A Pain Management Play That You Should Explore

Competitive’s Scrambler Therapy(R) Could Revolutionize Pain Management

The OTC Investor

For example, peak levels of concentration are reached in just 11 minutes with oxycodone, allowing for easy abuse with excessive dosing. With NKTR-181, it takes 2.9 hours to reach peak levels, and the molecular structure of the drug itself has been redesigned to be tamper-resistant, meaning its unlikely that abusers would find a way to circumvent its slow entry. For the last five years companies have attempted various methods to fight the war on prescription drug abuse. This is a massive market in every sense of the word. Hydrocodone is the most prescribed drug in the U.S., with more than 130 million scripts annually, and oxycodone also ranks in the top 20 with more than 50 million scripts. In total, the world market for pain management is estimated at $35 billion; very close to that of the diabetes market. Currently, Oxycontin dominates this market in revenue, with $3.5 billion in annual sales, and growing with a double digit rate. However, this pain market also consists of drugs that were developed to aid in the addiction market, which was created due to the pain market. Reckitt massage therapy bayview village Benckisers (LSE: RB )drug Suboxone is an opioid antagonist, or a partial opioid, that blocks the same receptors as oxy/hydrocodone but with a lower dosage that prevents the high feeling. Suboxone was introduced to the market in 2002 and now generates $1.5 billion in annual revenue, growing at 30% year-over-year. Since its introduction, Reckitt Benckisers stock has risen 375%; a large company that operates in household, health and personal care. However, its entire health segment is Suboxone, which makes up more than 15% of its total sales and 40% of its profits.
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While speaking at the Corporation wide Event on Towards Meaningful Use 2014, Udayan Mandavia, CEO, iPatientCare was delighted to say, iPatientCare has succeeded in business by delivering solutions that were designed by users to be friendly and intuitive. We consciously survey our customers for their preferences, priorities, and satisfaction. I am glad to know that iPatientCare is recognized by its users for the maturity of its unified system – EHR, PM, and Patient Portal particularly by Specialists. This is the special recognition for our Clinical Content Management Group and Integration Specialists for delivering specialty-focused clinical content, workflow customization, and equipment interfaces. As a busy Pain Management specialist, I believe, the EHR should not distract me from my mission to deliver care to my patients. I love iPatientCare because of the Pain Management templates and the workflow which is customized to suit to our practice. We are a multi-provider, extremely busy practice. Thanks to iPatientCare Patient Portal , which we implemented recently, that our patients can book their own appointment and fill out our fairly comprehensive questionnaire even before they come to the office! And, iPatientCare Practice Management or Billing System is just wonderful! We love this integrated system as it has increased our efficiencies drastically, commented Lesly Pompy, MD, Interventional Pain Management, Monroe, Michigan.
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iPatientCare EHR Delights Pain Management Specialists through Clinical Templates and Streamlined Workflow

To syndicate this article, or for more information, please contact us online or call (406) 862-5400. Fortunately, the patients doctor offers a new choice a new machine that transmits a no pain message to the affected nerves using disposable surface electrodes applied to the skin in the region of the pain. Since the patients actual pain signals to the brain are replaced, the chronic pain immediately disappears without any invasive devices or medications. Competitive Technologies Inc.s (OTC Markets: CTTC) Calmare Pain Therapy Treatment is a U.S. FDA 510(k)-cleared and European CE Mark-certified medical device that offers this unique option to patients. Around the world, the device has already successfully treated over 4,000 patients with conditions ranging from lower back pain to phantom limb syndrome. Growing Market for Pain Therapy The global market for pain management drugs and devices reached $34.9 billion in 2012, growing at a 2.9% compound annual growth rate between 2010 and 2012, according to Kalorama Information . Surgical pain, burn pain and musculoskeletal pain are among the top areas of treatment, while cancer pain remains the fastest growing segment. Approximately 60% to 80% of patients with advanced cancer need careful pain management due to significant pain. But despite the options available, the pain experienced by these patients is often poorly managed for a variety of reasons, including patient fears of taking potent analgesics to control their pain, according to the report, yielding an opportunity. Meanwhile, leading products in the industry have generated billions in sales.
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