Prominent Pain Management Specialist Speaks At Senior Star At Weber Place

Prominent Pain Management Specialist Speaks at Senior Star at Weber Place

at 605 South Edward Drive in Romeoville. His presentation will focus on minimally invasive ways to control neck and back pain. Dr. Tubics extensive expertise has led him to be a sought after medical professional, performing more than 7,000 interventional pain management procedures. Throughout his career, Dr. Tubic has also provided numerous training lectures to practitioners and hospital medical staff regarding safest protocols for pain management. Dr. Tubic is triple board certified, which includes his certification as a Diplomat of the American Board of Anesthesiology and his double board certification in pain medicine by both the American Board of Anesthesiology and the American Board of Pain Medicine. He completed both his anesthesiology residency training and interventional pain management fellowship at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. Dr. Tubic is also affiliated with the areas major medical centers. We are honored to host Dr.
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Delray Beach doctor arrested chiropractic north york on charge of running unlicensed pain clinic

Jimenez was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail. He was released late Friday on $3,000 bail. The arrest comes as state and local officials have tried to crack down on pain clinics. The industry grew at an explosive rate in South Florida as drug traffickers and drug users flocked to Broward and Palm Beach counties, drawn here by what many perceived as a lack of state regulation. At least 1,200 pain clinics were operating statewide around 2010, and at least 122 clinics were doing business in Palm Beach County, state records show, handing out thousands of tablets of oxycodone and other powerful drugs. According to a sheriffs office probable-cause arrest affidavit, Jimenez relocated his practice in late July to the new one in the 200 block of Lindell, about one mile to the south near the Boca Raton border. He contacted the state Department of Health on Aug. 15 to ask about obtaining a license to run a medical office. A health department investigator asked Jimenez if he planned to run a pain-management clinic at the new address. Jimenez said he did not, the affidavit said. Prior to relocating to his new office, Jimenez signed a lease agreement banning him running a pain clinic. Representatives from the leasing company were reportedly told that Jimenez would be practicing cardiology, his medical specialty.
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Hypnosis for chronic pain management

When activated, the system sends signals to the spinal cord that prevent the brain from registering pain. The patient turns the unit off and on, and can control the frequency of the signals with a remote control the size of a garage opener. “It tricks the brain into feeling a good sensation over a bad sensation,” Amin said. “It’s super, super high-tech. It’s like the new wave of pain relief.” Amin and Berger are among a number of pain management specialists in South Florida who offer the treatment. Because of the spinal cord stimulator’s expense to the insurer, it’s not for everyone. Insurers typically only cover the procedure for those in constant agony from multiple back surgeries, shingles or other chronic pain syndromes “who don’t have any other options,” Amin said. And because it is a surgical procedure, it carries the same risks excessive bleeding, infection, incision pain and paralysis as any other operation, along with the risk of implant rejection. Other advanced technologies like pulse radiofrequency therapies and the Electroanalgesic Delivery System, aka The Matrix treat an even wider spectrum of ailments, helping patients who may otherwise lean on narcotics to soothe pain. The $26,000 Matrix machine, for example, is similar to the more commonly known Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (or TENS) unit, but is 32 times more powerful, sending out 8,000 pulses per second in varying frequencies through suction cups attached to aching areas of the back, neck or limb, said Dr.
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Vipassana Meditation Simple Yet Advanced Pain Management

Vipassana Meditation Simple Yet Advanced Pain Management

First, imaging studies demonstrate that the effects of hypnotic suggestions on brain activity are real and can target specific aspects of pain. Hypnosis for decreases in the intensity of pain result not only in significant decreases in pain intensity, but also decreases in activity in the brain areas that underlie the experience of pain intensity. At the same time, hypnotic suggestions for decrease in the unpleasantness (but not intensity) of pain have significant effects on how bad the pain makes people feel, but not necessarily intensity. Interestingly, these suggestions result in decreases in activity in the areas of the brain responsible for processing the emotional aspect of pain, but not those areas that are responsible for processing pain intensity. Second, research studies demonstrate that hypnotic treatments can save money. Hypnotic suggestions for reduced pain and improved healing have been shown to reduce the time needed for medical procedures, speed recovery time, and result in fewer analgesics needed all of which not only result in more comfort for the patient, but save the patient and the patients insurance companies money. In a time of growing medical expenses, its nice to have a treatment that can actually result in cost savings. Third, a rapidly growing body of research shows that hypnosis works. When hypnosis and hypnotic suggestions are combined with other treatments, those other treatments become more effective. When people with chronic pain are taught how to use self-hypnosis for pain management and improved sleep, they experience pain relief and sleep better. This research also reveals that hypnosis has many side effects, which are overwhelmingly positive. People who learn self-hypnosis can not only experience significant massage therapy north york pain relief, but report a greater sense of overall well-being and control.
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Pain management goes high-tech to help patients avoid pills

Linda Fromm of Delray Beach talks about the chronic pain she suffered after foot surgery and the relief she gained after having a Spinal Cord Stimulator implanted in her back by Dr. Scott Berger who looks on.

At times additional prescriptions are required to help counter-act such side effects. Yet still people take them. Does this massage therapy north york mean that people are crazy? Well, no. It just means that generally people lack awareness of viable alternatives to their situations. Meditation has been widely known by practitioners to be incredibly useful when it comes to pain management techniques. Though it has had little publicity, and is often thought of as difficult to do, thus discouraging people looking for a quick and easy solution to their pain problem. A team of researchers at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Essen, Germany though has proven Vipassana meditation to be a very viable alternative. The study involved 8 practitioners of Vipassana and a control group of 40 non-meditators. The results read as follows At baseline, meditators exhibited significantly greater pain tolerance than the other two groups.
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LaBovick Law Group Files Unique Federal ADA Lawsuit Against Pain Management Clinic

Lucie Pain Management. She has continued to experience severe pain and suffering since then. Had the doctor and/or his medical office not canceled the treatment, the woman’s pain problems could have been treated and her pain eased. The claim alleges the following: “Defendants have implemented an office policy, practice, or procedure of discriminating against persons with hearing impairments. Specifically, defendants require all deaf patients to provide their own interpreters and/or refuse to provide patients an interpreter at the defendants’ own expense,” and “Plaintiff has suffered emotional distress and damages in the past, and continues to suffer distress and damages in the future due to defendants’ refusal to provide her with medical treatment unless she agrees to pay for her own interpreters.” Mrs. Jones, in accordance with the 11th Circuit Court’s opinion of Sheely vs. MRI Radiology Network , is seeking damages for mental and emotional distress caused by personal humiliation, denial of procedural due process and impairment of reputation because she has been forced to continue suffering as a result of medical conditions that the defendants will not treat, and of which she cannot find another clinic for. “It is appalling that a medical doctor who presumably took the Hippocratic Oath would deprive his services to a suffering woman who is deaf simply because he doesn’t want to pay for the services of an interpreter,” Fields said. “He will now be called upon to pay for her continued suffering that he could have alleviated months ago.” This case is similar to the lawsuit filed in July by the United States Department of Justice against Dr. Hal W. Brown and Primary Care of the Treasure Coast, Inc. The claim alleges that the doctor and medical practice refused to provide interpreters to deaf patients and therefore violated the Americans with Disability Act by discriminating and retaliating against the couple. About LaBovick Law Group: LaBovick Law Group is a consumer litigation law firm, providing a wide range of legal services to clients in Florida.The firm’s major practice areas include personal injury, maritime/admiralty, Social Security disability, Veterans Affairs, ADA litigation and family law.
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