Massage therapist under suspicion of sexual misconduct is fired from clinic

If someone does not have a license or liability insurance, we take them off the schedule until they get that sorted out, she said. In this situation, we did go ahead and terminate his employment. He worked at the Issaquah location for roughly six months, and never received any customer complaints, Poletti said. People loved him, she said. They were very comfortable with him. I myself have received a massage from him. Usher cannot practice massage in Washington until the charges are resolved. He has 20 days to respond to the charges and to ask for a hearing. Theres no question that the problem of legitimate massage therapy being tarred by the underworld of illicit massage parlors and that sort of thing, that does go on, Poletti said. We are very much trying to put forth a legitimate therapeutic, health care-related side of massage. According to court documents, Usher, 30, last lived in Maple Valley, and had worked at the Newcastle Massage Envy for six years. The incident occurred in December 2012, and immediately after it happened, the Massage Envy owners told Usher that he did not have a job there anymore, according to court documents. It was reportedly the second 90-minute massage that the patient had with Usher. The first one was described as normal, according to court documents. Legal documents are available by clicking the link to Look up a healthcare provider license on the Department of Health website or by calling 360-236-4700. The Department of Health protects and promotes public health, safety and welfare in Washington by regulating the competency and quality of health care providers.
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Massage therapy now part of Darien Y’s approach

The team of licensed therapists offers a wide variety of massages, including therapeutic, deep tissue and Swedish, with some having specialties in prenatal and Thai. Massage therapy is more than just “pampering”; it has a wide variety of tangible health benefits for all ages and fitness levels. Studies have shown that massage therapy assists in the treatment of sports injuries, reduces stress hormones in the blood, decreases cytokine proteins related to inflammation and boosts white blood cells that fight infection. Some of the many medical conditions that massage therapy has been known to help treat are arthritis, chronic and temporary pain, circulatory problems, asthma, tension headaches and insomnia. Massage therapy can help to not only prevent a problem from recurring, but also to foresee and take measures against other muscle pains. chiropractor north york ontario While massage therapy helps to treat problem areas on the body, it also boosts endorphins to help enhance mood, increase relaxation and calm patients, which has been known to lead to an improvement in other areas. Massages at the Y can be purchased by members and nonmembers in single sessions, five packs and 10 packs for 30, 60 or 90 minutes. There is also a new personal training/massage combo pack available, which allows an individual to train and treat his or her body with eight training sessions and two massages. A variety of different types of massages are available to choose from at no additional cost.
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