Low Back Pain: Prevention, Management

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Even with advanced technology, we cannot always attribute low back pain to a specific anatomical structure. This is one reason why it is often not useful to order imaging including X-rays, CT scans or MRIs. Research has shown that findings on imaging studies do not correlate with pain or function. For example, it is possible to have severe back pain with a normal X-ray, CT or MRI. Furthermore, the use of imaging tools may lead to unnecessary and invasive procedures which carry more risks including infection and death. What to expect from your 27 SOMDG team: You will be evaluated by a medical provider which is done through an interview and a physical exam. The medical providers first goal is to rule out serious causes of back pain. If your symptoms do not improve with time and medication, your medical provider may order further tests and refer you to physical therapy. What to expect if you are referred to physical therapy: Physical therapy aims to restore normal movement and function through the use of manipulation, mobilization, exercise, modalities and education. Physical therapy is non-invasive and carries little risk.
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Inmates’ selective pain management

Other journalists who take the time to ask pain patients for their perspective can get overwhelmed with dozens of heartbreaking stories of suffering . The media also give a false impression of the role of pain treatment in causing opioid addiction. While most coverage includes anecdotes about people who became addicted during medical opioid use, the research shows that most opioid addicts actually start as street users and were never pain patients at all. For example, for years the National Household Survey on Drug Use and Health has asked thousands of Americans about their misuse of prescription blog drugs, and the sources from which they get their supply. And consistently, the answer is that at least 80 percent are not pain patients who were medically addicted: two out of three either get opioids for free or buy them from a friend or relative. The rest obtain the drugs either from dealers, by theft, by prescription forgery or online. A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that among the most frequent opioid misusers, a full third get the drugs from doctors but this suggests that preexisting addicts are seeking pain doctors to get drugs, not that pain treatment is turning people into addicts. Indeed, two-thirds of the heaviest prescription drug users are not seeing doctors to get their drugs at all. If you look at the problem from the other direction considering the proportion of pain patients who get addicted during treatment, again the numbers are far lower than the media commonly suggest. A bayview wellness center review of the literature by the highly respected Cochrane Collaboration found that less than 1 percent of patients without a prior history of addiction become addicted during long-term opioid treatment for chronic pain. The review collected data from nearly 5,000 patients. Here, too, the media can be one-sided. For example, reporting on a 2012 study which found that over 100 million Americans are afflicted with some kind of chronic pain, ABC News stated as fact that Powerful painkillers like vicodin or percocet relieve pain but arent intended to treat patients long-term. Some doctors certainly take that perspective but if it were the consensus in medicine, there wouldnt be enough data for a Cochrane Review on the issue, let alone one that tentatively concludes that such treatment can be effective. Opioids are clearly a highly contentious subject and there are certainly cases where they are prescribed too readily and made too accessible for recreational use. But the data suggest that most of these opioids are not being prescribed for chronic pain patients. Otherwise, doctors themselves would be directly supplying a far larger proportion of the opioids used by addicts.
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Top Las Vegas Pain Management Clinic, Nevada Pain, Now Offering Over 5 Effective Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatments

As pain affects 1.5 billion people worldwide, these drugs are one of the major segments of the central nervous system (CNS) therapies market.Report ScopeThis report focuses on the role of pain management drugs in clinical use and in drug development for acute pain, chronic pain, neuropathic path and nociceptive pain. The report discusses drug development and targeted therapeutics, as well as their use in clinical trials. New approaches meant to aid in development of drugs for therapeutic use are emphasized.The study also analyzes almost all of the major, specialty and emerging companies known to be marketing, manufacturing or developing pain management treatment products in the U.S. and worldwide. Additionally, this review provides detailed tables, charts and figures with past and projected sales data for the U.S., Europe and other geographic regions. Click for report details: http://www.companiesandmarkets.com/Market/Healthcare-an .. Browse all Healthcare and Medical Market Research Reports http://www.companiesandmarkets.com/Market/Healthcare-an .. Browse all Healthcare and Medical Company Profile Reports http://www.companiesandmarkets.com/Market/Healthcare-an .. Browse all Latest Market Research Reports http://www.companiesandmarkets.com/Market/All/Market-Re .. About Us Companiesandmarkets.com aims to provide clients with the widest array of reports and market research across all of our 27 industry sectors. Companiesandmarkets.com as team of analysts are available to offer clients specific advice on finding relevant information and also purchasing the correct market research reports for their specific business needs.
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Global pain management treatment market: New market research published

27) made me ill. I cant believe death row inmates keep trying to sue over lethal injection drugs claiming they may carry a substantial risk of inflicting severe pain. These two inmates committed a whole list of atrocious crimes, including raping and killing, then burying, an innocent 19- year-old girl. What happens during the process of an inmate receiving a human lethal injection may be open for interpretation. However, I can guarantee you that the young woman in Perry suffered more than a substantial risk of severe pain. If I was a judge, I would not even let this claim through the door. They were deservedly sentenced to death and should not get to choose which process brings the least pain. Patrick Gaines, Oklahoma City Seriously? Regarding Two inmates sue over drug secrecy (News, Feb. 27): Two death row inmates are suing the state because they have reason to believe that Oklahomas execution method carries a substantial risk of inflicting severe pain, which violates their right to protection against cruel and unusual punishment. One inmate was convicted of murder, first-degree burglary, assault with a dangerous weapon, forcible oral sodomy, first-degree rape, kidnapping and robbery by force and fear. The other one was convicted of raping and killing an 11-month- old infant.
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Pain management in a jiffy

Therapies are provided by Board Certified pain management doctors and chiropractors, with over 50 insurance plans being accepted. Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) March 05, 2014 The leading Las Vegas pain management clinic, Nevada Pain, is now offering over 5 effective nonoperative carpal tunnel syndrome treatments. Therapies are provided by Board Certified pain management doctors and chiropractors, with over 50 insurance plans being accepted. Call (702) 323-0553 for more information and scheduling. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that produces chronic pain, numbness and potential disability. It is a leading reason individuals miss work. Surgery for the condition may be extremely effective, however, there are some small but real associated risks. Therefore, carpal tunnel surgery should be looked at as a last resort procedure. The Las Vegas pain management doctors and chiropractors at Nevada Pain provide several treatments for CTS, including both alternative and traditional treatments. This may include oral or topical medications, injections, decompression therapy, TENS Units, bracing and more. Nonoperative success rates with treatment is very high. Nevada Pain has a bilingual staff and accepts over 50 insurances at the Las Vegas pain clinic including. Both simple and complex pain conditions are treated at the practice including neck and back pain, scoliosis, degenerative arthritis, RSD, fibromyalgia, headaches and more.
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Why are patients shut out of the debate over prescription pain medicine?

Theres really a need for faster-acting medicines here in the Philippines, relates Dr. Alday-Magpantay, who was a guest speaker during the recent media launch of Panadol in the Philippines. According to Panadols manufacturer and handler GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the brand abides by its claim that it provides faster pain relief compared to other paracetamol variants. Utilizing a technology called Optizorb, one Panadol tablet supposedly works in as little as five minutes compared to a regular paracetamol. Studies conducted by GSK have proven that 75 percent of people who take Panadol with Optizorb caplets reach pain relieving levels of paracetamol in the bloodstream significantly faster than those taking other generic pain relieving brands. GSK also adds that Panadol has no harmful side effects. It does not induce drug dependence, and is safe to take even when one has an empty stomach. People nowadays live fast-paced lifestyles, says Rachelle Gamboa, a group product manager for GSK Philippines. We saw the need for pain relievers that provide fast relief because Filipinos these days dont want to waste time in general. Following a study conducted in the Philippines, we found that seven out of ten Filipinos suffer from regular headaches, and over half from muscle aches and pains in the past three months, shares Jeoffrey Yulo, general manager for consumer healthcare of GSK Philippines.
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