Medical Qigong: An Alternative Therapy For Pain

Can Acupuncture Help With Pain And Addiction? From Dr. Oz (VIDEO)

However, she was determined to feel better. I was skeptical, but nonetheless, I started Medical Qigong treatments and going to Qigong classes every week. I even practiced Qigong at home, Toikkanen said. After a full year [of Medical Qigong treatments], not only could I see a difference in myself, but other around me could too. I was happier, I felt good – inside and out. I was off my depression meds. I knew how to handle stress, remain calm and avoid panicking in tough situations at work and at home. Today, my life is more peaceful. Medical Qigong can be beneficial for everyone young or old, healthy or sick. Gain a better understanding of Medical Qigong with these answers to commonly asked questions about the discipline: What is a Medical Qigong session like? An initial consultation and first treatment can last between one and a half to two hours, depending on the patients medical history and comfort discussing their health concerns. Follow-up sessions are one hour in length and most general treatment plans begin with weekly visits. As the patient progresses in his or her treatment, the frequency of visits changes accordingly.
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Oz says he walked away from the experience with a new understanding of acupuncture, herbal treatments and other Eastern-influenced medication. According to Dr. Oz, acupuncture taps into the so-called “energy meridian,” or the vertical channels of energy which course through the human body. The treatment then channels certain types of energy and can be used to help treat many issues, like chronic soreness or pain. While he wouldn’t resort to acupuncture for serious or life-threatening illnesses or wounds, Dr. Oz highly recommends acupuncture to help treat a host of different chronic issues. Learn more about Dr. Oz’s Partnership for a Healthier America . Get more healthy living tips from Dr. Oz here: Loading Slideshow Look In The Mirror One of the biggest indicators to know if you’re eating right is by assessing how you look in the morning. If you’re bloated, it’s because you are allergic or poisoned by something. Toxins in your body cause inflammation.
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Acupuncture, Counseling Could Help People With Depression

In an effort to support those who have so bravely served, Healing Foundations, an Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Clinic at 2112 W. Belmont in Chicago has created a program to help returning veterans cope with adjusting to civilian life. They offer free and discounted acupuncture, medical massage therapy, yoga and meditation for veterans. The programs are based on the soldier’s discharge date from the armed services: Warriors Program – For those in active duty or recently discharged from military service overseas we offer free acupuncture and bodywork services at a discounted rate for one year from the date of discharge. Retired Warriors Program – For veterans back home from duty for at least 12 months we offer acupuncture and bodywork services at a discounted rate. Warrior Yoga and Meditation monthly yoga and meditation the second Saturday of every month. Join us for gentle yoga from 5-6pm and a peaceful guided mediation from 6-7 pm. Many veterans return home from combat with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. Symptoms may include: nightmares, flashbacks and bad memories, jitters, and trouble concentrating or sleeping. Emotional symptoms include: avoiding events or places which remind you of the trauma, avoidance of talking or thinking about the trauma, and feelings of guilt, fear, anger or shame. Left untreated these symptoms can lead to depression, addiction, physical pain and even suicide. Acupuncturists and Healing Foundations co-founders Lisa Alvarez and Rebecca Christy Gemperle know the power of a couple of well-placed acupuncture needles.
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Acupuncture Physical Medicine for Pain and Stress

Hugh MacPherson, of the Department of Health Sciences at the University of York, said in a statement. However, MacPherson acknowledged that more research is necessary to tease out what it is about acupuncture that might be providing these benefits. The randomized controlled study included 302 patients who underwent 12 weekly sessions of acupuncture in addition to usual care for their depression, 302 patients who underwent weekly sessions of counseling in addition to usual care, and 151 patients who only had the usual care and no counseling or acupuncture. Researchers found that people who were assigned to the acupuncture and counseling groups had lower average depression scores three months later, compared with those who just received the usual care. However, researchers noted that nine months to a year after the interventions, depression scores improved so much in the usual care group that they were about the same as the acupuncture and counseling groups. This isn’t the chiropractor north york first time acupuncture has shown some effects in treating depression. Boston Magazine reported on a Harvard study earlier this year showing that acupuncture could help ease depression in women who are pregnant . And last year, a small study in the journal PLOS ONE showed that electroacupuncture — where there are tiny electric currents being exuded from the acupuncture needles — could help treat depression, when combined with typical depression medication, Reuters reported. Also on HuffPost: Loading Slideshow 1. Know What To Look For It can be tough knowing where to start when beginning any new kind of treatment.
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New acupuncture treatment for addictions introduced

With all this business, we may not be aware that we tend to sit and move our bodies with repetitive motions that create what Acupuncture Physical Medicine (APM) calls holding patterns. Holding patterns occur when our body is constantly fixed in a position, for example, when we sit at a desk for long periods of time, we may slouch or hunch. With this position constantly being held each day, we unknowingly create a holding pattern. Holding patterns result in tight, tender points in various places in the body, along the chest, abdomen, shoulders, and along the spine. APM was developed by Mark D. Seem, Ph.D., Tri-State College of Acupuncture in New York, and is a modern approach to acupuncture that addresses holding patterns with a combination of acupuncture points. How It Works APM begins by relaxing the patient and then addressing the tight, tender points throughout the body. These tender points lie in the fascia, tissue that wraps around muscle and connects to the organs. The APM practitioner applies pressure to the acupuncture points that connect the energetic pathways, or meridians, throughout the body, relaxing the person. Then the practitioner assesses for the tender points through physical palpation (touching the body), while communicating with the patient as locations of the tender points are found.
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Fighting the War on PTSD Clinic Volunteers Free Acupuncture Care for Returning Soldiers

Fighting the War on PTSD Clinic Volunteers Free Acupuncture Care for Returning Soldiers

Caption SINGAPORE: Patients diagnosed with addiction disorders can now undergo acupuncture treatment on top of their existing psychiatric and psychological treatments. A new acupuncture clinic has been set up by the National Addictions Management Service (NAMS) and is co-located with the NAMS Clinic. This is a pilot service by the Health Ministry to study the benefits of acupuncture as an adjunct treatment to the existing treatment programmes that NAMS offers. Some addictions include drug, alcohol and gambling additions. The Institute of Mental Health (IMH) said the acupuncture clinic will combine theories on addiction disorders from both Western medicine and acupuncture in treating patients. The treatment will focus on improving physical health to change addiction-related behavioural problems. IMH stressed the acupuncture treatment is not meant to substitute primary treatment programmes which are the mainstay of treatment. The acupuncture clinic will accept referrals from polyclinics, other restructured hospitals and private specialist clinics. A NAMS psychiatrist will assess the individual for addiction disorders and see if the acupuncture treatment is suitable for the patient.
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