Yourwellness Magazine Considers Acupuncture For Asthma Treatment

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 23 September 2013 A Maryland-based company working on smartphone-based asthma monitoring will launch its AirSonea connected hardware device in Australia prior to launching in the US, Mobi Health News announced on September 9th. According to the article, iSonea asthma monitor gets CE Mark, no FDA yet, iSonea is still waiting for over-the-counter 510(k) FDA clearance, but it has secured a CE Mark from the European Union and will be launching its device next month in Australia. In a company press release, iSonea reported that this is assessing market opportunities in the EU for possible entry, following an anticipated 2014 US launch.’ ( ) As the device and FDA approval is yet to emerge, Yourwellness Magazine investigated whether acupuncture is a suitable treatment option for asthma. Yourwellness Magazine noted, For asthma sufferers who are looking for a non-chemical solution to asthma, acupuncture is being increasingly suggested as a potential optionAsthma affects the wellness of tens of the thousands of people in the UK alone, but not everyone is happy to use chemicals and drugs in order to combat it. People have been searching for a long time for an alternative, and acupuncture is considered by some to be a useful treatment when administered by a skilled and qualified practitioner.’ ( ) Yourwellness Magazine explained that acupuncture is based upon the belief that all diseases and ailments signify deeper problem, known as a disharmony’. In that sense, a qualified acupuncturist will attempt to diagnose and tune into that disharmony rather than trying to physically combat the disease in its own right. Yourwellness Magazine clarified that as the asthma is considered only to be a manifestation of this disharmony, removing the disharmony should according to acupuncture also relieve the symptoms of the asthma. However, Yourwellness Magazine warned that scientific proof is highly limited with all forms of acupuncture, and as such it cannot be recommended as a complete alternative to standard medicine, as there simply isn’t the proof available to ensure that this would be safe. To find out more, visit the gateway to living well at .
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Acupuncture Does Not Increase Success Rates in IVF, Researchers Say

The single-most question I am asked by people unfamiliar with acupuncture is Does acupuncture hurt? I can tell them that it is relatively pain-free and that they will feel very relaxed and comfortable with the treatment, but it is something they need to undergo themselves to truly know and understand, says Smith. In response to those queries, Smith opted to provide free initial consultation and free first treatment to all patients. TCM and acupuncture have so much to offer as healing options, stressed Smith. I believe it is important to provide an introduction without any financial risk or obligation. After a positive experience, new patients feel at ease and welcome the opportunity to relax and allow their bodies to heal naturally. The goal within TCM is to restore balance by calling on the bodys own healing mechanisms to address the overriding issue. Acupuncture, specifically, relies on the insertion of slender needles at various points on the body to treat and relieve many forms of pain, such as joint-based discomfort, headaches, back pain and repetitive use injuries. Internal disorders, digestive complaints, menopausal symptoms, stress relief and allergy disorders also respond well to acupuncture and herbal remedies. For more information, visit or call (262) 391-7824. About Heaven & Earth Acupuncture and Wellness Kyle Smith, owner and principal caregiver at Heaven & Earth Acupuncture and Wellness, graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine, where he earned a bachelor of science in nutrition, and a master of science in Oriental Medicine. Additionally, Smith has studied and taught QiGong, a form of internal energy exercise, and Tai Chi Chuan, a traditional Chinese internal martial art, for a number of years. His practice, Heaven & Earth Acupuncture and Wellness, is located at 675 N. Brookfield Road in Brookfield, Wisconsin.
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Acupuncture works, one way or another

Acupuncture practitioners claim the technique relieves pain by modifying energy flow through the body. “Acupuncturists talk about concepts coming from outside traditional biomedicine,” Vickers explains. “Doctors will say, ‘I didn’t learn about energy flow in Physiology 101.'” Natural remedies for arthritis The energy-flow theory has met with a great deal of skepticism in the United States and other Western nations, and researchers have failed to identify other, biological underpinnings for the treatment. Dozens of clinical trials have sought to prove that acupuncture is more than a placebo by comparing the real thing with sham treatments, which in addition to misplaced needles can include electrical or laser stimulation designed to mimic pinpricks. The new study bolsters the evidence for acupuncture but doesn’t quite put to rest the idea that patients are largely responding to the placebo effect, says Dr. Andrew L. Avins, an epidemiologist at the University of California, San Francisco and a research scientist at Kaiser Permanente, a large nonprofit health plan based in Oakland, California. Although genuine acupuncture clearly benefited the study participants, Avins says, the fact that the effectiveness rate was much higher than treatment as usual but only slightly higher than the sham treatment suggests that most of the benefit associated with acupuncture is indeed attributable to the placebo effect. Get headaches? Smart ways to deal What’s more, he adds, the modest difference between genuine and sham acupuncture may not be meaningful for the average real-world patient. “Acupuncture does appear to have some very small benefit above and beyond placebo acupuncture or sham acupuncture,” says Avins, who wrote an editorial accompanying the study. “But the effects really are pretty small, and the majority of the effect is a placebo effect.” Acupuncture skeptics will likely seize on this point, Avins says, but the study findings don’t mean that acupuncture doesn’t work, or that doctors shouldn’t refer pain patients for the treatment.
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The Baby Whisperer

And it had seemed to be true, according to their results, which found a significantly higher birth rate in those that had received the sham technique. Dr. Meldrum and his colleagues were not convinced, however, and they used their epidemiologic training to conduct their own reanalysis of the meta-analysis, excluding at least 8 of the 24 studies in the original data set; they felt that those excluded didnt belong in either analysis. Three compared data from multiple arms in the trials rather than just acupuncture versus control. One of had not been randomized. Two others compared acupuncture to a combination of anesthesia drugs that we know could have a negative effect, Meldrum said. Another compared acupuncture to general anesthesia and one compared the control to acupuncture plus special Chinese medical drug seeds instead of acupuncture alone. Once those studies were excluded, the re-done meta-analysis of 16 studies showed a statistically non-significant odds ratio for pregnancy of 1.14 for acupuncture. Data from just three studies that had reported birth rates and found an odds ratio for birth of 0.74 in the acupuncture groups versus controls was also reanalyzed by the team. In one of the studies, there was recorded rotating, lifting, and thrusting [of] the needle, which Dr. Meldrum said would likely be stressful to some patients.
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Brookfield acupuncturist now offers free services

Cherry is whats known as an acupuncture fertility specialist: He and his colleagues at The Acupuncture Clinics of David D. Cherry, O.M.D., L.Ac. and Associates use acupuncture to treat all functional aspects of infertility, such as advanced maternal age, endometriosis, luteal phase defect, polycystic ovarian syndrome, premature ovarian failure and unexplained infertility. Hes been so successful that he has repeat businesswomen who have had two or three children thanks to his methods in conjunction with Western fertility treatments such as IVF (in vitro fertilization) and IUI (intrauterine insemination). Some fertility clinics in town even recommend his services. The general rule of thumb is that if a patient is suffering from a functional disorder, acupuncture can help, Cherry explains. If its a structural or anatomical disordersay, the patient has no fallopian tubesit wont be of much help. For me (as I assume for many people who have encountered acupuncture only in movie scenes and questionable YouTube videos), the practice conjures up corny images of people lying facedown on a massage table in an incense-scented, candlelit room while sitar-laden tunes compete with the voice of a ministering medic or medicine man who has made the patients back resemble a hedgehog, porcupine or particularly fleshy pincushion. While certain elements remain (the table and the music, for example), the reality of what Cherry and his fellow acupuncturists do couldnt be further from that misguided stereotype. Acupuncture and traditional Asian herbal medicine, often used in conjunction, make up the oldest medical system in the world, dating back to at least 300 B.C.
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Acupuncture works like magic – but it works


The young woman (who asked to be identified only as Sarah) had stopped using drugs two years before she started seeing Zhou. She was experiencing anxiety, depression and restless leg syndrome. At first Sarah was given a generic medication for the restless-leg problem. She was prescribed anti-anxiety meds but declined because they have the potential to become addictive. My problem was drugs, so I didnt want to take them, Sarah said. At first, Zhou focused on Sarahs restless-leg problem. I really didnt now what to expect, I just had an open mind, Sarah said. The first treatment, I could feel energy moving around in my back and legs and it just felt really great afterward. I noticed a huge change in my emotions and energy level right away. Now my energy is more stable and my mood is more stable. Zhou said he stimulates Sarahs vagus nerve, which stimulates the parasympathetic nervous systemto make the body feel better to make her relax. Among other things, stimulating the nerve releases more of the neurotransmitter serotonin. As with most acupuncture treatments, the way of achieving this effect seems counterintuitive to the Western mind. Zhou focuses on an acupuncture point on Sarahs outer wrist. An hour of stimulating this point known as No.
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