Syracuse Native To Open Chiropractor Practice In New Berlin

Plano And North Dallas Chiropractor Hires New Licensed Massage Therapist

Plano Chiropractor: Plano And North Dallas Chiropractor Hires New Licensed Massage Therapist licensed massage

During the month of January, Dr. Robert Shane began the process of moving his chiropractor practice into the first floor of 14 N. Main St. While Shane said he is technically open and seeing patients at the new office, he hopes in the coming weeks to put the finishing touches on some upgrades and eventually hold a grand opening celebration to invite the community to learn what services he offers. Born in Canada, Shane would eventually settle in the Syracuse suburb of Baldwinsville. After receiving his education from SUNY Fredonia and the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, he would eventually establish and operate a practice in Baldwinsville in 1986 until he sold the business to an associate in 2004. While working at his primary practice as a Chiropractor, Shane became passionately interested in safety and occupational health, which led him to pursue a post graduate degree in occupational safety. Armed with this education, Shane developed a secondary business for consulting and working with companies in the field of occupational health. There’s more to this story! You’re only seeing 33% of the story. Subscribe now to get immediate access to the rest of the story as well as our whole online offering. Today’s Other Stories
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New chiropractic clinic employs modern approach

Marcels Infinity design stands in stark contrast to modern saddle design, where the sitbones are supported and, ideally, the soft tissue between is given relief. As to this fundamental difference between his design and that of the industry giants, Marcel is frank. I cant comment on all their theories and thousands of dollars they spent on technologies, Marcel said. All I know is that I and many other people who rode these saddles still had pain. After a while I got tired of the pain, and had to investigate exactly where I was feeling it with the tools I had available to me, he said. Even with a traditional cutout, at the end of the day, you still have pressure on the inside of the pubic bone. The Infinity saddle is 165mm/6.5in wide with a bowed shape. He took this to Cyclelogic in Scottsdale, Arizona, where digital pressure mapping showed that it did indeed reduce pressure at the sitbones, but also, Marcel claims, it reduced total pressure for the cyclist. In a quick test of the saddle, there is indeed a noticeable absence of pressure under the sitbones and no pressure on the soft tissue in between but we found the pressure transferred to the wide edges of the saddle, which didnt feel comfortable pedaling. Also, when rolling the hips forward into an aero position, most of our weight was shifted almost fully onto the soft tissues on the nose of the saddle. However, Marcel says this design is not aimed at the high-mileage enthusiast, but instead at the average person who would like to hop on a bike every now and then and not feel pain. The first product is the $70 Infinity Go, which weighs 190g. There is also a 170g carbon/nylon Infinity Elite in the works.
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Function is the foundation of our care whether it be a repetitive strain injury from work, an ICBC claimant recovering from an auto accident, or an elite athlete training for the Olympics, our focus is the same to help improve how the body functions. As a modern chiropractor, Ward takes a functional approach to assess, diagnose and manage injuries not only of the spine but also for any joint or muscle in the body. With the clinic also offering massage therapy and exercise rehabilitation, many aspects of care are addressed. Finding the right treatment at the right time is critical for any injury cycle or for injury prevention, says Ward. Modern chiropractors are no longer just back specialists. By addressing problems in the joints and muscles, then developing appropriate exercises to restore function, care is more efficient and effective than ever before. However, not every problem is an easy fix, Ward says. Many bayview wellness center toronto conditions are the result of years of microtrauma, poor posture, poor movement patterns or all of the above, so finding the root cause is critical for a successful outcome.” Conditions treated range from back or neck pain to headache and extremity pain to repetitive strain disorders from work, and overuse injuries from sports training and competition. For this reason, Ward uses various cutting edge soft tissue techniques and traditional chiropractic treatment to help patients. Intensive post-graduate training provides Ward with the top training in Canada for treatment and rehabilitation for injuries of both the spine chiropractor bayview village and extremities. Quality of care is improved by utilizing what has worked in the past and merging it with the best soft tissue techniques and modalities that we now have.” Ward has a Doctor of Chiropractic from the University of Western States in Portland, Ore. After practicing four years in Alberta and Victoria, Ward and his wife Natalie moved to the Comox Valley, where she grew up. He recently represented the Valley at the Xterra World Championships this past year in Maui, HI. Ward is also involved with the Comox Valley Road Runners and Triathlon Club, and is the team chiropractor for the Vancouver Island Performance Youth Racing Squad. Dynamic Spine, Sport & Wellness is located at Suite 102-1532 Cliffe Ave.
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Sports Chiropractor Ryan Tuchscherer helps Super Bowl-bound Broncos


H. Khayal Premier Health Clinic Chiropractic And Wellness officially announced today the recent hire of Kaala House. She will provide current and future patients of the clinic with licensed massage therapy in the same office location where chiropractic patients get treated. Dr. H. Khayal , owner of the practice and a Doctor of Chiropractic, said, I believe that licensed massage therapy can offer patients seeking chiropractic care extra benefit. Depending on several factors specific to each patient I see, licensed massage therapy can provide additional recovery and health benefits. Khayal continued, Kaala recently joined the practice and we have received terrific feedback from our patients about her care about helping them with injuries, muscle knots and other soft tissue related conditions which can be addressed by proper massage. We look forward to her helping our practice grow and to complement the treatment received by those who have made the investment and time to see the chiropractor. According to the practices website, Premier Health sees patients across the Dallas Fort Worth area especially in North Dallas, Carrollton, Addison, Plano, and Farmers Branch. In addition to licensed massage therapy, other chiropractic technologies are recommended for specific treatments including cold laser and spinal decompression. Parties interested in seeing the licensed massage therapist or seeking chiropractic treatment are asked to visit the practices website or call (972) 713-9355. Media inquiries wanting to know more about chiropractic technology and its uses may contact the practice through the same means. Social Media Tags:Dallas, Plano, chiropractor, chiropractic, licensed massage Newsroom powered by Online Press Release Distribution –
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Linesch Whistleblower Litigation Law Blog on Monday, February 3, 2014 by David J. Linesch A Cambridge chiropractor and former City Council member was charged last week with fraud under Minnesotas no-fault insurance laws. David Schornstein allegedly billed for massages and chiropractic adjustments that he did not perform, according to an investigation by the Insurance Fraud Bureau at the Minnesota Department of Commerce. The investigation of Schornstein was the second in the past year in which the bureau charged someone with violating no-fault insurance laws. In November, the Commerce Department told the Legislature that it planned to make no-fault fraud cases a priority. The states no-fault laws require insurance companies to pay up to $20,000 for medical expenses to people injured in a car accident, regardless of whos at fault. Critics of the no-fault system say the laws are easily exploited because they are loosely written and poorly enforced. Supporters of the law say it is necessary to provide health care for the uninsured and to avoid costly litigation. Schornstein is not in custody and could not be reached for comment. In 2012, he told the Isanti County News that he denied the accusations, which were first described by the Minnesota Board of Chiropractic Examiners. There wasnt any fraud perpetrated or anything done that was illegal. As far as conduct, and their accusation against myself, Ive had enough dealing with employees trying to position themselves to gain from this, he told the newspaper. According to the complaint filed in Isanti County, Schornstein owned the North Metro Chiropractic Clinic in Cambridge and employed a massage therapist and another chiropractor. In December 2010, the massage therapist, identified in the complaint as S.E., her husband and two children were in a car accident. They went to Schornstein for treatment after the accident, but investigators say he provided some of that treatment after promising the state he would chiropractic toronto not work directly with patients. Schornstein had a history of disciplinary actions with the chiropractic board for abuse of prescribed pain medications and alcohol. In 2011, he was discharged from a state monitoring program after he relapsed, records show. The chiropractic board then suspended his license, but stayed the suspension if Schornstein refrained from treating patients. He could continue to operate his clinic. Bills submitted to Kemper Insurance noted that Schornstein had performed treatment, the complaint said. In 2012, the Board of Chiropractic Examiners revoked his license. Last year, he resigned from the Cambridge City Council. Now he faces criminal charges that accuse him of stealing $8,385 in no-fault benefits by claiming to have provided 58 massages and 19 chiropractic treatments, the complaint said.
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Chiropractor launches unique Infinity saddle

In fact, from September 2011 through November 2011 , he billed an insurance carrier under the Personal Injury Protection coverage for services which were not provided or contained material misrepresentations in the claims. “We entrust medical professionals with great responsibility to not only care for us in our time of need, but also be honest in billing for treatment,” said Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman . “Whether large or small matters, the Commerce Department Fraud Bureau will take action to investigate and stop criminal fraud.” The criminal complaint states Schornstein fraudulently billed a total of $8,385.00 worth of services, which the Commerce Fraud Bureau investigation identified as fraudulent during 2011. According to the complaint, in an interview with an agent from the Commerce Fraud Bureau , Schornstein admitted he submitted fraudulent billings. To avoid a conflict of interest, the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office accepted this case from the Isanti County Attorney’s Office “Medical professionals, lawyers, judges and elected officials have special responsibilities to society,” said Hennepin County . ” Mr. Schornstein betrayed this trust when he committed insurance fraud. This office will deal firmly and quickly with this criminal action and breach of trust.” If convicted, Schornstein faces a potential maximum penalty of 5 years in prison or $10,000 for each of the three counts of insurance fraud. Any sentence would be determined by a state district court judge. Report Insurance Fraud Insurance fraud is a crime with serious criminal consequences. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau , insurance fraud is the most costly white collar crime in the United States , behind tax evasion.
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Former Minn. Chiropractor Charged With Insurance Fraud

I work with a lot of athletes to help keep them healthy and get their body back into shape, he said. Ice baths are a traditional method of treating inflammation and pain relating to injuries. Whole Body Cryotherapy is a sophisticated, scientific advancement over the ice cube. We have the only Whole Body Cryotherapy facility in Colorado, and there are only 45 of them in the United States, Tuchscherer said. We put the patient in a chamber for 2 1/2 to three minutes. Liquid nitrogen pours in a gas form and that pulls the oxygen into the core of the body. When they leave the chamber, that pulls the oxygen into their muscles, promoting healing. Many treated by cryotherapy say they feel much better within a short time. Also, they tend to report less discomfort from that treatment than from ice baths. Tuchscherer is also a credentialed full body certified Active Release Techniques provider and a participating doctor in the Elite Provider Network, the highest level an Active Release Doctor can obtain.
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