Holistic Treatment Of Back Pain

Acupuncture proved ineffective in treating breast cancer

As a direct result of working out for so many years and for so many hours per day, I had many gymnastics injuries. It was these injuries that were the primary reason I went to see my first acupuncturistthese injuries and a few auto accidents. Acupuncture was very effective at curing those injuries. Flash forward A patient recently contacted me with the following question: I have recurring back pain that resurfaces once or twice every year, he said, and just recently, I have been seeing a chiropractor for the neck and shoulder pain I have as a result of a rear-end car collision. I was wondering, in your honest opinion, will acupuncture or other holistic medicine help me, and to what degree it can help? Yes, acupuncture will definitely help to relieve your pain, I answered. Then I went on to respond in a little more depth, because so many people do not realize how effective acupuncture really is for pain control and athletic injuries. I had another patient tell me that after going to his chiropractor six times for a shoulder injury, it still hurt, but after only one acupuncture treatment, he was almost completely healed and was able to get right back to weight-lifting again. Acupuncture works great on neck, shoulder, and back pain, whether due to auto accidents, sports injuries, or other more chronic problems. Usually when someone is not healing properly from a car accident or sports injury, it’s because the injuring event catalyzed, or “kicked in” some deeper imbalance.
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Global pandemic influenza H1N1: Deadly flu virus is a growing concern

The treatment’s effectiveness was determined by patient-reported symptoms, and the study was double-blinded (meaning that neither the patients nor the researchers knew who got the real acupuncture treatment). Both the real and fake acupuncture improved the patient’s symptoms, which came as no surprise to the researchers because of the placebo effect. When a patient is given a treatment and told that it will help him or her, often it will – even if there’s no active ingredient. A person’s expectation that they will feel better can make them feel better subjectively. The study, led by Dr. Ting Bao of the University of Maryland, Baltimore, found no difference in symptom relief between the two treatments, Discovery News reported. The fact that real and fake acupuncture treatments were indistinguishable demonstrates that the acupuncture is ineffective. After all, the entire premise of acupuncture is that the needles must be placed at very specific places in the body in order to stimulate and channel alleged bodily energy fields (often called chi or qi – which, it should be noted, are unknown to science). In other words, if acupuncture had validity, merely poking random places in the body with acupuncture needles, pencils, toothpicks, or anything else should have no effect.
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Acupuncture beneficial for breast cancer patients

Scientists have now found that acupuncture is effective in reducing menopausal symptoms in women being treated with aromatase inhibitors that lower levels of both circulating and intra-tumoural estrogens for breast cancer. The randomised trial revealed that even sham acupuncture is also effective in easing side effects of cancer drugs, said a paper published in the journal Cancer. It has a minimal risk and potentially significant benefits, Ting Bao, medical oncologist at University of Maryland, Baltimore, was quoted as saying. He said there was no harm in trying acupuncture. The trial involved eight weekly sessions of either real or sham acupuncture on 47 breast cancer patients. The researchers did not take a note of the patients receiving real acupuncture treatment and the patients receiving sham acupuncture treatment. However, all the patients took a note of the frequency and severity of hot flashes and other symptoms associated with breast cancer medications joint and muscle pain, night sweats et cetera. The researchers found that the patients reported improvement in their conditions, especially hot flashes symptoms. The researchers suggested that the slight pricking of the skin could have caused physiological changes in the patients.
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