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Best Ways to Ease Labor Pain

“Pain is one of the worst experiences any patient may have and prompt diagnosis and proper management is of utmost importance. Pain management has become a specialty in itself. Some of the best faculty of the country will deliver lectures on acute, chronic, post-operative, labour and cancer pain management. This is the first such conference including multiple specialties under one roof,” said Pankaj Gupta, president of the ISA, Nashik. Clinical updates, and basic pain management to interventional and surgical pain management, labour analgesia, etc, will be discussed by experts from all over the country. ISA Nashik gets national award: The Nashik branch of the Indian Society for Anaesthesiology (ISA) has recently been declared the best branch in the country for creating public awareness. The ISA Nashik has been awarded for increasing public awareness about anaesthesia through different programmes and a video uploaded on the internet. President of ISA Nashik, Pankaj Gupta, has received the award from ISA’s national president Brig. T Prabhakar at a function during a national conference in Guwahati on December 29, last year. FEATURED ARTICLES
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All About Pain

This is when the cervix, usually insensitive to burning, becomes extremely sensitive towards extensive pressure and stretching caused during labor. A lot of pressure is exerted on the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and ligaments during labor, which cause excessive labor pain during childbirth. There are many other reasons that make labor pain one of the greatest fears in a womans life and make childbirth among the toughest phases in the entire life of a woman. Though labor pain cannot be wished away, pain management is possible. However, during labor, pain needs to be eased by learning management techniques that can help during labor. This can help a woman give birth with confidence, without fear, and comparatively much more comfortably. Let us examine some ways to ease labor pain during childbirth, the steps to follow to prevent fear and stress during labor, and how to seek effective pain management. Induced Ways to Ease Labor Pain During Childbirth Use of an injection, medication, and other assistance from an antenatal caregiver for proper pain management during labor or childbirth can help ease labor pain. Intravenously administrating the hormone Pitocin to stimulate contraction and ease pain during labor. This is an effective pain management measure.
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Dr. Ehsan Abdeshahian is fellowship-trained in pain management and sports medicine. He completed his doctorate and residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at State University of New York (SUNY) Downstate in New York City. Dr. Abdeshahian went on to pursue a fellowship in Interventional Spine and Sports Medicine at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Nathan Mychak, PA-C obtained his Bachelor of Science with a major in Physician Assistant Studies from the Pennsylvania College of Technology, a Penn State affiliate. Along with his degree, Nathan has earned over 100 medical education credit hours in the specialty of pain management. These two medical professionals share in the mission of KURE Pain Management to provide compassionate, high quality care with effective treatments to relieve patients of chronic pain. Our standards are exceptionally high. We value experience as well as compassion from each and every member of our team. Dr. Abdeshahian and Mr.
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KURE Pain Management Adds New Providers to Southern Maryland Locations

E-mail Address Send to a Friend Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) January 06, 2014 Leading Los Angeles pain management clinic , Advanced Pain Management, is now offering over twenty five back and neck pain treatments. The treatments are provided by Board Certified Los Angeles pain doctors and include both medical and interventional pain treatments. Insurance and self pay are accepted, call (310) 626-1526 for more information and scheduling through the California Pain Network. According to the Institute of Medicine, one third of the population lives with either acute or chronic pain. Ninety percent of individuals will experience back pain at some point in time. Modern pain management offers the opportunity to avoid disability and lost time from work and to be able to play with one’s kids and pets. Advanced Pain Management offers Board Certified Los Angeles pain management doctors . The treatments offered are individualized according to the specific needs of patients. This is based on comprehensive physical examinations, medication and medical record review and imaging study evaluation. Medical options include oral or topical NSAIDS, neuropathic medications, muscle relaxers or opiates. Interventional treatments include joint injections, facet or medial branch blocks, epidural injections, trigger points, occipital blocks, soft tissue injections and more. Both simple and complex pain conditions are effectively treated such as sciatica, back or neck pain, fibromyalgia, headaches, failed back surgery, RSD, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, joint arthritis.
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Advanced Pain Management in Los Angeles Now Offering Over 25 Back massage bayview and Neck Pain Treatments

“Chronic pain is now considered by the experts as a disease,” says Sujittra Tongprasert, MD, an anesthesiologist with the University of Louisville Hospital in Kentucky. “Pain is the final interpretation of [the] central nervous system to any stimulation, mostly noxious [irritating] stimulation, at the given time,” says Dr. Tongprasert. “To put it simply, pain is the perception of unpleasant sensation with the associated feeling of discomfort and/or suffering. You may not have actual tissue damage, adds Tongprasert. That doesn’t mean that the pain isn’t real, just that the type of pain and the severity of pain a person feels depends on the individual. “Each individual has different pain perception, and the meaning of pain is also different from one person to another,” says Tongprasert. Simply bayview wellness center and spa put, pain is your body’s way of warning you that you are in danger and that you need to pay attention to what you’re doing. “Pain is in fact the warning system for the body to prevent it from damage. When we touch [a] hot pan, the burning sensation will signal an automatic response to drop the pan, therefore avoiding or minimizing the burn injury,” notes Tongprasert. How Pain Is Treated There are many different ways to treat best chiropractor toronto pain , and the most appropriate pain management method for you will depend on several factors: how severe the pain is, how it affects your life, how frequently you find yourself dealing with pain, and the actual cause of your pain . Generally, the most effective treatment of any medical condition is to get rid of the offending cause,” says Tongprasert. “For pain, especially chronic pain, this method might not be possible.” Most of the time, the goal of treatment is to decrease the intensity of your pain and make you feel better.
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