Chiropractor: Backpack beauty only skin deep

Back support is more important than the characters that appear on a backpack, according to a local chiropractor. “We typically go looking for a backpack that has the right Spiderman logo, or basketball, or football, or whoever on it,” said chiropractor Dr. Dale Williams. Using a backpack with the correct kind of support is one part of preventing injury. Another part is ensuring the load is not too heavy. For Williams, it is not just about too many books, it is about keeping other items from piling up. “It’s easy for things to be left in there that’s not necessary,” he said. “If you can keep that weight down as much as possible it’d probably be the most effective.” Rolling backpacks, he said, can also come with their own set of potential issues. “Pulling them along stairways and stuff is probably more difficult for them than actually carrying them up the stairs,” he said.
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Local Chiropractor Presents Check to Relay for Life

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“The tinnitus I had has gotten a lot better.” Klingert, who recently had hip-replacement surgery, said a chiropractor does not take the place of a family doctor. And it’s not a cure-all for disease or illness, he said. Still, he draws patients from Atlantic, Cumberland and Cape May counties. “Chiropractic is a funny thing. People take ownership of their doctor. ‘You’ve got to see my guy,'” he said. But when Klingert opened his first chiropractic office in Somers Point in bayview wellness clinic 1976, the medical discipline was not as widely accepted as is today, he said. “Now it’s mainstream, accepted by all health insurance. We’re not an afterthought any more. People will come to us first,” he said. Klingert built a new home and office two years later on the wooded and peaceful Old Zion Road in Egg Harbor Township. They have a second office in Mays Landing, where Alisun Klingert is the resident chiropractor.
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Canberra Chiropractor Soars to New Heights

It is still conveniently located in the CPA building in the city centre, but is now on level seven instead of level three. “It’s a more spacious office, filled with natural light and with beautiful views of some of Canberras mountains,” says Murray, who has been a chiropractor in Canberra for over 25 years. “Patients have really appreciated the move and several have already described the new space as being fresh, bright, and soothing,” he added. The move also accompanies a new website, blog and series of chiropractic videos, all of which help to communicate to the wider community the knowledge Murray has gained during his many years in practice. Murray’s interest in chiropractic began as a teenager when his entire family would visit the local chiropractor for health maintenance. “Gradually my understanding grew during my teenage years,” says Murray, “and with this growing understanding came a developing sense of appreciation of the benefits of chiropractic care.” Now, more than 30 years since starting his first practice, Murray has adjusted over 200,000 spines. In order to celebrate the recent move, Murray Fisher Chiropractic is offering a full spinal evaluation and adjustment for just $55. This offer will be available until 31st August 2013. For more information or to take advantage of this offer, call Murray on 61712026. About Murray Fisher Chiropractic: Canberra chiropractor Murray Fisher has been providing chiropractic care for over 30 years. He Graduated in 1982 from the Phillip Institute of Technology, School of Chiropractic in Melbourne (now RMIT University). Murray has been practicing in the Canberra, ACT area since 1989 and remains passionate about providing members of the Canberra community with quality chiropractic care characterized by a high level of technical expertise delivered in a caring and professional manner. He aims to provide a chiropractic centre where every member of the Canberra community can receive chiropractic care as a pathway to achieving optimum health.
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Goodyear Chiropractor Offers New Chronic Headache Relief Treatment

( — August 19, 2013) Goodyear, AZ — Do you know anyone with chronic headaches or suffers from migraine headaches? Chances are you, or someone you know, battles against headaches regularly. In fact, according to the American College of Physicians,over 45 Million American suffer from chronic headaches each year. For many people, current headache treatments are ineffective in treating symptoms and can lose efficacy over time. Most people try to alleviate their headaches using over-the-counter medications, prescription medications, resting in a dark room, hot or cold compresses, massages, or even small amounts of caffeine. However, many of these offer limited relief, or worse yet, none at all. Thats why Estrella Parkway Medical Center has taken headache relief to the next level, by offering an FDA-approved treatment program. This new treatment, called the MiRix Protocol , is designed to help those who suffer from constant and/or severe headaches. The remedy works by applying a small dose of nasal spray, which effectively blocks a bundles of nerves that can cause headache pain. Previously, to treat this nerve bundle called Sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG), it took a combination of cue tips and x-rays to locate the regions that were causing the headaches, and then an injection of lidocaine. Now, using the MiRx protocol, it typically takes less than 60 seconds to get instant relief, with a nasal spray that focuses on the same area, but is less invasive. This new and unique treatment plan is given over a 4 to 6 week period which includes both medical procedures and integrated physical therapy. This headache relief solution can even effectively treat most of the common headache conditions, like tension headaches, cluster headaches, atypical face pain, trigeminal neuralgia, and even migraine headaches, with or without AURA .
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New York City Chiropractor, Bryant Park Wellness, Offers Safe Solutions for Headaches

(8/22/13) On Thursday, August 22, Dr. Rob McCay of McCay Chiropractic in Madisonville presented a check to Relay for Life. The check, amounting to $1060.00, visit their website was presented to Relay for Life Co-Chairwoman Candace Ashby and Terrie Lawson with the American Cancer Society on Thursday, August 22, in the Hopkins County Sheriffs Office. McCays office has already turned in $270.00 earlier this year from a vendor event held at the chiropractic office lawn. McCays office will hold another vendor extravaganza on Sept. 28, 2013. Rita Dukes Smith SurfKY News Copyright chiropractor in north york 2013 SurfKY News Group, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.
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Egg Harbor Township chiropractor makes family his business

Chiropractor makes  family his business

Some of the typical headache causes include diet, stress, environmental issues, and misalignment of the spinal column. According to Dr. Linder DC, New York City chiropractor, speaking to an interviewer recently, “Headaches come in various forms. There have been dozens of different types identified. Some of the more common forms of headaches include cluster, tension, and migraines. Headache pain may also be associated with illnesses or allergies.” He continues, “We begin our consultation by determining relevant information about the overall health of the patient. We look beyond the specific headache pain symptoms in order to identify what might be the cause of the pain. Once the data is collected, a therapeutic plan can be developed which will improve overall health, as well as addressing the specific acute pain stage.” A variety of therapeutic techniques might be applied to reduce the severity, frequency and duration of headaches. In addition to spinal adjustment where appropriate, the patient might be counseled to make dietary changes.
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