Northwestern College Granted NCBTMB Re-Certification for Massage Therapy Bridgeview Program Through 2017

Northwestern College Granted NCBTMB Re-Certification for Massage Therapy Bridgeview Program Through 2017

The recertification spans through October 29 of 2017. This designation is required in order for Northwestern Colleges Massage Therapy students to be able to continue to register and sit for the National Certification Examination in Therapeutic Massage (NCETM) Licensure Test. In addition, this designation is required in order for students to register for the MASG.255 Massage Therapy Examination practice exam/review course, which is offered by Northwestern College. Northwestern College first began offering a Massage Therapy Program in 2003 at each of its then three campuses in Bridgeview, Chicago-Jefferson Park and Naperville. Each campuss massage therapy program must be certified individually by the NCBTMB. All three have been since the massage programs inception at each campus. The Northwestern College Massage Program is further a member school with the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP), another massage organization. According to Efthimios Vlahos, the Program Coordinator for Massage Therapy at Northwestern College, the Northwestern College Massage Therapy Program prepares students to meet the professional requirements for massage therapy practice by teaching them a variety of massage modalities and techniques to better serve their clients upon graduation. He went on to explain that the focus of the certificate program is on Therapeutic Massage so that students are better prepared to sit for the National Certification Examination in Therapeutic Massage Licensure Test, which leads to massage licensure in Illinois and many other states. Students also have the opportunity to advance their massage studies at Northwestern College by additionally seeking to earn an Associate Degree in Massage Therapy, after they complete the massage certificate program. The Colleges Chicago Campus Massage Therapy Program was recertified in April of this year, also through 2017. We are pleased that the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork has again recognized our commitment to excellence in our Massage Therapy Program at our Bridgeview Campus, commented President Schumacher. We will continue to do all that we can do to educate our students in our Massage Therapy Program with the most up-to-date methods in order to prepare them for careers in this field. About Northwestern College: Northwestern College (NC) is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools,
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Ask Chuck: Massage therapy can help with headaches, joint pain

Thats why, in honor of EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week, the company is offering a 10% off coupon code on its Omni Massage Roller, Jeanie Rub Massager and Oil & Lotion Holsters. During EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week, customers can enjoy a massage at home by purchasing massagers, support pillows, cushions and other pain relief products from . Comfort and proper support are available to anyone with pain; its just a matter of finding the proper fit for the situation. Core Products understands this, and offers a number of products for people suffering from all bayview wellness clinic kinds of aches and pains. The companys service experts can help choose the item best suited for your specific needs. Core Products wants all of its customers to enjoy the benefits of a massage this week, whether at home or with their Massage Therapist, by offering a 10% off coupon (CODE: MassageMe10) starting this week through the end of the month! Started 25 years ago, Core Products still makes most of its products right here in the USA. From head, neck and shoulder products to knee and ankle support, Core Products has a brand reputation for setting high industry standards. Get the therapy you deserve beyond just a massage this week and check out today. About Core Products International Founded in 1988, with the vision of making peoples lives more comfortable, Core Products International is an American innovator, manufacturer and distributor of professional quality health care products. Core markets and sells its products within the USA and internationally mainly to the professional health care markets. Core manufactures and assembles its products in Osceola and Chetek Wisconsin and is proud to employ American workers.
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Massage therapist travels globe with USA Swimming

He’s been to Japan, Spain, Russia and multiple Olympic Games. In 1988, he opened Touch for Health in Lafayette, a business he still runs. Any big-name swimmer you can think of from the past two decades, he’s worked on them at some point. “He enjoys being around the athletes,” Purdue men’s swimming coach Dan Ross said. “There’s a lot of massage therapists in Lafayette now, but he was kind of the original guy. He blazed that trail for the rest of them.” Scott’s gig with USA Swimming is all voluntary, other than perks such as complimentary team gear, including an all new shipment just received because USA is ending its ties with the Speedo brand in favor of Arena, and airline and hotel accommodations to events where he’ll be working with Team USA . “The payback is we get to work with guys like Michael Phelps , Alison Schmitt , Rebecca Soni and I go back to Tom Dolan , Jenny Thompson , Janet Evans , Summer Sanders,” Scott said. “You start out working with great kids and they end up being great adults and great people.” Along the way, Scott has more than a few stories. There’s his favorites, like when the 400 medley relay team smashed the world record at the Pan Pacific Championships in Japan in 2002 after a week of hype about their chances at setting the new mark, or when Scott witnessed Auburn’s Fred Bousquet become the first swimmer to break 19 seconds in the 50 freestyle, only to see him do it again later in the same day. He has not so spectacular memories as well, such as the time he was strolling through Centennial Park in Atlanta during the 1996 Olympics and a bomb went off. Scott spent more time going through security than he did actually performing his craft, putting a damper on the event. Scott never considered himself a fan of swimming.
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Core Products International Celebrates EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week

In massage training, we do touch on such subjects. I, too, need to practice this rather than just preach it. Getting the proper amounts of fruits and vegetables into our diets each day can be a challenge. The benefits are well known and documented. These benefits are controlling blood pressure and cholesterol, protecting bones and arteries and keeping our digestion on track. Many programs call for us to use these foods at least five times a day, so let’s not get overwhelmed to the point that it becomes a problem. An article in Massage Today suggests that for the first week, add just one fruit and one vegetable to your daily diet when starting a healthy program. Take it one step at a time. This will certainly make it easy to add more fruits and veggies the second week on. Before you know it, you will reach the goal of the five servings our bodies need daily.
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