Clackamas chiropractor cleared of false charges


Dallas Chiropractor Dr. Francis Murphy Cultivates New Chiropractic Treatment (Video)

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The Oregon Board of Chiropractic Examiners recently released its final order, which clears Kim Jameson’s name. Jameson had filed a lawsuit to force the board to release the judge’s order. The board hasn’t done that, but the final order heavily quotes the judge, who exonerated Jameson of all the accusations except one record keeping violation. For that, she was ordered to 12 hours continuing education. In the new document, the Oregon Board of Chiropractic Examiners admits its lead witness, Caroline Rackley, committed perjury and that six of their other seven witnesses testified based on Rackley’s statements. The judge said “Rackley likely provided this information in an effort to cover up her own wrongdoing and to shift suspicion and blame onto Dr. Jameson. In short, without information provided, directly or indirectly, by Rackley, the Board has little or no substantive evidence against Dr. Jameson.” The board’s order alludes to accusations that Rackley borrowed money from the chiropractor’s clients and took petty cash. In her lawsuit, Jameson said she lost business because of the false accusations. Some insurance companies won’t pay for services by a doctor who is being investigated, she wrote. Some clients heard about the accusations and stopped going to her. “I’m grateful that my name has finally been cleared,” Jameson said in an email.
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Murphy founded OTZ to train licensed chiropractors in the evaluation and care to improve nervous system function via the correction of occipital-atlanto subluxation. This subluxation pattern shows a dysfunction of the tissues involving the brainstem. When this manifestation is corrected in children, it seems to have an immediate impact on multiple disorders and behaviors including ADD, AD/HD, Autism and developmental delays. Dr. Murphy founded OTZ Health Education Systems, which teaches chiropractic techniques that seem to reverse many developmental delays in children Photo credit: Whole Health Partners OTZ has previously hosted seminars in the US, UK, Paris and Brazil, with the most recent taking place in Philadelphia, PA in July. Every Chiropractor MUST take this seminar! says Dr. Nanette Jarmain of New York City. She continues, This technique is the most effective technique I have witnessed in 17 years of practice and the neurology clearly supports the technique. This seminar will change my health, the health of my family and patients and will change the health and well-being of America! Dr. Bryan Redpath of Capilano Chiropractic Clinic in Edmonton says, This technique is a game changer.
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Why are there different types of chiropractors?

Posted by Michael Sewall (Editor) , August 02, 2013 at 09:26 AM Business:Dr. Sarah Kelly, Chiropractor at600 Hillgrove Ave #3 in Western Springs Owner:Sarah Kelly Write a review of Kelly Chiropractic in our business directory . How did the business come to be? I took over for the previous chiropractor Dr. Melanie Chandler upon her retirement. We worked together for the year leading up to. Why did you choose the area you did? I grew up in the Western Suburbs, and had been working for various practices in the area. I decided it was time to strike out on my own, and knew Western Springs because I had family living in the area at the time. I loved the “Mayberry” small-town feel of it, and the people were invested in their health. I knew it was a community I could make a contribution to and would enjoy being a part of. What does your business offer?
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Kelly Chiropractic Reaches 10 Years in Western Springs

For example: back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines etc. This would be your most common chiropractor. The third type of chiropractor has a clear objective that has nothing to do with any medical condition or symptom. This chiropractor views chiropractic as a necessity for every infant, child and adult regardless of health conditions. They practice solely with the non-therapeutic objective of locating, analyzing and assisting in the correction of vertebral subluxation because they are detrimental to the expression of the innate intelligence of the body. Chiropractic is no different then exercise, nutrition or rest. It’s vital for your optimal expression of who you are. The next time you hear someone say they dont need to see a chiropractor because they check this out feel fine, ask them if they would wait to utilize proper exercise, nutrition and rest until they have been diagnosed with a condition. Of course not! Its in anyones best interest to take care of their body so they can function at their best. By visiting ChiroWay, youre choosing to utilize the third type of chiropractor and choosing to live at your potential. This post is contributed by a community member.
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