Back Pain Scottsdale AZ Expert Novocur Releases Office Ergonomics Tips for Pain Relief at Work

Monitor Height: When sitting at a desk, the monitor should be directly in front and about an arm’s length away. The top of the monitor should be just slightly below eye level. Move the monitor accordingly to ensure glare from light or windows does not interfere. Positioning of Wrists: When typing, wrists should be kept in a straight and natural position rather than bent to the side, up or down. Body Posture: The body should be centered in front of the monitor and keyboard. The back should be straight, thighs horizontal with knees and at the same level as hips. Forearms should be level or tilted up slightly. For those suffering with Scottsdale back pain, making an adjustment to posture can make a big difference. Chair Height: Chair height should be adjusted so feet rest comfortably on the floor and knees are level with hips. Adding a cushion to offer lumbar support can make a significant impact on lower back pain Phoenix. About Novocur Pain Management Novocur is passionate about helping those who suffer from pain. Novocurs highly trained physicians provide the most state-of-the-art treatments for chronic and acute pain available. The Scottsdale AZ pain management clinic’s approach is to provide a concierge level of patient care, where each patient consults with and is treated by the physician not a mid-level provider.
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12 odd pain relief tricks that work

Check out these 20 tips to spice things up. ) 4. Take deep, slow breaths Are you a wimp about flu shots? Before your next skin prick, start using your yoga breaths. Women whose breathing rates slowed by half reported significantly less discomfort during a pain-inducing experiment. Measured breathing helps deactivate your bodys fight-or-flight response to pain. It can also be a good distractionsomething women whove given birth know well! 5. Meditate a little every day Wind down before bed with a few minutes of calm.
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Back pain key cause of productivity loss in UAE

Commenting on the rise in back pain prevalence in the Emirates, Dr. Hassan Jabbar Shaikh, Medical Director of American Spine Center said, “There is no doubt that our modern lifestyle is having a significant and often adverse effect on our health in general and our spinal health specifically. Office workers, in particular, are showing a marked increase in terms of back-related problems. This section of the population easily spends two to three hours in traffic, as either drivers or passengers, and a further seven to eight hours seated in front of a computer every weekday, making them prime candidates for back problems.” Further expounding on why back pain has become such a major concern, Dr. Hassan emphasised, “A large part of the problem is due to the low priority that spinal health is given on both the corporate and individual level. The average office worker will spend more time sitting behind a desk than any of his or her other activities combined, yet little thought is given to how incorrect posture and bad working habits can negatively impact the back. Much of the office equipment that is in use today does not take correct posture or the need for adequate lumbar support into account, which means that over time postural problems are almost inevitable. Offices are also, almost chiropractic clinic without exception, generically furnished; yet the human body does not come in ‘one size fits all’. Height, body type, and body proportions all impact what type of office chair would best suit each individual, which means that an office chair that works well for one person might cause another severe discomfort. Unfortunately many businesses look at equipment from a bottom line perspective, rather than taking a more holistic view which recognises that providing equipment that is not only functional but beneficial ultimately safeguards productivity.” In answer to this growing problem, the UAE spearheading a drive to raise awareness about spinal health with greater and greater importance being placed on making healthy lifestyle choices. The medical community is also playing an important role, with the past five years alone seeing numerous world class spinal centres opening their doors in the Emirates. Speaking about the medical professions role in curbing the effects of back pain, Dr. Hassan, said, “Significant advances have been made in the treatment of back pain and effective pain management programmes are available.
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