Op-ed: Chiropractor College Makes History At The Winter Olympics

Expansion of AlignLife Chiropractic Franchise Continues As Planned in South Carolina

Often is the case with a chiropractor, he or she is inspired to be a chiropractor after experiencing an injury as an athlete. This was the situation for a Palmer alum, Dr. David Ressler, DC of Ressler Chiropractic in South San Francisco, CA. “I got injured while playing football in high school,” he said. The prognosis for him at that time was not favorable. A family friend recommended he see a chiropractor. “From that first visit, the chiropractor changed my life. I was depressed with the prognosis I was given. Yet from the chiropractor’s perspective (promoting healing naturally without drugs or surgery) I made a gradual but steady recovery.” “From that moment on I was a believer in what chiropractic can do and then decided to make it my life’s career and vocation,” Ressler said. Christopher DeMartini would agree. When he got injured from participating in competitive sports in high school, he too turned to chiropractic for help.
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Newhall Family Chiropractic Clinic expanding services

The Collinses find new calling in advocating for prevention of child abductions

DIMITROVAAbout two dozen veterans, mostly WW||,gathered at the veterans memorial at the city park in Readlyn,Iowa,to show solidarity with Sunday’s veterans march in Washington, D. 29, 1913 on her parents’ farm outside of Hudson, Iowa, she was the first of six children in Lloyd and Elizabeth Loonan’s family.Just a day before her 100th birthday, four generations of Loonans and Nations descended on Cedar Falls, Iowa, where Martha lives, to mark her milestone. A Rally for Will: Holmes Jr. High students root for leukemia-stricken eighth-grader By ANELIA K. DIMITROVASunflowers don’t just sprout in fields in Iowa.At Holmes Junior High in Cedar Falls on Friday, about 600 of them sprung from the gym floor, as students and teachers streamed into the gathering space to boost the spirits of one of their own, who wasn’t among them.Will Reinart, an eighth-grader, whose twin brother, Sam, goes to the same school, underwent a stem cell bone marrow transplant on Thursday. He is fighting leukemia, and many of his friends and classmates, who miss him at school, have wanted to help him, but didn’t know how.That changed one day when three of the classmates he’s had since first grade, Leah Fairchild, Elise Leasure and Olivia Powers, and their friend, Maddie Schmidt, decided to take matters into their own hands. They decided to rally for their friend to make everyone aware of the hardships he has to endure.With guidance from art teacher Andrew McCormick, the teens made and sold yellow paper hats for a quarter each to raise money for the family. At first, donations started trickling in, as students and staff bought hats. Then a generous donor chipped in $500.On the last school day in September, which is Child Cancer Awareness Month, the school sent a heartfelt cheer to Will with an assembly, the culmination of weeks of hard work.Mr. McCormick announced that the coffers had filled up with $1,060, more than the organizers’ ever expected, an accomplishment that brought an avalanche of applause from the bleachers.The students practiced, and then performed, a signature saying from Will’s favorite cartoon show called, “Regular Show.” In it, two characters, Mordecai and Rigby, often say,”Ooooooh, snap!”In the students’ “official” rendition of the saying, with hundreds of teenage voices shouting at lung capacity, the words resonated far and wide throughout the school and beyond its walls.The auditorium erupted in applause and foot stomping after everyone threw their hat into the air.As the hats fell to the floor like autumn leaves, David Welter, the school principal, a cancer survivor himself, brought the audience down to earth by sharing a story about his own journey.He described how when he was waiting for his regular chiropractic clinic checkup at his doctor’s office in Iowa City recently, he saw a young mother, whose leg was amputated as a result of cancer. She was upbeat and surrounded by her kids and parents.The students quieted even more when Mr. Welter talked about an inmate in an orange jumpsuit and shackles, who sat on his other side. The man told the principal that he lost all who cared for him because he loved his addiction more than his friends and family,.He said he wished he had a chance to do it over again, but his prospects were grim.”I shared a verse with him, and he shared that he wasn’t much into the Bible,” Mr.
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Plymouth Chiropractic Clinic

Patient who embrace an integrated approach to health care are realizing not only results in their current symptoms but an entirely new outlook on life. I no longer look at trying to get up a flight of stairs but focus on my goal to climb a bigger mountain, says a long term patient of AlignLife. Dr. Tom Stanzel recently opened his AlignLife clinic Charleston, West Ashley at 1019 Physicians Drive. Dr. Stanzel was born and raised in rural Iowa. After graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic, he moved to Oskaloosa, Iowa where he practiced for 20 years. Dr. Tom then had an opportunity to practice in Colorado in integrative medicine. However, after many cold hard winters, he decided to move to Charleston, South Carolina. Dr. Tom graduated from Graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, as well as Northwestern College of Chiropractic Orthopedic Program and completed a Fellowship in Acupuncture.
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Chicago Chiropractic Clinic and Spa Expands to Twin Falls

That message rang 1,600 miles away when Chicago chiropractor KayLynne Koubsky was trying to open her second clinic in the Windy City. A friend had returned from a Magic Valley vacation and suggested she invest in Twin Falls. I said Ida-what? Koubsky said. I told him, No way. If Im going to open another clinic, Im going to open one in Chicago or by a beach. But he insisted that Twin Falls was a very nice place to live and open a business. Koubsky said she researched Twin Falls and was impressed by how much the area is expanding. I finally went out there and fell in love, she said. I had a great feeling about it from the get-go. Before investing $82,000 in November to remodel office space for a wellness spa and wellness clinic in Twin Falls, Koubsky spent thousands of dollars trying to find commercial real estate in downtown Chicago. Although her first clinic profited enough to open a second location, she said, the site selection process was like night and day between Chicago and Twin Falls. It took us six months negotiating with people just to get a letter of intent in Chicago, she said. We had to walk away from it after spending $15,000 in lawyer fees.
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Chiropractic Neurology Center

They talked about inspirations, challenges and whats its like being a chiropractor in Bixby Knolls. How long have you been in business? Approximately 9 years here at Long Beach. Dr. Kim was in practice in San Francisco for approximately a year before she moved down to Long Beach. Describe Chiropractic Neurology Center: Chiropractic Health care with a specialty in neurology. We have two doctors on staff, Dr. Shad Groves, DC, DACNB, QME and Dr. Karin Kim, DC who provide competent,conservative health care and education with a sense of humor and great compassion. We have two well-trained massage therapists providing relaxation and therapeutic massage Mon through Sat.
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Dr. Richard Robinson (at center of photo) is a 1996 graduate of Palmer College. He is also founding ...

They can make simple tasks difficult, prevent you from sport and exercise and cause strain on other parts of the body. If left untreated, back pains often get worse but youll be surprised at how effective chiropractic can be. Chiropractic is traditionally viewed as a treatment for back, spine and neck problems, but it can also be beneficial to overall health. Back problems place strain on the muscular-skeletal and nervous systems and resolving them not only alleviates discomfort, but also ensures good health. And following treatments at Plymouth Chiropractic Clinic, youll be able to objectively see how effective our chiropractic really is. We take orthopaedic, neurological and chiropractic tests on your first visit so you can see visually the stresses placed on your back. We then take the same measurements at a set date in the future so you can both see and feel how youve progressed you wont be paying for nothing here. Our chiropractic has been established for 38 years and is Plymouths largest clinic if youre in need of a chiropractor youre in good hands. On site parking is available, were very easy to get to and our treatment programmes are very competitively priced. So if you need a chiropractor in Plymouth, contact Plymotuh Chiropractic Clinic. For further information just call us on 01752 421 148
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