Kay Chiropractic Moves To Larger Location

The staff of Kay Chiropractic and Natural Health Care Center poses in a treatment room at its new office at 600 Carlisle St., Hanover. Front row, from

“My ear was like completely different from this (one) and it had like a really weird feeling,” said Terri Walker. Walker took her 8-year-old son, Kyle, to the doctor when she suspected an ear infection. “He was really holding his ear in pain,” Walker said. “I had never seen him do that before.” Kyle’s pediatrician told them to turn to her chiropractor, Dr. Matthew Paterna in West Haven, for a treatment that didn’t use antibiotics. “The primary reason why ear infections occur is because the fluid in the ears is not draining properly,” Paterna said. The reason why that fluid gets backed up, is because there are muscles surrounding the eustation tube, that if those muscles get tight, it squeezes the tube. “The reason chiropractic works is if we can get the pressure off those nerves and allow the fluid to drain naturally, there would be no need for antibiotics,” Paterna said. Paterna said research shows 80 percent of children who get treated at a chiropractor first end up not avoiding having tubes put in their ears. Dr. Chris Grindle at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center said he doesn’t see anything wrong with trying a natural approach, but he believes tubes are more effective. “Tubes really buy you time,” Grindle said.
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“I often have doctors from John Hopkins and Mount Sinai refer their patients to me,” Kay said, “I fly back and forth between my offices, and I travel all over the world to treat referrals.” Some of his recent international patients were in Thailand and Costa Rica. His Hanover staff includes chiropractors Dr. Evan Kay, who is his son, and Dr. Kati Spletter, both certified in Body Energetics Technique; and massage therapist Jennifer Cook, offering medical massage therapy and reflexology. Associate Jed Castelbaum administers “microcurrent facelifts and the Asyra Body Scan, (which is) an electromagnetic therapy, to scan the body for cellular deficiencies, sensitivities, imbalances, stresses and other problems,” Kay said. His practice also provides Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation for the chiropractic care of dogs, cats, horses and cattle to treat hip dysplasia, lameness, incontinence, and other issues, Kay said. The smaller animals are treated right at the same office as human patients, and ‘barn and stable call’ appointments can be made for large animals. Dr. Robert Kay uses hand positions, also called mudras, as part of his Body Energetics Technique. Kay says the method is almost “like a body sign language,” allowing him to pick up frequencies in the body and indicating what areas are out of balance in the patient’s overall health. Clare Becker – The Evening Sun While most people think of chiropractic care as a way to relieve back and neck pain, Kay said, the comprehensive approach that he and his associates take can help with a multitude of diverse issues, such as allergies, autism, ADD/ADHD, athletic injuries, digestive troubles, fibromyalgia, diabetes, infertility, thyroid problems, emotional issues, MS, Lyme disease, tinnitus and much more. “We get our results naturally and we have a 96 percent success rate,” Kay said, “People come to us as their last resort and they get results.” The center offers many diagnostic and treatment options, Kay said, including chiropractic care, homeopathy, physical therapy, medical massage, Asyra Body Scans, IonCleanse Body detox, nutrition care and supplements and the Body Energetics Technique.
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Shins still hurting, Tigers shortstop Iglesias visits chiropractor

WJBK-TVs Problem Solvers unit investigated Dr. Craig Stasio and his Agape Massage Therapy and Chiropractic center in Clinton Township, Michigan and found it populated with young women, none of whom were trained masseuses, offering hour-long massages for $17.50. In addition to working for Craig Stasio, the women also live together in an environment that WJBK-TV characterized as commune-like. The parents of some of the women claim that their estranged daughters refer to Stasio as the prophet, and that he teaches about a coming tribulation that will last for 3 years and end in a great fire. Many of the women who work at the clinic dropped out of college to do so. The parent of one, Rich Fisher, told the station that his big concern came when all of the sudden my daughter dropped out of Wayne State University. Shes giving like most of the other people massages, because that apparently is what he teaches. On Facebook, a woman named Jessie Chapman who fellowships with Stasio and claims to attend Wayne State University called WJBK-TVs report ridiculous. I am a 26 year old intelligent, independent, mature woman. Last time I checked, in this country, I have the right to decide where I live, where I work, what I do with my life and what religion I follow. The ridiculous story about me and the other Christians I fellowship with is nothing but that, a ridiculous story, she wrote. I do not desire a life filled with Irish dance, I dont want to live at home with my parents and I dont appreciate peoples attempts to control me and my life by saying they care for me and are praying for me. If any of my apparent friends or concerned relatives would like to sit down and have coffee, let me know. But be advised that I am fed up with ridiculous, misguided attempts at unnecessary interventions. But when a WJBK-TV producer went into the clinic for a $17.50 massage, she spoke to a woman named Natasha who claimed that she dropped out of law school to provide discounted massages. When asked why, Natasha responded that sometimes its like you just know the path youre supposed to go. She was later observed outside the clinic, dancing alone and praising Jesus. When confronted by a WJBK-TV reporter, Stasio would only say that the station should talk to his lawyer.
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Christian chiropractor’s ‘commune’ of women part of discount massage ‘cult,’ parents say

Joining Dr. Davison at the clinic are office manager Brenda Maguire, assistant Pat Brooking, naturopath Dr. Brian Casteels and registered massage therapist Danae Slobodian. Brenda Maguire and Pat Brooking bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from the health care industry, said Dr. Davison. Dr. Casteels offers diverse knowledge in nutrition counselling, metal health related issues and acupuncture. Ms. Slobodian will offer massage therapy at the clinic on Tuesdays. She has hands of gold, said Dr. Davison. The Cobourg Spine and Sports Injury Clinic is located at 210 Willmott St.
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Whitinsville chiropractor’s license suspended

Mr. Amantea only accepted cash for services. Mr. Amantea hired the patient’s sister to work in his practice, and allegedly did not reimburse her for purchasing office supplies, the complaint continued. On Oct. 1, 2012, the board conducted an unannounced inspection of the 110 Church St. office and confirmed the unsanitary and unprofessional condition of the practice. Construction was still going on. Mr. Amantea also did not provide documentation of continuing education credits during the year before his license renewal date. His license expired March 31, 2013, according to the board. The board found he failed to maintain adequate clinical records for patients and failed to provide the patient who complained with her record.
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Cobourg chiropractor opens new sports injury clinic

— The perplexing shin pain Tigers shortstop Jose Iglesias has dealt with for more than two weeks has led the team to send him to a chiropractor specializing in pain management. Tigers head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said that Iglesias visited Dr. Rick Smith on Friday in nearby Winter Haven, and will wear a micro-current machine provided by Smith that will give bio-feedback. Rand said it’s possible Iglesias will also see another ankle and foot specialist. His inability to run without pain, particularly when “decelerating,” has caused Rand to “leave no stone unturned” in finding solutions. “Yesterday was a really good day for him on hitting and fielding,” Rand said. “But he was not appreciatively better running.” FOX Sports will feature a team a day Monday through Friday leading up to Opening Night on March 30. That caused Rand to shut down Iglesias from baseball activity and running for two days, view beginning on Thursday. Friday will be a key day in terms of reading the feedback and determining what to do in the immediate future. Tigers manager Brad Ausmus said a decision for Iglesias to begin the season on the disabled list could be coming in the days ahead. “I would’ve hoped we’d have it resolved (by now),” Rand said. “It’s always worrisome when somebody in your starting lineup isn’t ready to play.” Veteran Danny Worth could be the short-term solution if Iglesias goes on the disabled list, but Eugenio Suarez and Hernan Perez also are considerations.
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