New Doctor Provides Comprehensive Pain Management

Pain Management of the Terminally Ill

Satvinder S. Dhesi has an extensive background in pain management.He completed his residency at Harvard Medical School and a fellowship in comprehensive pain management at Johns Hopkins.Dr. Dhesi has the experience and expertise to ensure your chronic pain is treated efficiently and effectively.He has been certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology and is also board certified in pain management. Chronic pain is unique to each patient.When working with Dr. Dhesi, you can expect a complete array of treatment options individually tailored to you.Some examples of possible chronic pain treatments are: Medication management Behavioral medicine Complementary therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic and massage Dr. Dhesi knows the connection between you and your current physician is vital in supporting good health, so he will work with your primary care doctor to ensure they remain up to speed on the treatment you are receiving.After every visit with Dr. Dhesi, he will provide timely feedback to your physician, outlining treatment progress and updates.Working together, Dr. Dhesi and your doctor will provide you with unparalleled treatment for your chronic pain. Dr.
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Mercy Pain Management Specialist Moves to Carthage

Dr.Tonkin continues to provide innovative pain management treatment option tofour-state residents through his Carthage office and his outreach clinic atMercy Hospital in Ft. Scott, KS. Dr.Tonkin received his Medical Degree from American University of the Caribbeanand completed his anesthesia residency at West Pennsylvania Hospital. Hecompleted his fellowship in Interventional Pain Management at the renownedHenry Ford Health System in Detroit, MI.He is board certified in Anesthesiology. MercyPain Management Clinic is located at 3125 Dr. Russell Smith Way, Carthage, MO. Toschedule an appointmentwith Dr. Tonkin or for more information,calltoll free 800-619-7246. # # #
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Name* Comments Submit PORT HAWKESBURY bayview wellness in bayview village Chronic pain management will be the focus of a workshop offered by the Arthritis Society, Monday, Sept. 23, in Port Hawkesbury. The session is scheduled to take place from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the Port Hawkesbury Library. The main objective of the workshop is to improve participants understanding of chronic pain management, introduce different coping methods, and teach people how to take an active role in their pain management. There are many ways that people can live a better life with arthritis, and these programs are a wonderful chance to learn new simple tips and helpful habits, said Hillary Woodside, community outreach coordinator with the Arthritis Society Nova Scotia division. The pain caused by arthritis can be severe. Managing that pain is very important to keeping control of your daily life. The session is free of charge and all are welcome. To pre-register call 1-800-321-1433 or send an email to According to the Arthritis Society, in Nova Scotia alone, 210,000 people are currently battling arthritis, making it one of province’s most common chronic conditions.
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Pain management sessions offered in Port Hawkesbury

Patients in pain and their families should insist that every effort be made to control pain, including consulatation with a hospice physician/pharmacist or a referral to a pain management clinic if necessary. If a physician does not have the knowledge, compassion or time necessary to assess and treat pain effectively, the patient should seek another doctor! Researchers studying American cancer patients discovered that those who were actually in pain were more likely to reject the notion of physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia than those who anticipate or fear pain. Researchers concluded that patients who are actually confronting the problem are more interested in getting rid of their pain than in dying (Lancet, 6/29/96:1805-1810). Sometimes, an unintended side effect of massive painkillers is to shorten life, e.g., large amounts of morphine may suppress respiration. But the intent is to alleviate pain and not to cause or hasten death. This is sometimes referred to as the principle of “double effect”; massage clinic north york most ethicists agree that this is not euthanasia. Doctors know the difference between killing pain and killing a patient – and should be held accountable. Pain is generally categorized in six different areas: * Joint and Muscle Pain, which accounts for the majority of patients attending pain clinics. * Causalgia (ko-zal-je-a), which is the burning pain that follows a bullet wound or some other sudden shock to the nervous system.
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Spine Pain Management, Inc. Launches Nationwide Marketing Program for Quad Video HALO V.3.0 Through Leading Edge Medical Partners

On September 19, the company engaged Joe Foley to initiate an outside sales campaign. Mr. Foley is the Managing Partner of Leading Edge Medical Partners and a marketing expert with a 40 year background in both radiology and marketing. The Quad Video Halo The Quad Video HALO System(TM) V.3.0, is a patent pending technology that features a fully branded, streamlined design that simultaneously offers electronic integration and improved adaptability across both old and new fluoroscopic guidance systems (radiology units used by specialists during procedures). The HALO 3.0 is an aftermarket system of both hardware and software along with a device that securely clamps to these radiological systems. In addition to the mounting device, the system is made up of three high resolution cameras and software integration with the fluoroscopic real-time x-ray feed from the fluoroscope to capture close up views of procedures/surgeries just above the sterile environment. As the medical procedure is being delivered, the software compiles the three cameras and fluoroscopic output into a single four view evidentiary ready, tamper proof DVD. Background of the QVH The company purchased the original beta version of the QVH from one of its affiliates who developed the system as a value added feature to attract more patients to its affiliated centers. The advantages were quickly recognized by the company as worthy of inclusion in all of its affiliated centers.
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