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Kan. chiropractor charged with health care fraud

Fisher, the chiropractor who initially treated him as a kid and Dr. Grillo eventually took over the practice. This all sounds massage therapy clinic north york solid and well visit the site rounded to me. I didnt know what to expect going to chiropractor, my knowledge was limited, mostly coming from TV having seen people get their necks twisted in one rapid motion to one side producing a crack. That looked terrifying but it was on TV so surely it couldnt be that accurate, I told myself. The session started with me laying on my front, exactly like you do on a massage table, Dr. Grillo started pressing on various areas of my back to check the tension in my muscles and mobility of my spine and skeleton. He calls this soft tissue work, manipulating muscles. There was sudden vague sounds of cracks indicating that tension was released from my spine before being asked to lay on my back. He started feeling different points in my neck, pointing out that I was severely block on the right side, he starts rolling my head side to side asking if it would be okay to unblock it. Flashes of those people at the chiropractors with their noisy necks on TV popped up in my mind and I tell him that I am not sure if I am okay with it since I had never had it done before.there was only one way to find out.
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Los Angeles Chiropractor Enhances Patient Care with the Addition of Acupuncture

I realized with my vision, I could never do surgery, she said. Needed a career So she started a macrame business and opened a craft store in Pittsburgh. But Kennelly was still searching for a career and she chose chiropractic medicine. She graduated from the National School of Chiropractic now the National University of Health Services in Chicago. She graduated in the spring of 1991 and came to Kingston to work for another chiropractor, leaving in 1993 to open her own practice 8th Street Family Chiropractic Center. For most of her life Kennelly has dealt with frustrations and adjustments and she has made the most of sometimes difficult and trying situations. She has dealt with the realities that her poor vision brings to her doorstep and she refuses to ever let any of them get her down. I would tell anyone in a similar situation that there are always possibilities, she said. Often times people shut themselves down. I could have said there was no way I could become a chiropractor, but I didnt. Using a cane Kennelly has been dealing with a new addition to her life her cane. She said she is embarrassed to use it, admitting that there are sometimes psychological and emotional issues in dealing with her visit this page vision problems.
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Vision-impaired chiropractor overcomes challenges

chiropractor charged with health care fraud Updated 4:48pm, Friday, October 18, 2013 Font Page 1 of 1 WICHITA, Kan. (AP) A Wichita chiropractor has been charged with carrying out a $1.3 million health care fraud scheme. The U.S. attorney’s office says 32-year-old Jeffrey D. Fenn , of Wichita, surrendered his license Friday, the same day a federal indictment was unsealed. The 26-count indictment alleges that Fenn submitted false claims to Medicare and other health care benefit providers for services that were medically unnecessary or were never performed. Fenn is also accused of evading taxes by overstating his business deductions by $367,000 in 2011. He’s also charged with identity theft and 16 counts of money laundering. Online court records did not show an attorney for Fenn on Friday, and he does not have a listed phone number.
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Dr. Iris Williams welcomes Christian Cristiano, who received his Masters of Science degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. His coursework included 4 years of concurrent clinical internships. Halo Chiropractic helps patients with a myriad of health problems including back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines, auto injuries, weight loss, etc. Each of these medical approaches work by reconnecting body, mind and spirit in different ways to remove restrictions, blockage and tension, so the body can heal itself. After searching for a Chiropractor in Los Angeles , one of Dr. Williamsa patients stated, aI started coming into Halo Chiropractic a month ago for migraine headaches that even the medical doctors could not help. After a couple of visits my headaches are gone and have not returned. Getting adjusted by Dr. Iris and Cristina Bradley has changed my life. I have been receiving massages also from Rene, which have done wonders on reducing my built up stress. I am blessed to have found such an amazing office.a — Sara Halo Chiropractic focuses on creating a comprehensive atmosphere of healing in their office.
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Heidi Powell

Saved 2013-10-19T09:40:00Z HOW DO I CHOOSE A GOOD CHIROPRACTOR? 12 hours ago HOW DO I CHOOSE A GOOD CHIROPRACTOR? WHY SHOULD I REFER MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO INTEGRATED SPORT AND SPINE? With all of the variation in chiropractic, how does one identify a qualified and competent chiropractor that can help them? Have you asked yourself this question before? Many of us have. The good news is there is help. The Journal of Family Practice (1992) published the following guidelines to consider when selecting a chiropractor in general: Treats mainly musculoskeletal (Muscle, Bone, Joint, Tendon, Ligament, Nerve) disorders Does not radiograph (X-ray) every patient Willing to be clinically observed Positive feedback from patients Communicates with the referring physician and other health care providers Administers reasonable treatment programs Does not charge a global, upfront fee Additionally, according to peer reviewed guidelines published in Chiropractic & Osteopathy (2009) the following should be considered when selecting a chiropractor for management of athletic conditions: Minimum treatment time of 15-20 minutes Treatment is multimodal in nature (Consists of more than one application for the overall management of the condition) Treatment should contain active (exercise) and passive components No mandatory X-rays required for treatment No predetermined treatment schedules or prepaid contracts of care Use of medical terminology and diagnosis If you have seen the doctors of chiropractic at INTEGRATED SPORT AND SPINE, then you have noticed something about the previous two lists THE DOCTORS OF CHIROPRACTIC AT INTEGRATED SPORT AND SPINE UPHOLD EVERY GUIDELINE. This is why the local community, physicians and health care providers have developed TRUST with the chiropractors at INTEGRATED SPORT AND SPINE and frequently refer their friends, family and loved ones. Have you? More Offers stories
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