editor of the Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery and serves on the editorial advisory board of Neurosurgery. Dr.
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