Santa Rosa Chiropractor Sentenced To Six Years For Sex Assault | The Press Democrat

And in his mind he could do it again to another victim, she told the judge. Ickes wife, who was a partner in the chiropractic business, pleaded for leniency. Icke faced up to eight years in prison. The judge settled on the mid-range sentence. In addition to the prison time, Icke will be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. He was also stripped of his chiropractic license. By PAUL PAYNE THE PRESS DEMOCRAT A Santa Rosa chiropractor convicted of sexually assaulting a woman patient under the guise of legitimate health treatment was sentenced Tuesday to six years in prison. Brian Icke, 54, north york chiropractor was convicted in January of the 2011 assault on a 60-year-old woman who came to him for help after a car crash. She testified Icke touched her vagina and breasts while the two were alone in a closed examination room, and that she bolted from the room after he made lewd comments about her body.
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Pretty vs. Pregnant: chiropractic practice for pregnancy back pain – Telegraph

Pretty vs. Pregnant: chiropractic practice for pregnancy back pain

Tim, 30, was seen hanging upside down off some fitness equipment in Sydneys beachside suburb of Bondi with his bulging biceps on show and even larger pecs all tensed up. Buff body alert: The Bachelor Tim Robards was spotted in Bondi on Wednesday during an extreme core body workout Intense: The Sydney-based chiropractor kept pushing himself as he clutched onto the metal bars and hung upside down off the fitness equipment browse The dark-haired stud went shirtless for the training session, and his face was one of many indicators that showed his powering determination. ‘We are beyond blessed’: Megan Gale, 38, and partner Shaun Hampson, 26, welcome a baby boy There was no doubt that he had sweat up a storm during his grueling workout. After some time hanging off the bars, Tim returned to the ground and showed off his sizzling six pack and added a pair of black sunglasses to finish off his sexy beach side training look. That’s definitely a six pack! The dark haired stud showed off his sizzling abs as he went shirtless for the training session Let’s do it again! Tim reaches for the metal bars yet again although this time works on a different set of muscles and doesn’t hang upside down Fine form: No matter what angle you look at him from, Tim definitely has some killer assets that would make female fans drool Having shot to fame last year after becoming Australias first Bachelor on the reality show of the same name, Tim has enjoyed romancing his 26-year-old girlfriend Anna Heinrich. Anna was one of 25 stunning contenders that vied to win Tims heart during the reality show and ended up being the one that swept the irresistible stud off his feet. And while he now has a girlfriend, the Sydney based chiropractor clearly hasnt slacked down in the fitness department, in fact working harder than ever on his body. Bringing sexy back: The tanned hottie proved that his back is just as sizzling as his six pack All smiles: Even though the workout was tough, Tim seemed to enjoy every minute of it Earlier this year he formally showed off the hot results of his workouts, posing for Mens Health magazine.
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BRIEF: Local chiropractor appointed to state board – Top News –

“A lot of the pregnant women that I see – and I have treated over 700 in 12 years – have never been to a chiropractor before. But suddenly when pregnant and being faced with pain and discomfort, that you can’t take pain relief for, women find they have to seek out different treatment methods.” READ – Pretty vs Pregnant: bronzing and the bump “Chiropractic treatment is completely safe when pregnant. In fact, the only time I wouldn’t treat a pregnant woman is if she has elected to come and see me and is not experiencing any pain related symptoms. I would then wait until after 12 weeks. However, I have had patients who I’ve been treating ‘normally’, that have suddenly discovered they’re pregnant and the treatment has had no contraindications to their pregnancy.” Adam reassured me that the pain I had been experiencing was completely normal. “The most common pregnancy-related issues I see are pelvic girdle pain (around the pelvis and lower back), problems with the sacro-iliac joints (where the spine meets the pelvis) or sciatic pain (nerve irritation).” So, how does he back pain clinic approach treating these issues? “What’s interesting when treating pregnant women is that you can’t actually correct the posture because the spine has to bend to compensate for the increased load in the abdomen, this is called ‘Sway Back Posture’. So, the aim of care in this situation is not to undo the compensation, but to address the secondary symptoms of the change in positioning of the spine.” “With pregnant patients I start with the least invasive treatment methods first. If after a few sessions the pain hasn’t eased, then I use a traditional manipulation style. I don’t start with this, because during pregnancy your ligaments are very elastic and I don’t want to put the body under any more stress. With non-pregnant patients I can manipulate them three to four times a week, however with a pregnant patient I would do it less often.” READ – Pretty vs Pregnant: pregnancy and fertility acupuncture “During treatment I also make sure that patients aren’t lying on their back for too long and I use a special pregnancy cushion with a hole cut out in the middle for the belly, so they can lie on their fronts when I treat their back” (I can confirm that it is heavenly to be able to lie on your tummy with your belly cocooned in a cushion.) READ – Pretty vs. Pregnant: the big skin switch-up And what about after the baby arrives, is chiropractic help still required? “The medical approach to post pregnancy is that once you’ve had the baby the pain should disappear but I often see women, who I haven’t treated whilst pregnant, with the same pain post-birth that they had during pregnancy.
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Tim Robards shows off his bulging biceps and inflated pecs during intense workout in Bondi | Mail Online

All smiles: Even though the workout was tough, Tim seemed to enjoy every minute of it

Ray Amstrong, who has practiced in Laurinburg for 29 years, was named to the board in April. He joins chiropractors Ray Schilsky, of Jacksonville; Bruce Hilton, of Conover; Ricky Sides, of Winston-Salem; Michael Estramonte, of Charlotte; Miguel Cruz of Burnsville and Todd Poole of Advance. SHARE THIS: By Abbi Overfelt, The Laurinburg Exchange, N.C. McClatchy-Tribune Information Services chiropractor was recently appointed by Gov. Pat McCrory to the North Carolina Board of Chiropractic Examiners, an entity responsible for licensing chiropractors and enforcing statutes related to chiropractic health. Ray Amstrong for 29 years, was named to the board in April. He joins chiropractors Ray Schilsky . The board also has a public member, Jacqueline S. Hobbs Hertford . “It makes me feel honored that I was considered worthy enough for consideration, much less appointment. It’s a vote of confidence in my ability as a chiropractor,” Armstrong said.
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