Back Pain Treatment Cuts Work Absences By Half

(Photo : Flickr/ Samantha Evans Photography) Low back pain can greatly affect people’s ability to get up in the morning and head into work. When people are forced to skip work, productivity levels fall. In a new study, researchers examined the effects of providing targeted back pain care. The team discovered that this kind of treatment, known as stratified care, can cut work absences by 50 percent and does not increase healthcare costs. For this study, the research team from the Arthritis Research UK Primary Care Center at Keele University examined medical data on 922 patients from five different primary care offices in Cheshire. The researchers discovered that stratified care, which is when doctors use a screening tool to group their patients according to low, medium or high risk for persistent disability in order to treat them accordingly, can be effective. The patients were able to go to work more often and reported fewer fear avoidance beliefs. The researchers also discovered that patients who received stratified care were also given non-steroidal anti-inflammatory prescription drugs less often. “We have shown that this approach to stratifying care can be implemented in general practice, leading to better outcomes for patients, reductions in work absence and more targeted use of health care resource without increasing health care costs. As a result chiropractic north york we believe that stratification should be implemented more widely across primary care in the UK. This research is particularly timely given that the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is currently reviewing national guidance for the management of back pain patients,” Professor Nadine Foster said according to Medical Xpress .
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Scutaro frustrated by uncertainty of back pain

He took live batting practice for the first time all spring and participated in fielding drills. But after completing his workout and his daily treatment, the 38-year-old assessed his playing status — which defies assessment, given the wanton nature of back health. “I don’t want to say nothing right now,” Scutaro replied when asked if he’d be ready to open the season with the Giants. “That’s because backs are tricky. I can tell you right now I feel great and then wake up tomorrow and I can’t even walk. I’m going to go day by day and see how things are going.” Giants manager Bruce Bochy appeared slightly shaken when told of Scutaro’s cautious attitude. “We certainly need him to be optimistic,” Bochy said. “I know it’s frustrating for him. You’re hoping it comes around a little bit quicker than [anticipated]. Sometimes these things turn a corner real fast. We’re still hopeful and optimistic that will happen. If not, we have to go to Plan B.” Scutaro’s potential replacements include Joaquin Arias, Tony Abreu, Brandon Hicks and Nick Noonan.
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What to do about back pain

Dr Warwick Selvey, a chiropractor with 48 years of experience in his native Australia, was PCEC’s guest speaker for March 2nd.

This was the message from Dr. Warwick Selvey to the Pattaya City Expats Club at their Sunday, March 2, meeting. He retired from chiropractic after 48 years of full time practice in Australia. In addition to his long medical career, he is also a former Olympic athlete who competed in the shot put and discus events. Visit for more on his athletic accomplishments. Warwick is also an avid singer and is currently working with fellow PCEC member Roger Fox to form a barbershop quartet singing group. He has been enjoying retired life in Pattaya for the last nine months. Warwick might never have become a chiropractor if, several decades ago, he hadnt hurt his foot so badly he couldnt walk; which was a major problem as he was getting ready for the Tokyo Olympics. He told the story about how he went to several doctors. None of them had any idea what was wrong, but all of them wanted to operate anyhow. Further he tried a sports doctor but did not fare any better. On the advice of a family member, he tried an osteopath.
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