Train Like An Olympic Athlete With Sports Massage

Massage therapy business opens in Delano

Massage therapist Laura Stevenson-Flom, licensed massage therapist and owner of In Balance Therapeutic Massage in Colchester, Conn ., worked with some of the world’s most elite athletes at the 2012 Olympics. “In London, everybody got massage. Everybody including the trainers, including the coaches. When you get up to that level of competition, it is an everyday thing,” she said. Stevenson-Flom spent 14-hour days in the Olympic village, where she performed 60- to 90-minute massage sessions for visit athletes getting ready for competition and for those returning from their sport. “A massage therapist has the unique ability to feel the soft tissue, to be able to keep it healthy before something happens to it, or feel whats going on in the soft tissue and recognize how to fix that,” said Stevenson-Flom. For recreational athletes, Stevenson-Flom says sports massages relieve pain and inflammation, prevent injury and dont take a lot of time. “This is not your typical spa massage/athletic massage. Its more specific, she said. You’re going to be working on a hip flexor, or a bad shoulder, or a piriformis muscle, or some ankle injuries. And then a session can really be pared down to a half-hour [or] 45 minutes.” Whether you’re training for a biathlon or a 5K, Stevenson-Flom gives the same advice. “You have a couple of choices: You find time to get this massage, or you’re going to end up finding time sitting on your couch, because you’re going to be injured,” she said.
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Massage therapist adds services to chiropractic office in Chatfield

Lindsy Heusinkveld, at left, recently added massage therapy services to Elder Chiropractic in Chatfield owned by Julie Elder.

Chances are if her mother or sister had them, then she will too. If a woman is carrying a large baby or multiples, inevitably her belly will expand more to accommodate the size and number of fetuses. Women who gain weight rapidly or have an excess amount of amniotic fluid are also more likely to develop stretch marks. These factors are beyond one’s control, but she need not worry too much. There is a way to minimize and maybe even prevent stretch marks from appearing in the first place. As a massage therapist, you hold the answer in your hands. From the moment your client informs you of her pregnancy, you should give her belly added attention to reduce the incidence of stretch marks. So how does massage help? As you massage your pregnant client, her circulation is enhanced, sending blood coursing through her body and promoting new tissue growth.
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Massage therapy student honored at Moultrie Tech

0206 GOAL winner 2014.jpg

Barnaby, who spent the better part of two years administering aid to golden agers, many of whom were too feeble to assist themselves, has recounted that the skills, knowledge, and expertise acquired during that period were a gift from God. “I have a passion for helping old people, “she said. She added: “While at the nursing home, I assisted and interacted with many elderly persons, some of whose family members had basically given up on as they (family members) hinted at times that there was no way that they (elderly residence) would recover from their illness or disability. But I was up to the challenge, and with the experience gained, I administered massage therapy, which worked wonders for many. Some, who first came in wheelchairs or had to be assisted by a walking stick, left the nursing home walking on their own, much to the delight of family members.” The social worker, who attended college in Kingston and studied for two years, created a first and long-lasting impression on Gordon Townsend, hotelier and owner of Bay View Eco Resort and Spa, who quickly adopted her, while assisting financially along her career path. Following the closure of the nursing home in 2011, Barnaby easily secured a job at Bay View Resorts, where she currently administers spa treatments and massages at the resort’s wellness facility. According to the mother of seven, who plays the role of both parents, the two years spent at the nursing home were invaluable, as it now allows her to easily adopt and master the art of spa treatment, massage, and therapy, which is what her job is about. Follow-up treatment She noted that local family members who visit the spa for special wellness treatment have returned for follow-up treatment as her magical hands, along with the various interactive sessions, have worked wonders for her. Continuing, Barnaby said, “The opportunity that I got from a perfect stranger is paying off. There was no way that I could have afforded to go to college, with the reality that I have seven children, who are totally dependent on me.
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I do sports massage so Im used to people on the table post-marathon. I dont care if youre really sweaty, he said. Eliza, on the other hand, cares a little bit. Its just a common courtesy to rinse off. You dont have to spend hours in there washing, she says. But imagine youre going to go sit in a tiny room with someone for an hour. Wouldnt you shower beforehand if youve just been working out? DO pay attention to your feet: In the summertime when my clients come over to my house, I have them sit in my tub and wash their feet, Eliza says. I dont want to be touching [dirt], and I dont want to be spreading that all over your body either. William, a therapist with four years of experience treating clients in both private and physical therapy settings, has seen some more serious foot issues. I dont want to embarrass anyone or hurt their feelings. If someone comes in with difficult feet, Ill work through the sheet, he says. One guy came in with filthy Crocs on over the summer and said, Be careful, theres a fissure on my foot. I am not going to touch that!
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Antoinette Barnaby: from social worker to massage therapist

“I’m really interested in the human body itself, and I wanted to work in a field that works with the human body,” she added. “Massage is so broad and I like it because it helps people.” Heusinkveld attended Northwest Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minn., to receive her education in massage, then was asked to serve as a massage and physical therapist at the post-surgical ward at the hospital in Cresco, Iowa, where she gained experience helping patients recover. She was eventually referred to Elder who, as a chiropractor, needed her own muscles pampered. “I worked in physical therapy for a year, so I’m probably more into the therapeutic aspect of massage than I am into the ‘fluff and puff’ kind of massage,” Heusinkveld said. “I started doing relaxation, trigger-point and myofacial relaxation. I’ve taken a lot of continuing education. I really like neuromuscular therapy and while I’m not certified in pregnancy massage and baby massage, I’ve gotten more into it. I also took a class on how the cranial structure works.” While it took Heusinkveld a while to adjust to the idea, attending cadaver classes to learn about muscular and skeletal structures became interesting. It was a curious way to expand her knowledge, indeed, but also one that extended beyond the typical “textbook and homework” routine that might otherwise leave a student wondering exactly what the muscles they’re adjusting look like and how they’re affected by massage. She said attending classes is one of her favorite things and she tries to go every year to learn more about massage through the cadaver class. “I think it’s one of the things that interests me the best, because it’s something I can look at over and over again in a book, but if you can touch and see something, it makes more sense,” Heusinkveld explained. “It’s something I had to learn to appreciate.” Heusinkveld’s out-of-joint, but still-cheerful clients, range from her own newborns to people 99 years old and up, and she feels that they all benefit from having their muscles manipulated. “I always tell people that massage is very good at making us aware of our own bodies.
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How Massage Therapy Can Help with Stretch Marks

How Massage Therapy Can Help with Stretch Marks, MASSAGE Magazine

Douglas, according to a news release. Erin Gangwere, who worked at Body and Soul Therapeutic Massage for six and a half years, is the owner. Massages are available by appointment only from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays. For more information, go to or call 316-796-2420. The Wichita Eagle welcomes your comments on news of the day.
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Massage Therapists on What You Should (and Should Never) Do on Their Tables

She plans to help people through therapeutic touch by giving back at the Ronald McDonald House in Jacksonville and as a volunteer in hospice care. I want to give a sense of calm and peace to patients, added McDonald. Your job can be your passion. Of winning MTCs GOAL Student of the Year title, she said, It was humbling and exciting to be recognized for all my hard work and the sacrifices Ive made. Its a true honor. Im excited to represent Moultrie Tech a great school, a great faculty, a great staff. Also honored at Wednesdays luncheon were McDonalds fellow GOAL finalists Business Administrative Technology program student Chance Caskey of the MTC Tifton Campus and Practical Nursing program student Tiffany Erving and Medical Assisting program student Timothy Walker, both of the Moultrie Campus as well as 19 additional nominees. Additional nominees from Moultrie Techs campus locations in Moultrie and Tifton are Accounting student Reba Carman; Automotive Technology student Harold Houghtalen; Business Administrative Technology students Sheri Freeland and Anita Williamson; Computer Information Systems student Glenn Gardiner; Cosmetology program student Xavier Johnson; Drafting Technology program students Johnny Lee Bennett and Cheryl Cerfus; Early Childhood Care and Education student Tiffaney King; Electronics Technology students Haley Clark and Willie Tatum; Industrial Systems Technology students James Burton and John Reade; Marketing Management student Christopher Roberts; Practical Nursing students Erica Day and Lonisha Graham; Surgical Technology students Gina Chambers and Felicia Moorman; and Welding and Joining Technology student Nicholas Zabrishkie. The Moultrie-Colquitt County Chamber of Commerce workforce development committee, represented by Chamber Vice President of Marketing Terry Shuler, presented McDonald with a cash award of $200 and each runner-up with a $100 prize. McDonald also received a scholarship from the Moultrie Tech Foundation to assist with expenses for the regional and state competitions. For the third year Moultrie Technical Colleges Tifton Campus will host the regional GOAL competition on March 10 in which winners representing nine technical colleges will compete for three available state finalist positions from within the region. McDonald will be one of the competitors and will vie for a regional finalist slot.
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