The Magic Of Massage Therapy

Ease migraine headaches. Some research suggests that massage therapy, in combination with other treatments, can help offset pain associated with migraines and other chronic headaches. Reduce shoulder pain. Shoulder massage has been shown to help reduce pain and improve range of motion. Reduce pain and symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. One small study showed that a 15-minute professional massage once a week for four weeks, with additional self-massage therapy at home, improved pain and muscle weakness due to carpal tunnel syndrome. Ease fibromyalgia symptoms. Some studies support the use of massage therapy to reduce muscle stiffness and pain in women with fibromyalgia . Although massage therapy has few side effects, people who have blood clots, tend to bleed or bruise easily, or are at risk of fractures should check with their doctor before scheduling a therapeutic massage. Pregnant women should also talk to their doctors before undergoing massage webpage therapy.
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Massage Therapists: Win a Massage Liability Insurance Package in October Giveaway

Massage Therapists: Win a Massage Liability Insurance Package in October Giveaway, MASSAGE Magazine

Photograph by: Video Image , Empowered Health Q: What are the benefits of massage therapy for runners and walkers? A: Massage therapy has been used extensively by amateur and professional athletes to aid in the relief of muscle soreness and injury prevention. Many studies are insufficient to conclusively support or refute benefits of massage specific to sport (mostly due to lack of quality research), however there are still many noted benefits to massage therapy. The most obvious would be treatment of various conditions that may inhibit a runner/walker’s ability to participate, such as, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, ili-otibial band syndrome (ITBS), and shin splints. Specific to the day of their event, runners/ walkers often report feeling more supple and flexible, stimulating or “waking up” the targeted muscle groups, as well as an increased range of motion (ROM). Benefits may also include a psychological effect (ie. feeling better psychologically may result in better performance). Massage has been shown to have the most benefit especially when performed in combination with proper warm-up and stretching. Q: When is the best time to get a massage? (How close to my run/walk) A: Massage therapy can be provided both pre-event (ie.
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Diana Thompson Receives Massage Therapy Foundation Award

27. The bayview sheppard chiropractic MTF’s Distinguished Service Award is presented to people “whose service to the profession, by nature of their generous volunteer efforts on behalf of the Foundation, goes far beyond the norm,” according to a statement on the MTF’s website. “It is only through the dedicated work of our volunteers that the [MTF] can realize any success.” MTF President Ruth Werner presented the award. “Diana Thompson is an inspiration to everyone who has the privilege to work with her,” she said in an interview after the convention. “Her passion and commitment to the value of our work is unmatched. “Every massage therapist is better off because of the work she does to promote our profession,” Werner added. Thompson has 30 years’ experience in massage therapy, and maintains a private practice in Seattle, Washington, where she specializes in manual lymph drainage. She is the former president of the MTF and has served the MTF in various other capacities. She authored the textbook Hands Heal: Communication, Documentation and Insurance Billing for Manual Therapists (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins), and teaches workshops in research literacy, massage approaches to diabetes, self-care and more. Of receiving the award, Thompson told MASSAGE Magazine, “I was surprised and delighted. One never expects to be honored for work that is done out of necessity.” Thompson said she is grounded in volunteerism, having been raised in “a family of service workers,” with a minister as a father and a mother who ran a nonprofit day care center. Her family spent holidays bringing food and gifts to people in need. “You do what is needed without thought of what is possible [and] the outcome is its own reward,” Thompson said.
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Making the most of massage therapy

1, 2010, and each month a new prize is featured. “We truly appreciate our readers, and because of the popularity of Facebook, we wanted to offer our Facebook fans a chance to win prizes that will help them in their everyday practice,” said Jennifer Whalen,MASSAGE Magazine’s editor of integrated media. “Each month, we offer our fans a chance to win a range of prizes, from massage lubricants and educational opportunities to table accessories and practice-management necessities. We want to support the massage industry as well as the companies producing these high-quality productsbut most importantly, we want to support massage therapists in the healing work they do.” October’s giveaway will end Oct. 31 at 4 p.m. EDT. Winners will be notified via e-mail and announced onMASSAGE Magazine’s Facebook page. Winners will have within 72 hours to respond to their win, or a new winner will be chosen. How to enter the giveaway To enter into the giveaway, go to MASSAGE Magazine’s Facebook page. Once you are logged in to your Facebook account, “Like” MASSAGE Magazine and Massage Magazine Insurance Plus’ Facebook pages. After you like the pages, click on the “Giveaways” tab on MASSAGE Magazine’s Facebook page, which is located beneath the cover image at the top of the page (it has an image of a gift box).
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