Hands and heart

Local cancer clinics offer oncology massage to aid recovery

Besides the physical benefit theres that emotional connection. There is such a benefit to just the touch, compassionate touch, said Goss. Goss is a nationally certified massage therapist and body worker with expertise in medical, deep tissue, Swedish, prenatal, craniosacral and geriatric massage. She has been practicing for more than 14 years, about half of that time working for an Indianapolis physiatrist, a doctor who specializes in rehabilitation and pain. Now Goss has a private practice based in a green Victorian house in downtown Anderson. She also visits clients, some of them in nursing homes. Massage therapy is a second career for the 63-year old woman. She chose it in order to follow a calling. Mid-life career change The Lord just told me to sell my business and take my gift of healing out into the world, said Goss. It was not exactly a welcome idea for Goss to consider giving up her dental laboratory career making crowns and bridges for local dentists. I argued for a long time. I was given the gift of healing through my hands in my early thirties, said Goss.
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‘I’m where I need to be:’ Streator massage therapist trains in oncology

How about that. It wisely discusses the term “medication overuse headache,” which refers to headaches that persist despite the regular use of drugs for treatment. This study suggests that massage therapy can present a reasonable alternative to dealing with repeated headaches, particularly episodic tension headaches. It is truly sad how my father suffered so often in the mid-50s with migraine headaches, and now massage therapists can get them under control quickly. My father had to be sedated for three days before recovery was in sight. We massage therapists are trained to deal with chronic headache pains. So, if you are suffering with chronic or acute headaches, visit your favorite massage therapist. Be sure not to hold anything back in telling him or her how you have been feeling. It is all kept confidential, and you will have a friend for life.
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Ask Chuck: Massage therapy can help with headaches, joint pain

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She didn’t have the stamina and her hips hurt after only a short distance. Her neck ached, too. Then last spring she met oncology massage therapist Toni Muirhead. Florida Cancer Specialists, which has clinics throughout the state, had just started a pilot program for oncology massage at its Lakewood Ranch location. Muirhead offered to massage Lambillotte’s neck as she sat in the infusion chair. It felt so good that Lambillotte started making appointments every other week for a full massage at the clinic. The achiness in her neck and hip began to subside. “I don’t think the doctors realize how beneficial it is,” said Lambillotte, who is 70 and lives in Bradenton. “If nothing else, it boosts your morale by doing something like this.
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“The incredible intensity of what I had shared with my ‘Pops’ in those last weeks propelled me forward in my own journey,” Ferko said. “I began my deliberate search for a greater understanding of all that had happened and what is happening to other families. That’s when my work as a massage therapist opened the doors to oncology massage.” The Peregrine Institute of Oncology Massage Training offers coursework that emphasizes safety protocols, the use of bodywork to ease the side effects of treatment, the relationship between cancer treatment and lymphedema and the psychological experience of both patients and therapists. A number of hours are devoted to supervised work with http://BayviewWellness.com a variety of cancer clients in a wide range of situations, including the hospital setting. “People need to heal their body, mind and spirit while they’re going through the whole experience,” Ferko said. “Treatment has a huge impact on the body and effect on emotions. It can be frightening and frustrating for everyone involved. Even though I’m a massage therapist, I want to be there with cancer patients as they are moving through such a traumatic transformation of their lives.” Ferko, already certified in lymphedema, currently is working with clients who have cancer to complete her case studies. Amy Missel, of Streator, who was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer that spread to her lymph nodes, lungs and liver, said her massage therapy from Ferko has been her only “truly holistic” treatment. “This journey through cancer has been just as rough emotionally as it has been physically,” Missel said. “There is a definite benefit in treating some of my physical symptoms and side effects of cancer and chemotherapy, but more importantly, I feel less anxious and more at peace when I leave (massage therapy).” According to the Society for Oncology Massage, essential aspects of an oncology massage therapist’s skill set are an informed understanding of the disease itself and the many ways it can affect the human body; the side effects of cancer treatments, such as medications, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation; and the ability to modify massage techniques in order to adapt for these side effects, as well as for the disease.
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