After Decades With Back Pain, Plainfield Woman Finds Relief

Betsy Banks of Plainfield is able to walk her dog Truman every day after a new procedure freed her from 20 years of pain.  |  Supplied photo

It took less than an hour, she said, then she was back at home a little sore, but with none of the pain from her accident. It was a bayview wellness clinic piece of cake, she said. It was the easiest thing Ive ever had done. I felt so much better immediately. Banks said the difference was night and day. The nerves do tend to grow back together after the procedure, and they did in Banks, requiring her to receive three more treatments, but its something she said she would do again. It changed her life. Pain prevented me from even trying new things, she said. And now I can do a lot. I made dinner for 130 people at my church. Banks also bayview wellness in bayview village lost 100 pounds just from being physically active again. She walks her dog every day now and loves to entertain at home. She said she wants others to know to keep pushing to find help if they are having a chronic medical problem. I encourage people to be very persistent about finding someone who takes their pain seriously, she said.
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Antibiotics can relieve back pain caused by bacterial infections

UPMC neurosurgeon Joe Maroon talks to a patient in his office in Oakland.

At times it feels like an electric shock. When I reach for things it can be worse. I have no prior problems in my neck or back. I have tried Ibuprofen and it has not helped. What is it and what type of doctor do you think I need to see? The largest muscle in our body is the trapezius, which runs from the base of the skull across the mid-part of your back. This is a trapezoidal-shaped muscle that occasionally can develop a sharp spasm. When these spasms are localized and are particularly sensitive, they are known as trigger points. Many trapezial muscle spasms or trigger point spasms will get better with anti-inflammatory medications, such as Ibuprofen, or rest. Since yours has persisted a week I recommend you seen an orthopedic surgeon or spine specialist for evaluation and treatment. Treatment could include a muscle relaxant, a different anti-inflammatory, physical therapy, neuromuscular therapy, or possibly an injection.
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Back pain feels like an electric shock

Air Force Maj. Gen. Emmett J.Titshaw Jr., the adjutant general of Florida at Florida National Guard training facility Camp Blanding on March 13, 2013.

The bacteria Propionibacterium acnes is better known for causing acne, but normally causes no other harm. But when a person suffers a slipped disk, the body grows small blood vessels into the disk. The body does this to facilitate healing, but the small blood vessels can ferry bacteria into the herniated disk, the Danish scientists found. In the second paper, the Danes, working with doctors in Birmingham, England, showed that taking antibiotics for 100 days reduced significantly the pain of 80 percent of those who received it during a randomized clinical trial. When the trial began, 73.5 percent of the patients reported being in constant pain. After the course of antibiotics was completed, only 19.5 percent did. For pain reduction, this is a better result than what customarily is achieved by back surgery. In a 1998 study, only 29 percent of workmen’s compensation patients reported a reduction in pain after spine surgery. Health care costs could be cut by billions of dollars, because the antibiotics cost much less than most back surgeries do. Joseph Maroon, vice chairman of the department of neurological surgery at UPMC, performs 200 to 250 disk surgeries a year. More research needs to be done, especially on the side effects of taking antibiotics for 100 days, “which is a long period of time,” he said.
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iTech Medical, Inc. Enters Into Exclusive Distribution and Product Agreement With Back-A Line, Inc.

Among the non-mechanical spinal problems that cause low back pain are neoplastic disease (tumors on the spine), inflammatory conditions such as spondyloarthritis (arthritis of the spine) and infections. Referred pain from internal organs comes mostly from gastrointestinal diseases such as inflammation of the pancreas or gall bladder, or from kidney failure. Treatments run the gamut. This year, Consumer Reports magazine asked more than 14,000 of its subscribers who said they’d experienced back pain in the last year to rate 23 different treatments. On average, each subscriber had tried five or six. Hands-on solutions worked best, they said. Chiropractic treatments were favored by 58 percent of respondents, massage by 48 percent, and physical therapy by 46 percent. Manipulation of the spine eases back pain by restoring to their normal position the spinal bones that house the nerves, said Raymond Vactor, director of Wexford Chiropractic in Pine, Pa., and host of radio program “Quantum Health.” Massage improves circulation of the blood, which speeds recovery of muscles made sore by overexertion. Massage also increases release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain medication. “Massage lessened lower back pain, depression and anxiety and improved sleep,” a 2001 study by the Touch Research Institute of the University of Miami in Florida found.
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Dr. Ken’s back pain prevention book reaches international best-seller status (Video)

With 22 years of practice in the field, Dr. Ken’s advice to practice plenty of stretching — like extension of the neck muscles and various other range-of-motion stretches — are not lost on this reporter, who has found herself doing plenty more of my Hatha yoga type of lengthening poses interspersed with 6 mile walk/runs nearly every day after learning of his advice to help prevent back pain. Matt Sampson from News 12 interviewed Dr. Ken in the YouTube video attached above, wherein the doctor advised folks with back issues to first determine what type of spinal condition they are experiencing. The first step is to get an MRI scan, said the spinal specialist, advising folks to develop a daily routine as they take care of their core, doing things like pushups in order to strengthen the muscles that can help improve posture. Include an excellent, healthy diet of lean proteins and medically supervised Omega 3, Vitamin D and calcium supplementation that doesnt run into the toxic levels to help the back as well, said Dr. Ken. Proper rest and long, hot showers to help prevent the stress that causes people to breath shallowly, which negatively affects their nerves, are a couple more of the free and easy factors combined with the deep breathing, stretching exercises and healthy eating tips that can induce better spinal conditioning. Retract your angel wings, Dr. Ken advises, using a term for the shoulder blades that Ill always remember a massage therapist at a Sonoma Valley spa using as he lifted my blades farther off my back than anyone had ever done before. With the potential to affect so many back pain sufferers for good and help improve their lives, Dr.
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Does your back ache? You’re far from alone

iTech reported that the Product and Distribution Agreement with Back-A-Line covers all aspects relating to the manufacturing, marketing and sales of the combined back support product. Profit sharing will be based on a formula that incorporates total combined sales, cost of goods and marketing costs. About iTech Medical iTech Medical, Inc. is a medical device company that develops and markets innovative medical devices and technologies for the rehabilitation, sports medicine and pain management markets. On February 15, 2013, iTech purchased BIOflex Medical Magnetics, Inc. (BIOflex), a private healthcare company that has been developing and selling magnetic therapy devices since 1986. BIOflex manufactures and sells a commercial line of more than 20 pain management products that incorporate a patented technology. BIOflex’s products are targeted at a number of large markets including the sports medicine and orthopedic market, the low back pain market and the sleep systems market. BIOflex operates from an FDA-registered facility and many of its products are registered with the FDA as Class I medical devices. iTech is also developing a proprietary platform called Muscle Pattern Recognition (MPR), a unique clinical and rehabilitation tool for the analysis of muscle function. For more information, visit: and About Back-A-Line Back-A-Line, Inc. is a private, California-based company that has developed a line of commercial products based on its patented Dynamic Back Support technology.
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