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Chiropractors have been treating pain symptoms for over a century with great results, as witnessed by the number of chiropractors practicing today. There are many things to look for when choosing a chiropractic clinic. Quality According to the American Chiropractic Association, accredited chiropractors go through a total of at least 4,200 classroom hours, in addition to the four or five years of professional training. This usually equals eight years of schooling, both undergraduate and graduate. This rigorous training ensures that you will receive expert care. The learning does not stop in the classroom, as most experience is learned “on the job.” When choosing a chiropractor, ask about their training, credentials and work history. Techniques There are literally hundreds of massage bayview chiropractic adjusting techniques, and there is not one “golden technique” that fixes everyone. Some techniques are good for helping with health problems, while others are good for helping with back pain. There is ample evidence and research that shows that the majority of back problems are caused by structural deficiencies. Techniques that fix postural or structural problems are a good bet for long-lasting correction.
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Man accused in chiropractor’s clinic shooting arrested, then dies

Jamie Velez spent two months in a hospital after being shot while confronting a chiropractor at his clinic in Holiday in February. After being arrested and released on bail Friday, he died.

The center is completely filled now, as CrossFit opened in January becoming the first ever tenant of the 5,500-square-foot anchor space at 221 Latitude Lane. Owner Tom Justice included office space for a sports medicine office to complement the business. I was looking for a certain type of doctor, he said. I wanted one who understands the needs of athletes. Justice said while CrossFit coaches can train their clients, a sports doctor can help address problems, such as issues impeding movement. Having a sports doctor to prevent injury and understands athletes needs is important, Just said. The fitness center, now with more than 50 members and offering free introductory class every Saturday at 10 a.m., and Southeast Sports & Rehabilitation will hold a grand opening together soon, Justice said. When the Lake Wylie location at CrossFit became available a couple of months ago, Riddle, a certified chiropractic sports physician with more than 15 years experience with an office in Spartanburg, jumped. Id been looking for another opportunity, he said, explaining he works with another doctor at the Spartanburg office. Riddle is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist and registered kinesiotherapist. He graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractic, where he now is an instructor of clinical sciences.
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Detectives say Chiropractor Lenny Linardos shot Velez in self-defense after Velez threatened him with a gun. After weeks of recovery at Bayonet Point Hospital and rehabilitation at a facility in Hillsborough County, Velez was released and moved in with his mother. When he learned he was about to be charged with aggravated assault and felon in possession of a gun, detectives say Velez turned himself in at the Land O’ Lakes Jail on Friday morning. “Everything seemed fine. He went through the normal process,” said Detective Lisa Schoneman. “It was all prearranged. His mother was there with him.” But hours later, things were anything but fine. Velez, who had already bonded out, began to feel sick and was rushed to the hospital. Just after midnight, detectives say Velez passed away due to complications from his injuries. Cimos Angelis, the attorney representing Linardos, said this is the last thing his client ever wanted. “I can tell you my client is deeply affected by Mr. Velez’s passing. He’s very saddened,” Angelis said. “But unfortunately, in reviewing the circumstances that led to this, there was nothing else that he could do. Had he not acted in the way that he acted, I’m certain he would’ve been killed on that particular day.” Detectives agree and said Linardos won’t be facing any charges. But, that won’t stop Velez’s family from filing a civil suit. Gil Sanchez, attorney representing Velez’s estate, said they will be pursuing a civil suit and wrongful death suit against Linardos.
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