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“I think one thing that’s really concerning is seeing all the kids today. Kids that aren’t jumping on their bikes and going for walks instead they’re sitting behind a computer playing video games all day,” Quirk said. “We have to do more to encourage fitness programs and healthy activities among the residents of Baltimore County.” Quirk said the idea was presented to him by Doug Miller, a Catonsville resident appointed to the State Advisory Council on Physical Fitness by Gov. Martin O’Malley. Miller said his goal is to make county residents the most physically fit county in the state. “Given the sedentary lifestyle of how we live every day, we want to get people up and moving,” Miller said. He said the goal of creating the council is to promote awareness of the benefits of fitness. If approved, the fitness council will have 11 members. Four will be appointed by the county executive and each of the seven county council members will make one appointment to the council. Each member will serve for a term of three years. According to the bill, the directors of county departments of aging, education, health and parks and recreation, will designate a non-voting member to provide technical assistance. The council will have one chair who will serve a one-year term. Duties of the council will include: Serve as the liaison between the county and various fitness groups at the federal, state and local level.
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Manage headaches with chiropractic care | Home – Home

Within seven weeks of her visit to that chiropractor, her symptoms were gone. When given the opportunity to question that chiropractor, Terlep was blown away by the answers he received. Before the power of the healing potential of the body, he was quite humble, Terlep said. He told me, All I did was remove the interference so the body could do what it was supposed to do. I was an instrument so the healing potential of the body could manifest itself. Impassioned by that event, Terlep changed his area of study and opened his chiropractic practice, a young eager physician hoping to perform similar miracles. Today, the office operates out of its new location, just behind the building Terlep built 20 years ago. We outgrew our location, he said. Terlep Chiropractic Care, on Northcliff Boulevard just east of Commercial Way, is a state-of-the-art facility, customized with Terleps vision and dream. It was strategically planned, from the waiting area to the art decor in each of the exam rooms. Terlep took careful notes while traveling, studying architecture and structural ideas to infuse into his new building.
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Terlep Chiropractic celebrates 25 years in Spring Hill

Terlep Chiropractic offers online patient intake prior to the a first visit and wait times in the lobby that last no more than 15 minutes. KIM DAME

We will get your body working 100 percent. Richard Bogdanski, right, and his son Brian, of North Fork Chiropractic. (Courtesy photo)But while Bogdanski and his son treat patients from infants to senior citizens, including a 103-year-old, they still run across those who are skeptical of the benefits of seeing a chiropractor. Bogdanski said he became a believer in the practice after experiencing knee pain as a 14-year-old. I went to many doctors, needed drugs, but then I went to a chiropractor and in three months, I was feeling better, he said. Two years later, Bogdanski decided that when he graduated high school, he would go to school to become a chiropractor. David Robinson of Southold Chiropractic said he too comes across skeptics, but finds more and more patients calling him for an appointment. Chiropractors still only treat a small minority of the general public, but those numbers go up every year, said Robinson, who has been practicing for 25 years. To those who are unsure of the benefits of going to a chiropractor, Robinson said he tells them that chiropractic care is a proven discipline. There are studies that prove it is massage therapy clinic north york the gold standard for lower back pain, he said, adding that he works to dispel myths, including one that it is painful to get adjusted. I tell them it doesnt hurt and that they need to experience it to understand, he said.
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Chiropractic care: More than back pain relief

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You’re not alone. More from How to cope with neck pain Headaches are responsible for more than 18 million doctor’s office visits annually in the U.S., and are the most common reason for reaching for over-the-counter medication. Likewise troubling is their toll on the economy: $25 billion in lost productivity, based on the estimated 156 million work days lost each year by sufferers sometimes too debilitated to even make it out of bed. All of which helps explain why a study in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics is causing such a stir among health experts — and prompting patients interested in drug-free alternatives to consider heading for their nearest chiropractor. The study came down squarely in favor of chiropractic for two key types of sufferers. “Evidence suggests,” it concluded, “that chiropractic care , including spinal manipulation, improves migraine and cervicogenic headaches.” The latter refers to headaches originating from faulty cervical and other spinal biomechanics often precipitated by awkward motion or positioning, and can be accompanied by neck, shoulder or arm pain. What’s more, even patients with episodic or chronic tension type headaches were found to be “helped” by doctors of chiropractic, who go through a minimum of four years of post-college chiropractic education and clinical training. One man who knows that chiropractors can do even more to help relieve such conditions — providing nutritional advice, posture coaching and exercises — is Gerard Clum, DC, an avid supporter of the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, who said in response to the study: “Chiropractic care helps relieve the stress on your nervous system. And it’s fast becoming a go-to choice for providing a non-pharmacological approach to effectively manage headaches.”
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