Chiropractor Set to Host Memorial Golf Tournament

Board cracks down on chiropractors pushing anti-vaccination message

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Tyler Tonso, owner of the chiropractic office BodyBalance, will be hosting the 5th Annual Grace For 2 Brothers Memorial Golf Tournament this Saturday, August 10th, at the Airport Golf Course from 11:30am to 5:30pm. The tournament will be played as a 4-person team scramble so that golfers of all skill levels can enjoy the game and have a chance to win. Dr. Tonso, a chiropractor in Cheyenne, WY , has just opened a new office and settled into his work there, yet he is already becoming actively involved in the community. As a wellness chiropractic care center, BodyBalance understands the value of a well-balanced, healthy life. Health includes physical wellbeing but should not stop there, continuing also in mental and emotional strength. By participating in the memorial golf tournament, the chiropractor also contributes to the psychological and emotional health of many in the area. According to Dr. Tonso, “This is a worthy cause, raising funds for the awareness and prevention of suicide, and we are glad to be involved in the community this way.” The story of Grace For 2 Brothers begins with the tragic deaths of two young men, Brett and Beau Wagner. Their choices to complete suicide four years apart inspired their mother, BJ Ayers, to set up the foundation as a way to increase awareness of suicide risks and to combat those risks. She speaks passionately about the subject to everyone in the community, both for the sake of her sons and for the sake of her young grandson, Beau’s child. The second weekend in August has been designated the Weekend of Grace, and two events are planned. On the 10th, BodyBalance will host the golf tournament at the Airport Golf Course.
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Investigators said Gregg Battersby operates a chiropractor business out of his home on Highway 81 south in Starr. According to an incident report, the incidents happened on May 23 and June 2. Battersby is charged with two counts of indecent exposure and is out of jail on bond. Battersby’s attorney, Sara Drawdy, said, “These charges are ridiculous and we look forward to the truth coming out and having our day in court.” Drawdy says law enforcement didn’t do anything to try and corroborate the allegations. “Before charges like this are brought, law enforcement should do a thorough investigation,” Drawdy said. “They did not talk to my client at all before bringing these charges, and at the end of the day, this is a he-said-she-said case at best.” According to the Ohio State Chiropractic Board, Battersby was also charged with public indecency in 2006. Records show a woman interviewing for a housecleaning job said Battersby exposed his “private parts” after announcing he was “a nudist.” After pleading no contest, Battersby was found guilty. As a result, his license in Ohio was suspended for 10 days. Drawdy said, “I’m aware of what allegedly occurred in Ohio, and it’s simply not relevant to the charges that have been brought (here).”
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Chiropractor struck off for ‘novel’ treatments

Meanwhile, a patient can often become inactive out of fear of further aggravating the condition and simply because of the discomfort. Its wildly frustrating for patients to be sent off and go through that loop, said Robert Haig, chief executive officer of the Ontario Chiropractic Association. Back pain that is not well managed leads to lost work time and long-term disability, costing the economy and health care system. There seems to be a gap in the treatment of back pain in Ontario. Its a very significant health problem, Haig said. The pilot project involved chiropractors working in a doctors office, doing a 30-minute assessment of a patients low back pain and offering education, then discussing treatment options with the doctor. Recommendations could include exercises that can be taught quickly right in the office, chiropractic treatment and physical, occupational or massage therapy. Satisfaction was high among family doctors, who find it challenging to treat recurring back pain on their own, as well as patients, who noted increased confidence in diagnosis and treatment by getting the combined expertise. They were reassured about their problem, Haig said. Back pain can be an extremely debilitating thing and scary. Collaboration is appreciated by chiropractor Jennifer Nash, who works at the health services centre on Wilfrid Laurier Universitys Brantford campus. She treats patients alongside the other health care professionals, even using the same electronic records, and she can simply ask a doctor when she has a question about a patients care. Theres so much value, Nash said. Historically, she said, low back pain was treated with bed rest and pain medication, while now treatment includes exercise, education and manual therapies and that shift has given rise to an interdisciplinary approach.
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Chiropractor with prior indecency conviction charged again

After pressure from medical authorities, the Chiropractic Board has decided to crack down on unscientific practices. Chiropractors are blamed by doctors for spreading too much misinformation on the inoculation debate. But high-profile chiropractors say they will continue providing information about both sides of the vaccination argument. Chiropractor and author Jennifer Bahram-Floriani says it will not stop her colleagues from giving patients advice. “Chiropractors will certainly be working towards making sure that the information that they convey to parents is the latest, up-to-date information that presents both sides of the vaccination debate,” she said. “I think it would be very rare that there would be chiropractors giving only one side of the argument.” The Federal President of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) Steve Hambleton says the AMA wants chiropractors to be struck off if they continue to promote anti-vaccination campaigns. “We’ve had a number of reports of chiropractors promoting anti-vaccination messages and even having continuous professional development from anti-vaccination proponents, so frankly it’s up to the chiropractor board to protect the public,” he said. “I expect that they will be taking action.” The board says it will conduct audits to ensure chiropractors do not advise patients against being inoculated. But nobody from the body was available to comment on how strict the bans will be. First posted August 09, 2013 17:58:25 Search ABC News
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Doctor-chiropractor team can ease low back pain, project finds

In a decision delivered on Friday the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal also disqualified Malcolm Hooper from reapplying for registration as a chiropractor for two years and ordered him to pay costs for the Chiropractic Board of Australia. Essendon players also received hyperbaric treatment at Mr Hooper’s South Yarra clinic, with the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority uncovering a bill he sent to the club late best chiropractor toronto last year for more than $50,000. In June Mr Hooper was found guilty of three counts of professional misconduct and five counts of unprofessional conduct related to his treatment of a patient with cerebral palsy. In its decision on Friday the tribunal said Mr Hooper misrepresented the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen and treadmill treatments, believing them a panacea for more than 30 conditions including multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and infertility. It said Mr Hooper had failed to acknowledge errors in his treatment of the patient including ”failing to make proper assessments, prepare treatment plans, modify treatment plans or monitor outcomes”. ”In our view, anything less than cancellation is likely to see a repetition of the events that brought about this proceeding and as a consequence the public would be endangered.” The tribunal noted that it was not necessary to be a registered chiropractor to administer hyperbaric oxygen treatments but accepted an undertaking by Mr Hooper to provide certain information to prospective patients or their parents or guardians. The information included statements that the treatment for a range of conditions was ”novel” and the consensus of expert medical opinion was that it provided little or no benefit. In a statement, Chiropractic Board of Australia chairman Phillip Donato said the board had gone to great lengths to prosecute the case against Mr Hooper and praised the courage and commitment of the patient in bringing the matter to its attention.
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