Chiropractor helps market apps

Woodbury chiropractor relicensed; swindled ex-patients baffled

But for the past several months, Lewis has also helped businesses, some local and others throughout the country, promote themselves through the use of smart phone apps. “It happened because of my relationship with a patient,” he said. Lewis said that one of his regular patients, who was already involved in computer apps, sold him the idea of getting his own app. He said he really liked the result, which allows him to instantly provide information about his practice to clients who download the app. Earlier last week, Lewis demonstrated that by sending a message about a new publication available on his website. He can provide any information he wants, he said. Lewis is “really into technology” and that interest made him want to follow the lead of his patient and promote the use of apps to others. “It’s kind of like a hobby,” said Lewis, who has not given up his day job as a chiropractor. Typically, he said, apps available are either used for promotion of a business or organization, gaming or service. A bank, for example, would use a service application where people could deposit a check or check their account balances. Lewis said the business he is involved with primarily deals with promotional apps that can go to nearly any type of business.
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‘Amish Mafia’ preview spoiler: Wayne takes care of the chiropractor

Wayne is going to take care of business. In the clip, Wayne says that Merlin asked him to take care of this job. He says Merlin still owes him a lot of money for helping get him unshunned. He heads to the office of a chiropractor. This person is unlicensed and people are actually getting hurt from going to see him for treatments. Wayne goes over there chiropractor north york toronto and breaks into the office. Once he gets inside, he starts destroying the entire office. He throws things around and breaks several things in there. The message should get across this way and Wayne is even threatening taking it further if the guy keeps trying to treat people. “Amish Mafia” airs new episodes on Tuesday nights.
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Tampa’s Own Personal Injury Chiropractor, Dr. Christine Rogers, Now Offers the Latest Chiropractic Treatment Options at Elan Wellness Center

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Some of Randy Miland’s Ponzi scheme victims are speaking out against the Minnesota Board of Chiropractic Examiners for reinstating the license without requiring restitution payments, and the state attorney general has reached out to the board in their support. Miland, for his part, says that he always has intended to repay the money and that he needs his license back to earn the income to do so. His license is on a probationary status but is set to revert to good standing in November. He has been practicing recently at a clinic in Vadnais Heights. “I’ll be honest with you: At this point I couldn’t do a payment plan because I don’t have enough money to do it,” Miland said last week in a telephone interview. “But the whole point of getting my license back is to have the ability to do that. Once I get things rolling, I’ll be happy to sit down with all of them.” He said that recent media attention on his case is scaring patients away but that he’s committed to getting back on his feet. Miland was convicted in July 1999 on five counts of theft by swindle in Washington County District Court. He told victims they would get big returns on the money they gave him and falsely said he had an investment deal with Blockbuster Entertainment Inc. According to court records, the total restitution Miland owed his victims was $1.54 million. He has repaid $30,309.95; his last payment was in March 2005, court administrators said. In 2006, Miland was charged in federal court chiropractor with wire fraud for a real estate investment scheme. Court records show the restitution amount was about $256,000.
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USDOJ: Former Utah Chiropractor Sentenced to Prison for Tax Evasion

Madsen, a former chiropractor from Ephraim, Utah, was sentenced by the United States District Judge Clark Waddoups to 33 months in prison and resitutition of over $500,000 following a conviction for attempted evasion of payment of income tax in the District of Utah. On January 12, 2012, a jury convicted Madsen of one count of tax evasion. According to court documents, Madsen owed approximately $1.3 million in assessed income tax, interest and penalties for the years 1995 and 1999 to 2004. Madsens tax debt had grown, by the trial date, to over $1.7 million, after accrued interest. The evidence presented at trial established that Madsen used nominee trusts to conceal the ownership of numerous acres of property, ultimately causing the transfer of that property to Grand Scale Inc ., a Washington state corporation of which he was the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and chairman of the board. In addition, the evidence showed that Madsen used other entities to encumber property and cloud equity in that property through use of mortgages and Uniform Commercial Code financing statements. Madsen was previously held in civil contempt by the United States District Court for the District of Utah for failure to comply with court orders with respect to an IRS summons. Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Departments Tax Division Kathryn Keneally commended the efforts of Tax Division Trial Attorneys Jennifer R. Laraia and Leslie A.
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This creates a sprain/strain in the region just below the skull, where symptoms usually occur. Symptoms may also commonly be seen in the front and back of the neck. Turning the head often makes the pain and discomfort worse,a according to the American Chiropractic Association. Dr. Rogers states that itas not uncommon to see a new patient who complains about certain areas and levels of pain in the neck, back, as well as in the hips and joints that arises from things like whiplash. The esteemed Tampa chiropractor also points out that many people suffer unnecessarily for months, even years. Elan Wellness Center, the Tampa chiropractor practice adds that by seeking treatment as the symptoms manifest and become more pronounced, it is easier to become pain free in a quicker amount of time. Because chiropractic care is holistic, most patients see near immediate results. For more information about Dr. Rogers and her chiropractic clinic, please visit Elan Wellness Center at 11329 Countryway Blvd, Tampa, FL 33626, or phone (813) 855 – 0001 to make an appointment with Dr.
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