Pain In The Neck – Consult Acupuncture Treatment Clinic

Richmond Acupuncture Provides Tangible Pain Relief Results

The reason behind this is the side effects and the short term relief that it offers. It fails to provide a long lasting relief which different therapies like acupuncture can offer. Squeezing and massaging of the neck muscles can be a good way to carry this out. Along with this a proper diet and routine exercises can be very helpful. All this can help the person to keep well, reduce pain and stress and also look younger. These do not have any harmful effects on the body and therefore are so much more preferred. A good professional having in-depth knowledge of carrying such procedures and treatments should be approached for this. The back pain clinic Acupuncture Treatment Clinic is one such place where you can get the best treatment to remove your neck pain. The clinic has all the necessary tools and devices that are necessary to carry out the treatment in the most organized and systematic manner.
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He adds that while acupuncture is an ancient practice, a growing library of modern scientific evidence supports its effectiveness. Dr. Ambrose says acupuncture can be even more effective than pain medications. “Acupuncture has lasted as a healing treatment for at least 2000 years because it really does stimulate internal healing mechanisms in the nervous system, releases endorphins, and changes the way the brain perceives pain. It’s exciting that modern science is finally catching up to what patients of acupuncture have known for a long time.” He adds that unlike drug-based therapies that are designed to mask or cover up symptoms of pain, acupuncture actually corrects the causes of the pain for deeper relief. According to Dr. Ambrose, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) explains acupuncture in terms of bringing the body’s systems into harmony and balance. He says that the specific acupuncture points on the body correspond to energy channels called “meridians.” When a meridian is blocked, the body’s life energy (Qi) backs up in some areas and dries up in other areas, causing imbalance that prevent the body’s organs from working harmoniously. Dr.
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Acupuncture stimulates multiple brain regions, affecting a wide scope of pain dimensions

Interesting that this meta/analysis comes from a culture that has been steeped in TCM since it was absorbed from China in 560 AD. By now they know it works, right? It has repeatedly demonstrated its efficacy for pain relief with anesthetic applications during major surgery. So what would a meridian research center in Korea be doing with a study to prove acupuncture’s efficacy for handling pain with MRI technology in a western medical style comparison study do a meta-analysis and end it with a “future studies” phrase? That’s a commonly used conservative phrase to invite more research funds and/or give others a chance to shoot down the results and maintain their monopoly. But it may all be necessary to give acupuncture a real shot at opening up the insurance industry’s purses for a very inexpensive medical approach. Acupuncture sessions cost from $50 to $100 each, and generally they are spaced apart by a few days or more with ten to 20 sessions, sometimes less, to achieve desired results from an existing malady. Those rates are comparable to normal allopathic doctor’s office visits without any procedures. There are acupuncture colleges that offer supervised student rates at a third of that cost, but it’s not the same as having a practitioner handle your case. When you use an acupuncture school for treatments, you’re there for the students’ benefit. Either insurance companies are stupid, or they’re beholden to Big Pharma, the FDA, and the AMA, otherwise known as the medical mafia. They insist on a battery of double blind placebo peer reviewed studies to confirm efficacy on a much less expensive medical approach while accepting bogus reviews on extremely expensive therapies that often don’t work well and render worsening side effects. The major problem with doing studies to confirm acupuncture’s efficacy is that it’s based on a totally different paradigm than western allopathic medicine.
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