Back Pain In Young Athletes: Examining A Rising Problem

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The pain is often times hard to treat and in addition to rest and use of NSAIDs, occasional injection of corticosteroids may be helpful in controlling pain. So why is this a concern? It has been estimated that 50-60% of all injuries seen in pediatric sports medicine clinics may be attributed to overuse injuries and that older children typically are the ones sustaining a greater percentage of such injuries. When we look at sports injuries in general, 10-15% of all athletic injuries involve the spine with this number increasing to as much as 30% depending on the sport. Though a lot of these injuries are self-limiting, acupuncture north york they are still debilitating and certainly raise questions about the long-term implications that they may have when sustained by younger athletes. Risk Factors Risk factors for sustaining such injuries is certainly associated with the more time spent practicing and competing. In fact, training in excess of 15 hours per week is a notable risk factor that may predispose an athlete to these types of spine injuries. Furthermore, there seems do be a gender correlation as well, with a greater incidence of spine injuries observed in the sports that commonly have more female participants such as dancing/ballet and gymnastics. But what about the young athlete makes them more inclined or at risk for spine injuries? Well, we all are aware that each year younger and younger athletes are competing at more intense levels of play and beginning to train at earlier ages. The major difference between the adult athlete and that of the adolescent or even younger athlete is that the growth cartilage exists in the immature skeleton.
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Quick Tips: How to Relieve Back Pain from Shoveling Snow

This bulging is often referred to as a herniated disc. If a disc herniates then a nerve root of the lower part of the spine may become compressed. The nerve roots that exit the lower part of the spine travel down to our legs. Therefore when one of these roots become compressed a person usually experiences sharp, shooting low back pain , pain that travels down the leg, decreased reflexes, numbness and tingling in the leg and in more serve cases decrease strength of their legs. Because of this, lumbar radiculopathies can be extremely debilitating and if the strength of a persons legs becomes compromised they may begin to drag their foot causing them to be at risk for falling. In addition to trauma and poor lifting mechanics, age is another risk factor for developing a herniated disc. As we age our discs lose water and thus they begin to shrink which causes the space between the vertebra to narrow which increases the likelihood that a nerve root will become compressed. Several treatment options exist to treat lumbar radiculopathies . The physical therapist may focus on strengthening the muscles around the spine. By strengthening the core musculature the pressure on the spinal column is reduced which can reduce the pressure on the nerve root. A physical therapist may also treat a lumbar radiculopathy by identifying a movement pattern that partially resolves a patients symptoms. A therapist will then incorporating exercises that place the patient into this position. A physical therapist may also incorporate modalities such as ultrasound and traction.
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Are you pregnant and suffering from low back pain?

However, there are some easy self-help ways to fix your back ache. Exercising, stretching, sleeping well on a good mattress are some of the ways for pain relief. But if the pain persists, then it’s best to consult a physician. Exercise: One of the best remedies of back pain is regular exercise. According to health expert Kamini Subramaniam, “Simple exercise like walking can be very helpful as people gets out of their sitting posture and put their body in a neutral and upright position.” For more exercises, it is always best to consult a physician or an orthopaedic and get a list of low-impact exercises suitable for your age as well as the types of pain that you have. Stretching: Stretching is also important to prevent back ache and stay flexible. It is a helpful way to recover from a back injury. Kamini says, “Always stretch before exercise or other strenuous physical activity and also before bed.” Sleep well: Always sleep on a firm surface for back pain relief rather than soft mattresses that push your back out of alignment. Also, sleep on your side to shrink any curve in your spine. Keep a healthy weight: Maintaining a healthy weight can also reduce back pain. Eat a healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables and reduce the intake of processed foods to avoid excessive weight. Staying fit is one of the best remedies for back pain as extra weight can stress your back causing further hurt. Quit smoking: Smoking doesn’t just damage your lungs, it can also impair your back.
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Five ways to cure back pain

As mentioned above, the hormone relaxin is increased during pregnancy to 10 times the normal levels. The purpose of relaxin is to help the pelvis adapt and prepare for childbirth by softening connective tissues and ligaments around the pelvis, pubic symphysis, and sacrum. These changes will allow the baby to pass through the birth canal. Due to the increased release of relaxin, your sacroiliac joint and lumbar joints can become unstable and move out of alignment, contributing to your pain. Research has shown that it is safe and effective for your physical therapist to perform gentle muscle energy techniques to correct the alignment and allow you to train your muscles in proper position. Bottom line, you are not alone, and you chiropractor bayview and sheppard do not need to suffer with low back pain during pregnancy. It has been shown that exercise, education, and manual therapy during pregnancy is a safe and effective way to treat low back pain, reduce sick leave from work, reduce need for bed rest, and prepare you for labor. If you know anyone that is suffering from low back pain during pregnancy, please share our information with them. Give us a call at Pinnacle Physical Therapy today!
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