Chiropractor in Eglinton West, Health Solutions, Accepts All Health Insurance Plans

For many Canadians, chiropractic services are not covered under OHIP and a number of patients require weekly chiropractic sessions to treat chronic pain. Health Solutions has made chiropractic care more accessible to patients by accepting all plans so the team can provide the best care to anyone requiring pain prevention or rehabilitation services. Health Solutions, the chiropractor in Eglinton West, is a modern facility with a gym for rehabilitation and state-of-the-art diagnostic tools. The team has registered RMTs on site and provides services supplementing chiropractic care such as acupuncture, postural analysis and massage therapy. The founder of Health Solutions, Dr. Alan Pintaric D.C. graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic after completing his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of De Paul in Chicago. Dr. Pintaric set his goals higher and continued his education by attending McMaster University to become certified to provide acupuncture treatments. He has also recently taken a seminar about treating scoliosis in order to provide better care to his patients. For more information about the chiropractor in Eglinton West Dr. Alan Pintaric and Health Solutions, contact the company directly.
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Lake Chiropractor offers innovative care for scoliosis

Sometimes you can miss a slight one unless you are trained. Beck said he would be happy to help schools or parents make a diagnosis or teach them what to look for in the process. Dr. Beck has been a licensed chiropractor since 1983. Having a few patients with scoliosis, he became determined to learn about scoliosis after his uncle died from complications. Beck holds numerous certifications and is constantly researching for better ways to help his patients. Beck Wellness Center, located at 16514 State Highway 5 in Sunrise Beach, is the only health practitioner office within a 350-mile radius that has the equipment and training for this type of scoliosis care. According to research, scoliosis affects an estimated 4.5 percent of approximately 273 million people. In short, this means over 12 million cases are estimated to be in existence, with an approximate 500 diagnoses per day. The Wellness Center also routinely addresses numerous health conditions encompassing a range of spinal and structural corrective chiropractic services including adjustment; spinal decompression and pain-relief procedures; injuries, pain, and nutritional therapy; and a natural and holistic approach for healing. Becks beaming personality clearly displays his passion for helping others, joining in his patients joy as positive changes occur. I think I can help anybody with bayview wellness center any health condition if they want the help and they want to get better, he said. Dr. Beck and his wife, Sandy, who is a mortgage loan officer at Central Bank Lake of the Ozarks, have five children and five grandchildren, with a sixth on the way. For more information about Dr.
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Los Altos Chiropractor Relieves Tissue Pain Through Graston Technique

The Graston technique for correcting this problem is based on the use of stainless-steel instruments that enable the practitioner to detect and release adhesions. The instruments are coupled with emollient cream (Gaston cream) allowing the instruments to glide easily. With Dr. Reimer’s expert stroking technique, the procedure is literally painless and very effective. By running the instruments over stiff or painful tissues, she can feel the presence of scar tissue, which has a lumpier, more haphazard structure than the long, regular “grain” of normal tissue fibers. Once the tool has identified an area of scarring, the chiropractor uses the tool to work the adhesions loose. A certain amount of discomfort, she adds, is to be expected from the process, but in the long term patients can enjoy freedom from their old pain and lack of mobility. Originally developed for treating sports injuries, this technique is not offered by all Los Altos chiropractors , according to Dr. Reimer. “It is relatively new compared to traditional methods, but it already enjoys a 75 to 90 percent success rate when performed by a professional trained in the procedure,” she says. While a course of therapy may last for up to five weeks, many patients experience significant results by the fourth session. “It’s a powerful tool for treating chronic injury cases,” she says. Reimer Chiropractic provides spinal adjustments, massage therapy, orthotics, pediatric and prenatal care among other services.
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