Chiropractor Jumps In To Help Paul Cross Finish Line – Boston Standard

But Paul, of Causeway East, Wyberton, didnt give up and continued until the end albeit at a much slower pace. I still did the full 26.2 miles, but had to walk the last bit, said Paul. I felt my calves cramp in the 26th mile and I had to stop to try and massage them. People were shouting, come on, keep going as the finish line was just around the corner. A woman in the crowd said she was a chiropractor and offered to massage them so police let her through the line and she tried to bayview wellness center sort them out for 15 minutes. Paul managed to keep going and hobbled through the finish line. His calves have still not recovered and he is now in need of physiotherapy. Pauls efforts have raised about 2,000 for the NSPCC.
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Chiropractor challenging five-term incumbent for Cedar Park City Council seat – Top News –

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Martin O’Malley. Miller said his goal is to make county residents the most physically fit county in the state. “Given the sedentary lifestyle of how we live every day, we want to get people up and moving,” Miller said. He said the goal of creating the council is to promote awareness of the benefits of fitness. If approved, the fitness council will have 11 members. Four will be appointed by the county executive and each of the seven county council members will make one appointment to the council. Each member will serve for a term of three years. According to the bill, the directors of county departments of aging, education, health and parks and recreation, will designate a non-voting member to provide technical assistance. The council will have one chair who will serve a one-year term. Duties of the council will include: Serve as the liaison between the county and various fitness groups at the federal, state and local level. Consult with county advisory councils on their physical fitness programs. Distribute information about county physical fitness programs by publication, advertisement, conferences, workshops, programs and other means.
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Chiropractor for Ravens seeks to improve physical fitness in Baltimore County –

Moore, who’s 74 and first took office in 1998, responded: “I know you don’t live in the past, but you have to recognize the past, too. What you’ve done in the past is indicative of what you’ll do in the future.” For instance, Moore said, he voted to approve deals with businesses that helped create 7,000 jobs over the past decade, the majority of which are primary jobs with good pay and benefits. He also said he was involved in decisions about the Cedar Park Center, from pondering whether there should be cupholders to negotiating a $12.5 million Dallas Stars . Moore said that if he is re-elected, he will prioritize managing the city’s economic development arm and adding roads to support growth, such as extending New Hope Drive to the east. Jahadi’s pet project is adding service roads along the 183-A tollway, which he said would provide a north-south alternative to increasingly congested Parmer Lane . He also would like to see the city “take a much bigger net” when recruiting businesses, and look not just in the Austin metropolitan area but also out of state. But it’s another issue — zoning — that has split the City Council in recent months. Several landowners have asked for property to be rezoned to make it more commercially viable. Most members of the City Council , including Moore, have told them no, in part because they want to stick to Cedar Park’s Jahadi said he had no issue with how the City Council voted on zoning cases but felt elected officials could communicate better with landowners and maybe rethink the land use plan. “In some areas, they’ve taken this huge, vast space and just said, ‘All of this needs to be commercial,'” Jahadi said. “In some areas, we need to do more detailed analysis.” Realtor City Council meetings, recently penned a letter to Moore withdrawing his support in favor of Jahadi. “I know Lowell’s views, 100 percent at this point,” Pohl said. “The alternative is better than 20 years of no.” Both Moore and Jahadi tout their business acumen.
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