Chiropractor In Frankfort Addresses Natural Treatment For Football Injuries

Fort Myers chiropractor charged with insurance fraud

Stratton notes, however, that many concussion symptoms can be mimicked by cervical spinal injuries, especially those that occur near the atlas and axis bones that join the skull to the spinal column. He regularly adjusts the vertebrae of the neck to relieve the nerve impingements that accompany concussions in football injuries. The practitioner states that other musculoskeletal football injuries are not necessarily associated with the sport of football. He cites whiplash, a neck injury common in automotive accidents, as an example. “A violent landing or tackle can jolt the body severely, and this throws the head around not unlike a car crash would. Players come away with herniated disks in the neck, pinched nerves and muscle damage,” says Dr. Stratton, who adds that whiplash victims may suffer from headaches , arm pain and jaw pain in addition to acute pain and stiffness of the neck. Dr. Stratton’s clinic uses spinal adjustments to correct the misalignments in the vertebrae, allowing a combination of physiotherapy and corrective exercises to rebuild the neck’s strength and range of motion.
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Chiropractor offers tips on avoiding pain

He said, “Computers have changed our work environment tremendously.” Eight out of 10 American people will suffer from a disabling lower back pain at some point in their lives, he said, and prolonged sitting may be a root cause. Article Photos The Inter-Mountain photos by Melissa Toothman Chiropractor Karl Boone demonstrates healthy sitting techniques to the Buckhannon Rotary Club Tuesday. “Sitting is the most common posture in today’s workplace,” Boone said, adding that more than half of the employees in industrialized countries have jobs that require prolonged sitting. He said sitting applies about five times more pressure to the lower back than standing and about 10 to 11 times more pressure than other resting positions. Boone said that simply getting up every half hour to stretch – as well as walking for about 30 seconds to a minute – will significantly alleviate the pressure and provide better circulation and blood flow through the body. “Take breaks,” Boone said, adding that any opportunity for movement can help. “Sit a little, move a little.” For those who get “lost in a computer,” Boone suggested setting an alarm to remind the user to get up and stretch. “Whatever you have to do to create a chiropractor in north york habit of getting up and moving around.” Arm rests may also help. He said the arms should be bent at a 90-degree angle while using a keyboard. “Supporting the elbow takes tension off the lower back.” Boone also said the feet should rest completely on the floor. If the height of the computer desk and the chair don’t allow that, then another surface should be placed under the feet. Boone also said it is better to set up a computer so that the user is looking down slightly to see the monitor.
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Investigators say Harold John Pompey, 68, and the company he works for, Gate Parkway Diagnostics Center, would fill out forms simply to cash in on the false claims. Authorities say the test results coming from Gate Parkway Diagnostics Center would feed a number of PIP clinics in the Jacksonville area committing insurance fraud. They say Pompey used to work in one of those Jacksonville clinics. Investigators found between October 2011 and December 2012, Gate Parkway Diagnostics Center filed claims for 514 patients – 300 of which listed Pompey as the chiropractor. Pompey was arrested in Fort Myers on a warrant out of Duval County. He’s charged with one count of a first degree scheme to defraud and six counts of false and fraudulent insurance claims. His bond was set at $210,021. State investigators ask anyone with information of suspected insurance fraud to call 1-800-378-0445. Those who provide tips can remain anonymous. The Department of Financial Services to date has awarded almost $342,000 to more than 50 people as part of its Anti-Fraud Reward Program. The program rewards individuals up to $25,000 for information that directly leads to an arrest and conviction in an insurance fraud scheme.
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Lake Stevens chiropractor uncorks career as winemaker

He started his winery in 2004. Two years later, the Napeequa tasting room was opened. Approximately 1,200 cases of Napeequa Vintner wine are sold each year, the most popular being Trailhead, a cabernet blend, Sexy Little Red, a merlot blend, and malbec. Revenues have steadily increased 15 to 20 percent each year, he said. Morris named his business after the Napeequa River Valley located just north of the central Cascade Range. Morris has spent time in the area hiking and enjoying the outdoors. “It’s one of the most pristine and least traveled valleys in Eastern Washington.” Morris said. “Just gorgeous.” Tasting room manager Kim Wiley has worked at Napeequa Vintners since 2006. After working in a tasting room in Leavenworth she was pleased to get a job nearer home and happy to work with Morris. “He makes good wine,” Wiley said.
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