Perth Massage Therapist Found Guilty On Allegations Of Sexual Abuse

Salman Khan

According to reports, seven women filed cases against the masseur on the bases that Mr Zivanovic fondled their breasts–an act that was uncalled for in the remedial massage therapies that he had been performing on them. Between the months of June 2011 up to November 2012, women availed of Mr Zivanovic’s services for various injuries. In no way was he supposed to touch other parts of their bodies except for those specified with injury. Belinda Londsdale, Mr Zivanovic’s lawyer, told the court that while her client admitted to touching the women near their breast and genital area, he did not violate them. She further added that this type of touching was something that was fundamental to his therapy, as he put it. Mr Zivanovic has been described as enthusiastic about his work and a consummate and passionate professional. Operating on a mobile therapy set up, most, if not all, of the assaults occurred in the women’s own homes.During the trials, one woman is reported to have told the court that while she was uncomfortable during the treatment, she was assured that it was all part of the treatment and was meant to heal her. Prosecutor Alan Dungey told the jury to see for themselves how the man had an inclination for touching women which he disguised under the pretense of a simple, healing massage. The jury took a total of four hours before reaching a guilty verdict on 11 counts of sexual abuse while two charges were acquitted. The first woman to make her case against Mr Zivanovic cried during the recitation of the guilty verdict, no doubt feeling relief; it was her actions that turned the police on to the massage therapist’s trail. Presiding Judge Stephen Scott said that jail time seemed inevitable for the massage therapist, even though at the beginning of the trials the masseur was adamant in categorically denying all accounts of inappropriate behavior.
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Learn about the many benefits of Chinese cupping therapy

An estimated 48 million American adults received at least one massage that year alone. Massage Therapy techniques are often employed for specific reasons, such as relief from pain, stress reduction or the enhancement of athletic performance. Whether there is a specific goal or not, massage therapy tends to increase the general health and well being of the recipient. The concept of massage therapy means many things to different people, but did you know that there now are more than 80 different styles and massage techniques? Some of them are ancient massage techniques, but many have been developed just in the past 30 years. Most methods involve the physical manipulation of soft body tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons, and ligaments) to enhance health and well being. To simplify, I wanted to explain various massage therapy terms and techniques to help enable you to determine which style or technique might work best for you to try. Massage Styles There are two basic styles of massage. (1) The very popular relaxation style that reduces or eliminates lifes stresses and their negative impact on the body.
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Massage Therapy – Topic Overview

Use oil or lotion to massage bare skin . Trigger point massage is less gentle and can sometimes be uncomfortable. The therapist applies firm pressure to knots or tight, tense muscles that have been overused or injured, continuing until the muscles relax. Let your massage therapist know if you feel any discomfort during the massage. Some people feel that massage works because the touch is healing. Touch also communicates a sense of caring. What is massage used for? People use massage to promote relaxation and relieve pain. It can also relieve muscle this one tension and may improve blood flow, relieve pressure on nerves, and restore normal joint movement. Is massage safe? When done properly, massage is considered safe. Certification by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) ensures that your massage therapist has a certain level of training and uses certain practice guidelines.
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What is massage therapy and why is it so popular these days?

Human Barbie Doll holds the record for most money spent on cosmetic surgery

The protocol, which involves applying small cups or jars to the skin and suctioning it away from the body, dates as far back as 1500 B.C., when ancient Egyptians used it to treat fever, vertigo, menstrual imbalance, poor appetite, pain and a variety of other health conditions. Taoist herbalists later used cupping therapy to induce relaxation, expel toxins from the body and promote healthy blood flow, among many other uses. Today, this simple and highly versatile technique is still beneficial for all sorts of health conditions, which makes it an excellent alternative to drugs and surgery for many people. Whether they are made of glass, bamboo or modern materials like silicon, these unique little cups have a confirmed track record of clinical efficacy that renders them worthy of further investigation. How does Chinese cupping therapy work? According to the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM), a TCM practitioner will first create suction inside the cups, one method of which involves applying rubbing alcohol to the bottom of the cups and lighting them on fire. When the flame is put out and the generated heat eventually cools, the air inside the cups contracts to create a natural suction. The cups are then placed on the skin and either moved across it in a continuous motion, a process known as gliding cupping , or kept isolated and gently lifted. In both methods, the suction inside the cups lifts the skin away from the body to create negative pressure, as opposed to the positive pressure induced by massage. This negative pressure helps loosen muscle tissue, promote healthy blood flow and sedate the nervous system.
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Massage Therapists: Win a Massage Liability Insurance Package in October Giveaway

Massage Therapists: Win a Massage Liability Insurance Package in October Giveaway, MASSAGE Magazine

The Florida chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA-FL) announced last week at the AMTA National Convention its donation to support the Massage Therapy Foundation. Karen Roth, president of the AMTA-FL chapter, said, “We are dedicated to the advancement of our profession through research. Through the support of our members and the direction of the board, we are able to make this significant $20,000 contribution to the Massage Therapy Foundation and the wonderful work they are doing! Roth said, “With 2013 being a license renewal year in Florida, we launched an Education with the Stars Tour, in which we brought in some of the best educators from across the nation including Art Riggs, Nancy Porambo, Lauren Cates and James Waslaski. This successful tour and the support from our more than 3,000 AMTA Florida chapter members enabled the AMTA-FL chapter to make the decision to give back to our profession through the Massage Therapy Foundation. We are delighted to be a part of the amazing work the foundation is doing!” The donation was made official during the MTF Donor Reception held at the Sheraton Fort Worth Hotel and Spa, on Sept. 27. Ruth Werner, president of the Massage therapy Foundation, said, “We have always known that the Florida chapter has supported the Massage Therapy Foundation in principle. This year, they completely outdid themselves and set a new record for chapter giving with their check of $20,000. The Massage Therapy Foundation is so grateful for this support, and we promise to put it to excellent use.” About the Massage Therapy Foundation The Massage Therapy Foundation is a 501(c) 3 public charity, with a mission to advance the knowledge and practice of massage by supporting scientific research, education and community service. Learn more at . About AMTA-FLA Chapter The Florida Chapter of the AMTA is a nonprofit organization designed by massage therapists for massage therapists and has more than 3,000 active members. For more information on the Florida chapter of the AMTA, visit .
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AMTA-FL Chapter Gives Donation to Massage Therapy Foundation

AMTA-FL Chapter Gives Donation to Massage Therapy Foundation, MASSAGE Magazine

“We are pleased to offer three MASSAGE Magazine Facebook fans the opportunity to win a free one-year program.” In addition to massage therapists, MMIP provides insurance coverage to yoga instructors, kinesiologists, estheticians, cosmetologists, nail techs and dance instructors, among other disciplines. MASSAGE Magazine launched its monthly Facebook giveaway program Nov. 1, 2010, and each month a new prize is featured. “We truly appreciate our readers, and because of the popularity of Facebook, we wanted to offer our Facebook fans a chance to win prizes that will help them in their everyday practice,” said Jennifer Whalen,MASSAGE Magazine’s editor of integrated media. “Each month, we offer our fans a chance to win a range of prizes, from massage lubricants and educational opportunities to table accessories and practice-management necessities. We want to support the massage industry as well as the companies producing these high-quality productsbut most importantly, we want to support massage therapists in the healing work they do.” October’s giveaway will end Oct. 31 at 4 p.m. EDT. Winners will be notified via e-mail and announced onMASSAGE Magazine’s Facebook page. Winners will have within 72 hours to respond to their win, or a new winner will be chosen. How to enter the giveaway To enter into the giveaway, go to MASSAGE Magazine’s Facebook page. Once you are logged in to your Facebook account, “Like” MASSAGE Magazine and Massage Magazine Insurance Plus’ Facebook pages. After you like the pages, click on the “Giveaways” tab on MASSAGE Magazine’s Facebook page, which is located beneath the cover image at the top of the page (it has an image of a gift box).
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