Introduce Yourself To Mr Chiropodist

YSR Congress President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy interacting with farmers who lost their standing ...

Meet Dharminder Kumar Wadhera, a Chiropodist. Though the dictionary defines Podiatry as another name for Chiropody, the two are different as chiropody cures feet problems and does minor surgery without bleeding or pain. Though the art of chiropody was introduced in India by British it was only Bata Shoes who decided to take further the legacy. Dharminder then an employee of Bata was sent to the companys training institute in Kolkata to learn the art. He says that the knowledge of chiropody is rendered through guru-shishya parampara, I used to assist R R Sharma and V K Arora at the original outlet in Connaught Place and when they retired, I went for training to Kolkata in 2000 and acquired the skill of chiropody. Dharminder explains that his work requires a lot of skill and patience as he deftly cuts a nail like an artisan who carves a jewel and therefore calls it scientific pedicure which is different from cosmetic pedicure available at beauty parlours. But what does he do? A chiropodist treats corns, callouses and warts, indulges in diabetic footcare; nail care; foot surgery and almost all the problems of the feet area below the ankle. And all this sans any pain! A boon for those suffering from various problems of the feet. He has treated a number of people in his two decade old career. But the man believes in serving society and does not want to quit despite it being not a very lucrative job. He lists amongst his clients Kiran Bedi, Shabana Azmi, Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot, Rajya Sabha MP, Ram Vilas Paswan and former Speaker Lok Sabha Somnath Chatterjee to name just a few. Yet, his hi-profile clientele does not mean an increase in fees. Sharing Kiran Bedis case Dharminder recollects, When she became the first lady police officer, the shoes given to her along with uniform caused corns which used to give a lot of pain. After a successful treatment, she was extremely happy. The chiropodist shares the instance of Shabana Azmi, Due to high heels, Shabana ji developed pain which was cured. Likewise, there are several incidents that this humble professional to learn more remembers.
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Toronto Chiropodist Use Social Media To Reach Out To Patients

This includes educational information that is designed to help patients of the Toronto chiropodist get the knowledge they need to maintain healthy feet and ankles. Marz will also use the Twitter account in the future in a similar fashion. In addition to the social media links found on her website, Marz Hardy is also offering an extensive patient education service on the practice’s website. This section features extensive information on orthotics in Toronto and a variety of other podiatric topics. By reading through this information, patients will be better educated and able to keep their feet healthy. To learn more about Marz Hardy, her staff or any of the services offered at the Toronto foot clinic, patients are encouraged to visit the comprehensive podiatric website at . About Academy Foot and Orthotic Clinics: Marz Hardy Graduated Michener Institute as a Toronto Chiropodist and Toronto Foot Specialist 2001. She did her clinical training at the Michener Foot Clinic and Toronto General Hospital. Marz Hardy became employed at Academy Foot and Orthotic Clinics in 2001 which has been owned and in operation since 1980 by her husband, Dr. John A.
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Grave of Lincoln’s chiropodist discovered at Highgate Cemetery

Researchers at Highgate Cemetery claim to have uncovered the grave of Abraham Lincolns chiropodist. Dr Issachar Zacharie was said to be the most favoured family visitor at the White House, valued by the former president not only for his skills but also as a sounding board for the opinions of the Jewish community in America. The discovery was made as researchers drew up a new map for visitors plotting the last resting places of the likes of Karl Marx, TV presenter Jeremy Beadle and author Douglas Adams. Dr Ian Dungavell, chief executive of Highgate Cemetery, said: Zacharies connection with Lincoln is fascinating, and especially topical just now. Were always keen to celebrate the exceptional achievements of people buried here at Highgate Cemetery. People know us for Karl Marx, but this is a place to reflect on all those who have gone before us, famous or not. Dr Zacharie died while living at an address in Mayfair and was credited as being founder of the Masonic Order of the Secret Monitor. He is buried in the East Cemetery near a piano memorial, commemorating classical pianist William Thornton. The map has been produced to coincide with the introduction of new entree prices for visitors from tomorrow (March 1). Dr Dungavell added: We dont expect to see Daniel Day-Lewis round here, but you never know.
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Chiropodist experience shows the way to a professional ‘nothing’ service


Having for a number of months self-treated unsuccessfully what I thought was a verruca, I decided it was time to get some professional advice. The chiropodist did a fact-find on me my medical background, did the verruca hurt or cause me any problems? before carrying out a thorough examination of my feet (even the one without said complaint). He confirmed it was a verruca and explained how notoriously difficult verrucas are to treat, adding that, depending on ones age, they can take literally years to eradicate. But, he said, a lot of people do not get anywhere with the treatments available at the local pharmacy. In fact, acid was the best treatment but he was not going to prescribe that for me. I was reassured, better informed and came away confident that do nothing was a reasonable course of action. I had taken advice from a professional who knew what he was talking about and he had not tried to sell me anything. His advice was simply do nothing. Did he bill me? Yes, of course. He is a professional and he delivered a professional service.
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