Should You Go to a Chiropractor for Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Tacoma Chiropractor Dr. Perry Chinn Joins Proctor Chiropractic

Such therapies might be helpful in someone with RA who has other conditions that could benefit: massage therapy for tight muscles, for example, or ultrasound for a condition of the feet called plantar fasciitis, which causes pain on the bottom of your foot because of tight and inflamed tissues. The Cons of Chiropractic Care for Rheumatoid Arthritis “I think that chiropractors provide a very useful service for many different problems,” says John M. Stuart, MD, professor of medicine and rheumatology at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. “However, their role in RA is somewhat limited.” Dr. Stuart explains that the pain and disability in rheumatoid arthritis is also due to inflammation in the joints as well as vertebrae that may be out of alignment. Medication remains the best way to treat inflammation, says Stuart. Chiropractors cannot prescribe the medications that are needed to treat more severe rheumatoid arthritis. Finding a Chiropractor for Rheumatoid Arthritis If you decide that a visit to the chiropractoris right for you, find a reputable chiropractor with experience treating someone with rheumatoid arthritis. Conduct Internet research (Yelp,com,,, etc.)and talk to people who have used chiropractors. As with all health care choices you make, talk to your primary care doctor or rheumatologist. “Communication is the most important thing,” says Stuart, who emphasizes that patients should always tell their rheumatologist if they are trying any alternative or complementary therapies.
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Taylor J. Poehls, DC, CKTP, featured in Today’s Chiropractic LifeStyle magazine

It is not clear where the patients lived.

Christensen is being held at the Palm Beach County Jail without bail.

According to a complaint by both the state and the FBI two years ago, Wagner used the names of Christensen and other medical doctors. The prescription pads Wagner used were pre-stamped and pre-signed using the names of those doctors, the complaint shows. Christensen’s name appeared on some of the prescription bottles of Wagner’s patients, investigators said.

Christensen’s arrest comes after an investigation into three medical offices he owned and operated, including part-ownership in Wagner’s clinic in Daytona Beach, which was once a fixture on Ridgewood Avenue. Christensen also owned clinics in Port St. Lucie and West Palm Beach.

The Daytona Beach clinic was raided in August 2011 by the FBI and other federal agencies. The agents were seeking any evidence that would show Wagner was dispensing controlled substances specifically Xanax and Lortab and defrauding insurance companies, according to a criminal complaint filed by FBI Special Agent John Groeschner Jr.
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Pa. chiropractor helps animal and human patients

These neurosensory processing disorders, including ADHD, are all related to the central nervous system. All the same things that can exacerbate any central nervous system issue, such as emotional and environmental stress, nutritional deficiencies, and trauma, can exacerbate these disorders. Chiropractic directly addresses these types of issues, and by implementing the tools and concepts from the SHINE for Doctors program, special care can be given to those affected by ADHD. The program is designed to strengthen, balance and improve brain function. According to an article by Kira Bailey, titled ADHD Treatment through the SHINE Protocol Model, those being cared for and those around them have reported improved school and work performance, better behavior, a happier home, better teacher, student, social, work, filial and romantic relationships as well as better sleep and increased ability to focus and improved self-esteem. Dr. Hallowells SHINE program will certify a select few chiropractors to utilize his 30 plus years of expertise in the field and apply it to those they care for in their practice. In Bel Air, MD, one such chiropractor has been certified by SHINE. Dr. Evan Christman, of Christman Family Chiropractic, is integrating the SHINE model. He is confident this will provide a transformative shift in those he cares for in his practice. Dr. Christman has been successfully caring for kids with ADHD for many years, but with the integration of SHINE, there will be a new focus and advanced means of care that will offer additional support and increased success. Dr.
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West Palm Beach doctor linked to local chiropractor is charged with first degree murder

“That’ll keep her even while she’s healing up,” he said. Generally, McCarthy sees four categories of patients: animals compensating after surgery, geriatric animals with arthritic issues, performance or show animals whose owners want to maximize their performance and animals injured in accidents. Abby, a Yorkie, definitely suffered from old age. She walked unevenly, legs bowing, back dipping. Consulting with a hospital orthopedic surgeon, Abby’s owner and a local veterinary acupuncturist who has worked on the dog, McCarthy gingerly pressed on Abby’s hips with one hand while cupping her belly. He lightly kneaded her shoulders. In the end, Abby still had a lot of work ahead of her, but McCarthy noticed her topline looked straighter as she ambled around the hospital, checking out ankles. “It looks like she’s sagging less,” he said. His next patient, a Corgi/terrier mix named Lucy, was even older 19. Since she fell down basement stairs last year, McCarthy has been regularly treating her. “Hello, Lucy,” McCarthy said as the dog shuffled into the room.
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Poehls is featured in the March 2013 issue of Todays Chiropractic LifeStyle magazine. The national magazine focuses on nurturing massage bayview the spirit, mind and body of todays chiropractors by being a spearhead for progress in chiropractic health care, and is published six times a year. In the section of the magazine called Chiros in the Community, Dr. Poehls discusses his involvement with his community as a leader in health and wellness. He believes that chiropractors should be actively involved in the community, and he conducts workshops at a local assisted living facility on topics such as fall prevention, healthy management of osteoporosis and health aging. There is no shortage of nonprofits looking for volunteers, says Poehls. You just have to open your eyes to the needs in your community. As a member of the Foundation for Wellness Professionals, Poehls does workshops for businesses on ergonomics, raising healthy and happy kids, stress management, the power of nutrition, and weight loss among others. Dr. Poehls was awarded the Wisconsin Chiropractic Associations Nels Bakke Award in 2012. The award, voted on by the WCA Board, honors chiropractors who have been in practice less than five years and recognizes the contribution of practitioners who have dedicated themselves to serving the profession and their community. Poehls was also voted Top Chiropractor in the Shepherd Express Best of Milwaukee Readers Choice Awards 2012 by the readers of Shepherd Express. To obtain more information and to schedule a workshop for their company, company representatives can contact Dr.
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Bel Air Chiropractor Certified for SHINE Program to Care for Those with ADHD

Chinn. “There are few things as rewarding as helping an individual overcome chronic pain and illness through chiropractic care and nutritional counseling.” Dr. Chinn uses the advanced Gonstead technique, a five step system to diagnose and correct spinal misalignments. “I truly believe in the body’s ability to heal itself, and through whole body care, I can help make this possible for our patients.” When not at the office, Dr. Chinn is active in the local community. The Tacoma Chiropractor holds leadership positions on the Rotary Club, Southwest King County Chamber of Commerce, and for the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society. Last year, Dr. Chinn released the third edition of his second book, Symphony of Wellness, centering on holistic health and wellness care. “I strongly believe in the power of nutrition and wellness care to prevent chronic illness,” said Dr. Chinn.
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