Chiropractor Offers Free Services To Raise Money For Haiti

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Doctors at Prax Family Chiropractic performed adjustments and evaluations to help collect donations for the Raise the Roof Haiti team. The group consists of seven high school students and five adults. Eleventh grader Lauren Ewell started the team after seeing a film about girls around the world who struggle to get an education. That made me feel like there’s so much need and girls really need to be able to get an education, and I can do something about it, and I can help to make a difference and make a change, Ewell said. The group has raised $23,000 so far toward a goal of $35,000. The Raise the Roof team will travel to Haiti in July to start building a primary school. Chiropractor Offers Free Services to Raise Money for Haiti More>> Sign Up for Email Alerts Sign up to receive NBC29 news and weather updates in your inbox daily. Email Address *
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Meet Dr. Jake Black, chiropractor from the United States and upcoming new writer for I Love Chile. PROVIDENCIA Shortly, there will be a new professional writing for I Love Chile: chiropractor Dr. Jake Black. We have met him beforehand to give you an overview of his work and life in Chile. Dr. Black was born in Maine, in the North-East of the United States. After he graduated, he worked in San Francisco, California and then a friend offered him a job in Northern Peru, and he accepted it. After about seven months, he decided to leave Peru and find a new place to work. He decided to come to Chile because after some research, I found out, that from the business perspective, Chile is really attractive, because it has a really high standard of living, its really modern. But then also, I love to hike and I like the beach and both, the mountains as well as the sea are really close to Santiago. For me it was easy to choose Chile, said hyperlink Dr. Black.
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Meet Dr. Black: Chiropractor and I Love Chile Writer

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Chiropractic Care, one of the most preferred and specialized therapy technique at The PainRelief Center, Los Angeles involves adopting and improvising thousands years of medical traditions which is now famous worldwide. ChiropractorDr. Thomas Marinaro and his team of expert chiropractors take a comprehensive approach to treat spine, spinal cord and spinal nerve disorders and cure back pains of patients. Chiropractic literally means done by hand , The Pain Relief Centers works on the philosophy of treating pain without prescribing drugs or performing surgeries but use manual treatment of the spines or joins through exercise therapy, massage technique, acupuncture, trigger point therapy and lifestyle changes to allow bodys nature state of health to fully express itself. A small note The Pain Relief Center, like any other health centers follow a standard routine to gather patients information; chiropractic physicians use this information to conduct medical diagnosis through x-rays and laboratory examinationsto analyze patients structure paying special attention to the spine. They find the cause of the pain or disorder to elimate the illness associated with it; chiropractors treat the origin of the disorder through message therapy, acupunctures, suitable exercises, improvised diet and a healthy lifestyle. Paris Hilton, a well-known celebrity says, My Chiropractor Dr. Thomas Marinaro is a miracle worker! Every time I leave his office I feel a million times better! Hes amazing, love him! Dr. Thomas Marinaro is a second generation Chiropractor serving Hollywood industry and Beverly Hills (Los Angeles) focusing patients to achieve good health through implementing chiropractic care and proper diet and nutrition.
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