Acupuncture: What Is It And Why Does It Work?

Being an amateur engineer myself I like to know why things work, so I asked him to explain acupuncture. He gave it a shot, starting by explaining about the fascia, a fibrous tissue that binds blood vessels, nerves, muscles and groups of muscles.”These fascia work together and they communicate with each other,” Eric told me. “Fascia might be a physical expression of what the Chinese callmeridians, often described as energy channels. They connect in ways you might not have considered, and they’re the reason an acupuncturist can treat frontal jaw pain by inserting a needle in the frontal part of your foot.” That’s a six on the scale of weird as far as I’m concerned. Shall we go to eight? When an acupuncturist inserts a needle an inch or so into the skin it touches deep nerve centers that connect to a part of the brain involved with activities not wholly chiropractic north york under our conscious control, like digestion, respiration and the sleep cycle. The body reacts powerfully when we stimulate these nerve centers associated with such deep regulatory processes. “The body is launching a strong response to a trauma that’s never occurred,” Eric explained, and the curious thing is that response can be a healing force. In this way, the acupuncture needle is “tricking” the body into sending energy into a trouble zone. The body can’t tell the difference, or chooses not to perceive the difference, between real trauma and the minor trauma of an acupuncture needle.
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Hiatus Spa + Retreat adds acupuncture to treatments

The acupuncture process used is called auricular style of acupuncture, which is five needles put into the ear followed by 30 to 40 minutes of relaxation. The ear acupuncture is used because of its success. The ear, or auricular style of acupuncture, is preferred for the OVAP clinic due to the ease of access to the participant and the success of this type of treatment in alleviating symptoms of acute stress and emotional trauma, Hemauer stated. Its important because it works. In reviewing nearly 200 surveys, all participants recommended the treatment to others, and were definitely, to very likely, going to continue with the treatments. The Oshkosh Veterans Acupuncture Project clinic is sponsored by the UWO Student Veterans Association and Veterans Resource Center. The acupuncture is then provided by OVAP and Westshore Acupuncture, owned by Hemauer. The non-profit clinic is provided on campus for any veterans and their family, whether they are experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or not. Hemauer said PTSD affects many people and the clinic is provided to help the large military population on the UWO campus. The OVAP clinic is for all veterans, active duty and any family/loved ones, who may be experiencing stress due to service to our country, Hemauer stated. PTSD can affect family and friends as well as the veteran/active duty individual. The OVAP clinic is NOT associated in any way with the Veterans Administration or federal government. We do not receive any funding from any source other than the participants who contribute to the donation box set out at each clinic.
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Reeve hosts free veteran acupuncture

H-Circle members enjoy one Essential Service each month from the following list of signature Hiatus treatments: Hiatus Massage, Hiatus Facial, Hiatus Body Glow, Revitalizing Body Wrap, Mani-Pedi Retreat and now Acupuncture. Hiatus offers this traditional eastern therapy with services including traditional acupuncture, auricular therapy and nambudripads allergy elimination technique. The ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture utilizes fine, disposable needles to access the meridian system along which energy pathways of the body flow. Acupuncture helps restore essential blood circulation to organs and tissues which kick-starts the bodys natural healing and balancing abilities. The experience is often deeply relaxing and results in relief, restored balance and a renewed outlook. Acupuncture may be used to treat a variety of issues, including chronic pain, stress management, allergy symptoms, weight control, smoking cessation, fatigue and more. The ACUPUNCTURE Essential Service lasts 45 minutes and costs $85 ($59+ for H-Circle members). Hiatus Spa + Retreat, founded by self-professed spa junkies Sheila Garrison and Kristin Peabody, and General Counsel Bill Garrison, was selected for the Inc. 500/5000 list for 2012 and 2013 and was honored as D Magazines Best Day Spa 2013 and the winner of the ISPA 2013 Innovate Award for their unique membership. Hiatus Spa + Retreat Dallas is located at 5560 W.
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