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To mark that anniversary, he has published a book called The Best-Kept Secret in Health Care. There isnt a lot of research to back up this 100-year-old therapy, but Drury says thats mostly because drug companies and other deep-pocket interests wouldnt benefit by funding studies to produce evidence that it works. He relies on word-of-mouth. In 2006, Drury, 46, created Upper Cervical Health Centers of America, with 33 franchise offices from Florida to California and three in Italy. His main office is at 2550 West Arrowood Road. Upper cervical care is based on the idea that when the weight of the head is shifted off the center of the neck, it can produce pressure around the brain stem, a vital part of the nervous system. When the body compensates for that imbalance, problems such as lower back pain can result, Drury said. While he doesnt claim to cure or treat particular illnesses, Drury said his goal is to correct misalignment in the upper cervical spine and allow the body to heal itself. Instead of making adjustments along the entire spine as other chiropractors do, Drury focuses on the two vertebrae at the top of the spine that protect the brain stem. Even a misalignment of one millimeter can adversely affect the nervous system, Drury writes. You can adjust a low back problem all you want, but if the weight of the head is still off-center, the minute the patient stands up, the gravitational field will take him back to the same pattern. The American Chiropractic Association doesnt have a policy on upper cervical care, said the groups president, Dr.
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Doctor Says Chiropractic Care Benefits Small Children

Pritchett took her four month old baby to a chiropractor, a decision that she says helped fix the problem and saved thousands of dollars she would have had to spend on a correction helmet. “He could move his head to both sides, his head was shaping how it was supposed to before it was two centimeters forward and we ended up not having to put him in a helmet,” Pritchett said. Dr. Ryan Tarnick is a family chiropractor. He says that the birthing process puts so much pressure on an infant’s nervous system and spine it can create misalignment causing allergies and neck pain. “If you notice your baby isn’t turning their head both directions or they really favor one side, it’s probably because they bayview wellness center have pain and have no way of telling you that,” Dr. Tarnick said. Simple manipulation in the right area is what he says could be the necessary quick fix. “It’s just gentle pressure just enough to blanch the finger nail to motion that vertebrae off the nervous system and it helps the body heal the way it should,” Dr. Tarnick said. The procedure only takes a few seconds, but even Pritchet, who now recommends the treatment, says she was nervous when her son was in the hands of a chiropractor for the first time. “A lot of people think a chiropractor is going to jerk your kid around and crack their backs…but it was absolutely nothing like that,” Pritchett said. This health regimen is something family’s, like the Pritchetts, are incorporating into their lives.
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At the airport, just being a light-skinned female American by myself, people wanted to look at my hair. They wanted to touch my hair. They wanted to look at my eyes, because I have light eyes. You get the Indian experience very fast. I went right into the hospital in Janak Puri, a suburb of West Delhi; Dr. Jain has an orthopedic surgical hospital chiropractor yonge and sheppard there. I walked in and right away started seeing patients. Being that most people dont know what chiropractic is in India, theyd trickle in, and the receptionist would say, Go see the chiropractor upstairs. Dr.
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