Pain Management Gets A Boost In Kolkata

Medica Superspecialty Hospital launched acute pain services recently. A highly specialised wing where a dedicated team comprising doctors, nurses, technicians and physiotherapists trained in the subject will work for the unit. Most patients who undergo complicated orthopaedic, general surgeries, labour pain or trauma are referred directly to this team. The regional anaesthesia team does ‘site specific peripheral nerve blocks’ using ultrasound and peripheral nerve stimulators, thus avoiding side effects of full general anaesthesia and a faster return to ambulation and restoration of normal physiology. Acute pain due to trauma or surgery if not addressed can affect the central nervous system triggering chronic pain syndrome that can linger for months. “Most patients who attend our pre anaesthetic clinic are scared of postoperative pain more than the surgery. Ensuring them pain free recovery through pre-anaesthetic counselling and pain management not only help in dealing with the anxiety patients suffers but it also helps in the recover process,’ said Dr. Abhijit Paul, anaesthesiology and pain medicine at Medica Hospitals. Pain assessment evaluates a patient’s mental and physical well-being. Through acute pain service best chiropractor north york symptoms and complaints by the patient can be picked which sometimes help correlate symptoms due to drug interactions and response to therapy on different organ systems.
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Saroja Prime Health Introduces an Advanced Center for Chronic Pain Management in Bangalore

However, they often encounter patients who are unaware of the therapy and its uses. Powerful Pain Relief An epidural steroid injection is a minimally invasive procedure that is designed to help reduce swelling and pain related to the inflammation of the spinal nerves. Typically, the injection fluid is composed of a combination of a corticosteroid and a local anesthetic or pain relief medication. This fluid is injected into the epidural space, which is the area around the spinal cord and its nerve roots, but not the actual membrane that contains the spinal cord and nerve roots. The pain relief medication or anesthetic will start to help alleviate your pain immediately while the corticosteroid begins its work. With time, the epidural steroid injection will be able to decrease your nerve inflammation and provide relief. The duration of this pain relief depends on the patient and the severity of their condition. The Atlanta pain clinic doctors at Atlanta Spine & Alternative Pain Management Center have discovered that when epidural steroids are combined with physical therapy, they can provide successful long-term pain relief for the majority of patients. If you have been suffering from lumbar spinal stenosis, radiating lower back pain or severe leg pain, a regimen of epidural steroid injections in Atlanta may be an effective course of treatment for you. Discuss your options with Atlanta Spine & Alternative Pain Management Center by visiting . About Atlanta Spine and Alternative Pain Management Center: Atlanta Spine and Alternative Pain Management Center (ASAP) is a holistic pain management practice focused on promoting healthy, active lifestyles for their patients.
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Atlanta Pain Management Clinic, ASAP, Explains What Epidural Steroids Are

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Reliv Center for Chronic Pain Management offers a wide range of procedures from simple epidural injections to radiofrequency nerve ablation procedures to spinal cord stimulator implants and spinal morphine pump implants for the most debilitating chronic and cancer pains. “We perform these procedures using image guidance either with live fluoroscopy or ultrasound to achieve accuracy and safety” says Dr. Vishwanath Siddalingaiah, UK trained Medical Director for Reliv Center for Chronic pain Management. Highly skilled physicians can perform these procedures quickly maintaining efficacy and safety. “This is the reason our Center employs fully trained and qualified physicians willing to relocate to India so our people get world class treatment right here in Bangalore” adds Dr. Shashirekha Shetty, a director of the company. They dream of facilitating creation of super specialty programs in Indian universities in future to train local anesthesiologists in this upcoming field. Patients who have tried traditional methods like physical therapy and basic pain medications can be good candidates for interventional pain management. Even patients who have already tried spine or joint surgeries and continue to have pain can be taken care of with these modalities.
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‘Pain care: overhaul education for the next generation’

9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — BioElectronics Corporation (OTC Pink: BIEL), the maker of advanced consumer medical devices, announced today the publication of feature article The Case for Over-the-Counter Shortwave Therapy: Safe and Effective Devices for Pain Management in the peer reviewed journal Pain Management ( ). The current methods of drug-based analgesia are often ineffective, at best only temporarily masking pain while not treating or providing the benefit of enhanced recovery. (Photo: ) The paper makes the case for more widespread use of radio frequency shortwave devices to overcome the dosage limitations, costs, and side-effects of pharmacological-based pain relief. To view the complete article, please visit There is a dire unmet medical need for effective and safe pain therapy. For decades, physicians have used pulsed shortwave therapy in hospitals and clinics to reduce pain and inflammation and accelerate healing. BioElectronics has taken the therapy mode, miniaturized the device, lowered the power level and honed the signal to provide low cost superior 24-hour extended duration relief. The devices provides 5x better pain relief than OTC drugs, are 100% safer, and provide 720-hours of flexible on/off therapy for under $30.00 retail, or $.04 per hour. Clinical Research In addition to its six (6) published studies, there is on-going basic research at the Clinical Science and Engineering Research Center State University of New York, Binghamton, chiropractor bayview and sheppard NY and other leading medical institutions that are conducing additional clinical research studies: Tufts Dental School, Boston, Massachusetts 3rd. Molar Extraction, Pain and Edema Tufts Dental School The details on previously completed and published clinical trials can be found at . About BioElectronics Corporation BioElectronics is the leader in consumer medical devices that reduce pain, inflammation and accelerate healing. Its products are ActiPatch Musculoskeletal Pain Therapy for back, knee, and other musculoskeletal complaints; RecoveryRx for chronic and post-operative wound care; HealFast Veterinary Therapy, Allay Menstrual Pain Therapy and Smart Insole Heel Pain Therapy. Visit for more information. About the Pain Management Journal Future Medicine Ltd, the publisher, has developed an innovative publishing portfolio to reflect the advances in postgenomic medicine and to guide best clinical practice in modern medicine. The Future Medicine journal collection provides healthcare practitioners and research professionals with a unique source of objective, cutting-edge information on exciting trends emerging in the light of advances in molecular medicine and clinical practice.
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Pain Management Medical Journal Features BioElectronics’ Innovative Pain Products Because Pain is Not a Druggable Disease

Key Topics Covered: 1. Basic Aspects of Pain 2. Assessment of Pain and Analgesics 3. Pharmacotherapy of Pain 5. Drug Delivery for Pain 6. Drug Development for Pain 7. Legal and regulatory issues of pain management 8. Pain Markets 9. Future of Pain Therapeutics 10. Companies Involved in Pain Therapeutics 11.
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Pain Therapeutics – Drugs, Markets and Companies

A 2011 survey of UK universities suggests pre-registration programmes devote an average of only 12 hours to the subject, with learning through lectures and assessment through exams. A similar survey of medical schools in Europe found limited teaching hours, rote learning and a lack of consistency within and between countries. This is not enough – 12 hours of lectures does not constitute adequate training. We need pain education that enhances skills, knowledge and attitudes, and challenges misconceptions or negative attitudes. It should develop skills in pain assessment, problem solving, clinical decision making, empathy, communication, compassion, critical reflection, advocacy, patient education and teamwork. We need to examine both the process and outcomes of education, ensuring competence in managing pain across the clinical team. Pain management is interprofessional, it is important that students from different professions learn together and understand each others roles in managing pain. Three years ago, Kings College London introduced the UKs first interprofessional pain training. As well as enhancing knowledge, it provides opportunities to rehearse and refine skills. There are developments at a national level. Last year, the RCN hosted a roundtable discussion on pain and advancing practice, involving national nursing leaders in pain and RCN forum leaders. They are now working on three areas: evidence for change; pain education; and pain in vulnerable groups.
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