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His first introduction to chiropractic medicine was at age 16, after he was injured in a jet-ski accident. After traditional medical approaches failed to ease lingering pain, Felde said he sought chiropractic help and became fascinated with the possibilities of drug-free, non-invasive treatments. I got into the type of care I do because I was getting a lot of headaches and concussions, Felde said. In addition to chiropractic considerations, Felde said he also utilities orthopedic and neurological techniques when assessing a patient. What we usually do is try to find the cause of someones problems, he said. The process starts with an examination to determine if a patients ear is directly above the shoulder, which is the optimal position. He then gives patients exercises to fix a problem and leaves it up to him or her to decide how many follow-up visits they will require. A significant number of patients report significant improvements in back and neck pain, Felde said, and some have even reported drops in blood pressure. What we do is a lot of fun, Felde said.
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Dr. Ryan Felde, photographed with his family, has run Felde Chiropractic in Barrington for nearly four years.  |  Provided

Techniques There are literally hundreds of chiropractic adjusting techniques, and there is not one “golden technique” that fixes everyone. Some techniques are good for helping with health problems, while others are good for helping with back pain. There is ample evidence and research that shows that the majority of back problems are caused by structural deficiencies. Techniques that fix postural or structural problems are a good bet for long-lasting correction. Choose a chiropractor who has many techniques: they can work with and you will have a lot better chance that they will have one that works best for you. Clinics Is the clinic you are looking for warm and appealing, or something out of the ’70s? There are many additional tools and modalities that chiropractors are licensed to use, other than just their hands. Some clinics use high-tech devices such as Spinal Decompression Tables and Cold Lasers, as well as traditional modalities like ultrasound, electrical stimulation and massage devices. All of these tools have shown to increase and speed up healing, resulting in better results. Physical therapy Research has shown that doing strengthening exercises further accelerates and prolongs healing. Some clinics have full physical therapy wings dedicated to stretching and strengthening the muscles in charge of supporting the spine. If these muscles are not strong and balanced, how is your spine going to stay in place?
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KPBJ.COM | Silverdale chiropractor shares healthy tips, habits in new book | Business Daily | Rodika Tollefson | KITSAP PENINSULA BUSINESS JOURNAL

The chiropractor moved his office from South Oak Street to Church Street. He is taking new patients. Missourian Photo. Union Chiropractor Moves His Office Downtown By Gregg Jones, Missourian Staff Writer The Missourian Dr. Myles McKinsey is off to a fresh start now that he relocated his chiropractic office to downtown Union. McKinsey has operated his business for 13 years. It had been on South Oak Street at Garrick Place where Dr. Jones had practiced. The new office is at 212 S. Church St. People may call the office at 636-583-2202. It almost feels like a new business after the move, said McKinsey.
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Union Chiropractor Moves His Office Downtown – The Missourian: Business

The one thing I find is that giving away data and information is such a wonderful thing to be able todo. Stedman has been in his own practice since 1981. His business, The Chiropractors Clinic and Massage Therapy Center, is right across the street from Central Kitsap High School in Silverdale. He bought and developed the property 28 years ago so he could have his own space thats fit for growth. I needed a big enough facility to help the people I was helping. I wanted my own place so I can grow with it, he said. The center currently has four massage therapists and a second chiropractor, and offers services that range from typical chiropractic treatments such as spinal alignment, spinal decompression and orthotics to nutrition and weight lossprograms. Stedman grew up in Kitsap County and went to Central Kitsap Junior High, where he played several sports and was the ASB president. His family moved to Minnesota right before he started high school. Ten years later, he returned to his old stomping grounds, where he still hasfamily. He says he was 12 when he decided to become some sort of doctor, and he started reading medical books as a kid. In his first year of medical school, he met a chiropractor. I knew nothing about it, he said.
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How to choose a chiropractor – Coeur d’Alene Press: Healthy Community

She noticed he was pale when he got out, Sanchez said. Velez vomited on the way home from the jail. Sanchez declined to go into detail but said Velez’s health deteriorated that night. He died at home in his mother’s arms and was pronounced dead early Saturday at a nearby hospital. He left behind a fiancee and a 6-week-old child, Sanchez said. Sanchez says he plans to pursue a wrongful death case against Linardos. He is also investigating whether any civil rights violations happened while Velez was in jail. He said deputies questioned Velez, even though he asked for a lawyer. “This was not an innocent party that just had some person show up,” Sanchez said of Linardos. “There’s a lot more to this story than just a simple self-defense case.” A medical examiner’s report lists the cause of death as “injuries from homicidal violence.” Pasco Detective Lisa Schoneman said it is not unusual for people to die months or years later from gunshot injuries.
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Singing to make a point | Monroe Woodbury NY | Local News

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It was a playful jab, he said. Do I make apologies for it? No. The people need a time out from the stress and the bottled up emotions that we have. If they (the town board) have a conscience, they might say, We knew we were wrong and we get your joke. If somebody jabs at you, you respect them and know where its coming from. Pavia hopes the town board now realizes public comment should take place at the beginning of the meeting, and include any topic a person wishes to address. Respect the lives of the people, he said. It would be great if they respond to our questions, they put off the answers to when they want to answer them. We want to ask our questions before 9 p.m. Leaders who listen Pavia said the KJ annexation issue is the most serious in the towns history. The board does not represent the people, they are belligerent toward them, theyre nasty, he said.
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